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Published on May 27, 2018

Author: Simmeey

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Time Management Assignment: Time Management Assignment Introduction of Time Management: Introduction of Time Management Time Management is the Process of Planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity. Why Do We Need Time Management?: Why Do We Need Time Management? To Save time To reduce stress To Function effectively To Increase our work output To have more control over our job responsibilities. Benefits of Time Management : Benefits of Time Management Time Management makes and individual punctual and disciplined One Becomes more organized as a result of effective time management Effective Time Management boosts and individual’s morale and confidence Time Management develops a sense of realization of goals and objectives within the shortest possible time span Better Time Management helps in Better planning and eventually better forecasting Better Time Management relieves stress and Anxiety Time Management enables an individual to prioritize tasks and activities at workplace Time Management helps an individual to adopt a planned approach in life. Time Management Process : Time Management Process Making Activity logs : Making Activity logs Making a realistic estimate of the time spent during the day. Pinpoints the critical areas-time spent on low value jobs. Finding the high yielding times of our day. Planning : Planning Action Plan – A list of things that need to be done to achieve your goal Resources – Who, what, time will be needed Follow-up Deadline Prioritizing : Prioritizing Make a To- Do list Consider the value of the task before deciding to do it Is it worth spending you time & your company resources Prioritize your task – The most important jobs should be completed first followed by other jobs. Scheduling : Scheduling Make a realistic estimate of how much you can do Plan to make the best use of the available time Preserve some contingency time to deal with “unexpected jobs” Minimize stress by avoiding over-commitment to yourself & others Goal Setting : Goal Setting It is very important to set academic goals so that you have something to work toward and stay motivated Knowing what you want to achieve will help keep you on the right path and stay focused. Achieve your goals! : Achieve your goals! Be Your own judge and your own motivator, make time management your tool for success.

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