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Published on July 21, 2008

Author: kellyl

Source: authorstream.com

Time Management for Writers : Time Management for Writers Your 5 Minute Guide to Better Time Management http://best-time-management-tips.info/ Time Management for Writers: 5 Telling Signs that you need better time management : Do you need better time management to succeed as a writer? Is your writing goal in deep trouble because of your poor time management skills? http://best-time-management-tips.info / Time Management for Writers: 5 Telling Signs that you need better time management Slide 3: Here are 5 signs that can help you understand if you need some time management magic! http://best-time-management-tips.info/ Slide 4: 1. Do you find yourself unable to finish most of the things on your to-do list? 2. Do you find it hard to make progress on your writing? http://best-time-management-tips.info/ Slide 5: 3. Not enough time to research information or come up with new ideas? 4. Do you find yourself procrastinating or watching TV when you really should be working on your writing!?! http://best-time-management-tips.info/ Slide 6: 5. Stressed out and burned out at the end of the day because you still haven't done your market research, written your drafts or sent proposals? http://best-time-management-tips.info/ Time Management for writers: The Consequences of Poor Time Management : http://best-time-management-tips.info/ Time Management for writers: The Consequences of Poor Time Management Slide 8: This is never the easiest thing to talk about..not the most inspiring either..but it is absolutely important if you want to learn to manage your time, get stuff done and actually go anywhere with your writing. I learned it the hard way and I don't want you to make the same mistakes http://best-time-management-tips.info/ Slide 9: What are the consequences of you not managing your time properly? Answer this question sincerely..take some time right now and answer it! http://best-time-management-tips.info/ Slide 10: Let me give you some ideas… Not being able to share your ideas with the world? Not living your passion (if writing is your passion)) Not feeling satisfied with your life Not getting the attention and publicity you deserve Someone else taking your ideas and becoming famous Not being able to help others. Not making any money from your writing.. http://best-time-management-tips.info/ Slide 11: Time Management for Writers: Where to Start If you really want to succeed in your writing, trust me, you need to learn how to eliminate distraction, get work done, relax, come up with more ideas, fight procrastination and achieve your goals.. http://best-time-management-tips.info/ Slide 12: Start with a FREE Time Management Course. Sign up Now at www.ManageMyTimeNow.com Hurry in, seats are limited to first 250 who register for this online course. http://best-time-management-tips.info/

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