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Information about Time in the clock

Published on February 17, 2014

Author: ipracticemath

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This presentation shows concept of time.

Topics included here are:Time in 24 hr Clock to 12 hr Format, Convert minutes to seconds, Find the day before few days, Convert seconds to minutes, Calendar related Facts.

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WWW.IPRACTICEMATH.CO A complete Math Practice platform For k-12 grades. Suggest ways that parents can help their child learn, such as give them practice Math for 30 minutes a day. www.iPracticeMath.com

What time is it ???????? TIME www.iPracticeMath.com

FACTS ABOUT TIME Time is the ongoing sequence of events taking place. The past, present and future. We measure time using seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. Clocks measure time. www.iPracticeMath.com

TELLING TIME TO THE HOUR AM/PM VS. 24 HOUR CLOCK Normally the time is shown as Hours: Minutes www.iPracticeMath.com There are 24 Hours in a Day and 60 Minutes in each Hour.

THE HANDS OF TIME The long hand is the minute hand. The short hand is the hour hand. www.iPracticeMath.com

THE HANDS OF TIME 55 50 60 5 10 15 There are 60 minutes on a clock face. 20 45 40 25 35 30 www.iPracticeMath.com

THE HANDS OF TIME Count the numerals on the clock. There are only 12 hours on a clock face. So, the hour hand is a short hand. www.iPracticeMath.com

“Minute” is a long word. The minute hand is the longer hand. hour “Hour” is a short word. The hour hand is the shorter hand. www.iPracticeMath.com

When the minute hand is pointing to 12, read the time as “o’clock”. In this case, the hour hand is pointing to the 3 and it is “three o’clock”.

Now the minute hand is pointing to 12 and the hour hand is pointing to the 5. So, we read the time as “five o’clock”.

FOUR QUARTERS A clock divided into 4 equal sections, 4 QUARTERS. Each quarter would represent a 15 minute section. www.iPracticeMath.com

AM/PM 12:00 AM is MIDNIGHT.  12:00 PM is NOON .    When we say AM, we are referring to the hours before NOON. When we say PM, we are referring to the hours past NOON. www.iPracticeMath.com

IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT TIME 60 seconds= 1 minute  60 minutes= 1 hour  24 hours= 1 day  30 minutes= 1 half hour  15 minutes= 1 quarter hour  www.iPracticeMath.com

Converting between units of time There are: 60 60 24 7 About 30 Time Units In this Time Unit Seconds Minutes Hours Days Days in a Minute in a Hour in a Day in a Week in a Month 365 Days in a normal Year 366 Days in a leap Year www.iPracticeMath.com

Converting between units of time There are: 12 52 10 20 100 1000 Time Units Months Weeks Years Years Years In this Time Unit in a Year in a Year in a Decade in a Score in a Century in a Years Millennium www.iPracticeMath.com

LEAP YEAR  A leap year is a kind of a year  that has one extra day in it.  Leap Years are any year that can  be divided by 4 (such as 2012, 2016, etc).  For example : leap year : 1998 , 1996 , 1950 ,2004 , 2010 , 1942 , 1912 ,  2032 www.iPracticeMath.com

WE ALREADY KNOW THAT TIME IS EXPRESSED EITHER IN 12 HRS. CLOCK FORMAT OR IN 24 HRS. CLOCK FORMAT Write am/pm wherever applicable 3:00 in the morning 5:00 in the evening 12:30 in the afternoon 10:00 at night 3:00 am 5:00 pm 12:30 pm 10:00 pm www.iPracticeMath.com


www.iPracticeMath.com Time in 24 hr Clock to 12 hr Format Convert minutes to seconds Find the day before few days  Convert seconds to minutes  Calendar related Facts 30 Minute Math Practice Everyday

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