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Published on December 16, 2013

Author: KIRAN_KS

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Time Management For Business & Life In The 21st Century Professional Life aka The End of Time Management

A Presentation By KIRAN K S iWaps.mobi© Time Management in the 21st Century aka The End of Time Management kiran_ks@hotmail.com © Copyright 2013 iWaps©

Time Management in the 21st Century Email: kiran_ks@hotmail.com  TIME is the single most resource which is in great demand from households to companies to governments around the world.  In a globally connected world tangible “goods” get cheaper but intangible “goods” become more expensive.  Time is intangible and is conceptual. Therefore, it can’t be manufactured like cars or toys nor can it be generated like electricity.  Time is relative and is not absolute (a scientific fact)  Time stretches and compresses depending upon individual experiences and situations.  The greatest paradox about TIME is that it exists ad-infinitum (and at no cost). Yet everyone is running behind (or after) it as if it is going to end!

Time Management in the 21st Century Email: kiran_ks@hotmail.com Generations of Time Management  1st Gen Time Management (TM) - notes, checklists – reactive mode  2nd Gen TM - calendar and planning tools (scheduling and planning)  3rd Gen TM - Clarifying values, goal setting, prioritizing  4th Gen TM - not a matter of managing time, rather managing ourselves. Signs of a good mgr (exec)  Clarity of thinking  Decisiveness  Single-mindedness  Good memory  Determination  A Methodical Approach  Punctuality  Calmness  Objectivity  Rationality Note: The information on this particular slide is a summary of information obtained from websites on the internet.

Time Management in the 21st Century Email: kiran_ks@hotmail.com 10 Secrets of Time Management Avoid This  Eliminate Multi-tasking (each 1. Clean Focus - one thing (only) at a time. 2. Be persistent day to day interruption causes 20min 3. Be clear about your goals and values delays / wasted time) 4. Work in time blocks (chunks of 1-2 hr)  Taming the "monkey" – 5. Set aside time for renewal / relaxation Entertaining just one random 6. Complete your work to it’s logical end rather than digging for water in too many thought (which leads to places. another and so on). 7. "The Time Famine" - a systemic problem Try This 8. Bad Time Management = Stress (guaranteed)  Create projects rather than 9. 80-20 Rule (figure out what those valuetasks (tasks should roll up) activities are and spend time on those).  Have 5 or 6 projects (max) at 10. “Eat that frog" - Do the tough, ugly, boring tasks first a time, they may have several tasks within each Note: The information on this particular slide is a summary of information obtained from websites on the internet.

Time Management in the 21st Century Email: kiran_ks@hotmail.com  In the 21st Century the conventional Time Management Techniques (TMT) will have only limited applicability because nobody will ever have time for “everything”. What’s even better is that nobody is expected to complete all the tasks on their checklists to be successful.  Therefore, one has to apply TMT in the right context, at the right time with the right spirit in alignment with one’s values and vision NOT ignoring the emotional state of people / groups involved. The effectiveness of Time Management depends on several factors outside the purview of Time Management itself. What really matters is how much quality, intensity and attention one brings (experiences) which requires  One should apply TMT when doing repeated tasks that are mechanical which do not involve a whole lot of “involvement”. “Time Management Techniques” works well for specific tasks (activities) using a stop watch!  In doing work that requires “involvement” such as inspiration, human relationship building, connecting to others, innovation, intuition, careful observation & experimentation etc. one should not think of applying TMT. One should give all the time it requires and go with the flow.  Outsourcing is not a cost saving activity alone, but is actually a great Time Management Technique.

Time Management in the 21st Century Email: kiran_ks@hotmail.com Predicting the Future..... Indeed, in the 21st Century people will design their own “Personal Calendar” (not personalized calendar) in which one’s personal context (of values, priorities, psychological sense of time etc. are baked into one’s own calendar). There will still be a Gregorian Calendar & National Time but the individual “Personal” calendars will have alignment with it.

References 1) http://www.livingwellspendingless.com/2013/09/03/filling-the-time-jar-5-stepsthat-will-change-your-life/ 2) Randy Pausch Lecture: Time Management http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=oTugjssqOT0 3) A Speech by Guru Jaggi Vasudev on Time Management 4) The famous phase “Eat That Frog!” by Brian Tracy on Time Management http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-W6ZBVsmCpw

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