Time Management for Working Mons: Your Best 3 Tips

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Information about Time Management for Working Mons: Your Best 3 Tips

Published on July 21, 2008

Author: kellyl

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Time Management for Working Moms : What You Can Do Today to Create More Time for Your Family, Yourself and Your Goals http://best-time-management-tips.info/ Time Management for Working Moms Why Working Moms Need Time Management : Why Working Moms Need Time Management http://best-time-management-tips.info / You have career goals You Have goals for your family You’re stressing out and the end of each day You’re unable to get the most important tasks done.. Slide 3: http://best-time-management-tips.info/ Sound like you? Slide 4: http://best-time-management-tips.info/ Here are some time management tips especially designed for busy moms to make the best of your motherhood while still working on your career or business dreams. Slide 5: http://best-time-management-tips.info/ Make time for yourself Slide 6: http://best-time-management-tips.info/ Take a break. If you are not willing to relax, it's going to stress you out and when you are stressed out it's difficult to help others with their problems. Slide 7: http://best-time-management-tips.info/ Breathe in deeply and set aside a couple minutes everyday to take care of yourself - your health, your body, your emotions, your dreams and your goals. Slide 8: http://best-time-management-tips.info/ Delegate to others Slide 9: http://best-time-management-tips.info/ A lot of moms try to do everything themselves. Trying to do everything yourself is a sure way to increase stress and not get a lot of things done. Slide 10: http://best-time-management-tips.info/ Instead, start delegating some of your tasks. Your kids might be able to help you with cleaning their rooms or doing the dishes. Make it a fun and enjoyable family activity to help mom after dinner. Slide 11: http://best-time-management-tips.info/ Make a Commitment to Time Management Slide 12: http://best-time-management-tips.info/ As a working mom it’s crucial for you to learn time management if you want time for family, career, yourself …. ……and if you want to stay sane  Slide 13: http://best-time-management-tips.info/ Visit my Website for a FREE Time Management Course Sign up Now at www.ManageMyTimeNow.com Hurry in, seats are limited to first 250 who register for this online course.

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