Time and Costing of Training Programme

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Information about Time and Costing of Training Programme

Published on January 8, 2009

Author: Mubarakh

Source: authorstream.com

Welcome Colleagues : Mubarak Welcome Colleagues Time and costing of Training Programme. : Mubarak Time and costing of Training Programme. Consideration of Programme before Costing. : Mubarak Consideration of Programme before Costing. Needs Analysis : Mubarak Needs Analysis Has the problem been properly analyzed and emphasis placed on cause rather than effects? Have training needs been properly segregated? Have priority training needs been identified? Learner’s Analysis : Mubarak Learner’s Analysis Do the learners have the ability to undergo the training programme and learn it? Will the learners be able to apply their learning on job? What is the learner’s current level of skill and knowledge in the area to be taught? Are the learners motivated to attend the training programme? Are they motivated to apply sufficient efforts as required by the programme? Are they motivated to apply the learning on the job? Are the level of intellectual ability, prior knowledge, experience and motivation very different among the learners? What level of support should be provided to the learners in given specific situations (lowest, higher or highest level)? Setting Objectives : Mubarak Setting Objectives Do the programme objectives relate to the identified training needs? Are individual session objectives or unit objectives compatible with and do they contribute sufficiently to the over all programme objectives? Do all objectives have a statement of terminal behavior containing an action an action verb( what the trainee should be able to do)? Where possible, have the standards to be achieved been clearly out lined? Have the critical conditions to achieve objectives been identified? Training Curriculum : Mubarak Training Curriculum Was content selection based on the following strategies: what the learner must know, what the learner should know, what the learner could know? Has the sequencing of the programme been based on learning- process logic or subject –matter logic? Have session plans been produced for all sessions in an accepted standard format? Have all training materials been reviewed with regard to their duration and content and the trainee’s ability to achieve the session and programme objectives? Where changes are necessary that may affect the programme objectives, have the been agreed with the client?. have any changes diluted any particular area which may be best omitted totally from the programme? Costing Training Development Methods. : Mubarak Costing Training Development Methods. Human factors. Programme objectives. Course content. Time and material factors. Trainees, motivation to learn. Active involvement of trainees in the learning process. Needs of individual as well as of the total group. The sequence and structure of the programme.Feed back to trainer and trainees. Transfer of learning to the job. Costing the training and development media. : Mubarak Costing the training and development media. Location. Numbers to be trained. Timing of training. Company condition. Company preferences. Fear of attending courses. Media selection. Costing the programme evaluation. : Mubarak Costing the programme evaluation. Is an evaluation system in place which relates to the programme objectives and the training needs? Does the evaluation system operate at any of the following? -Reaction level. -Learning level. -Job behavioral level. -Functioning level Is a system in place to ensure that information through evaluation is fed back to learners and their superior, and is it also used to improve the training programme? Costing the training programme implementation. : Mubarak Costing the training programme implementation. Whether the training programme will take place with in the company? Programme will be implemented by company trainers or by outsiders? Take place during or outside working hours? Will it be residential or non residential? Has it been subcontracted to specialized institution? Be charged to participant? Costing Training resources and Constraints. : Mubarak Costing Training resources and Constraints. Human (Trainers and support staff). Financial (Operational budget). Material( Teaching and residential facilities and training equipments). Participant’s time and availability. Distance between place of work and place of study. Size of group (number of participant). Heterogeneity of participants, needs, languages, experience, motivation, economic possibilities. Time and costing of training programmer's other factors : Mubarak Time and costing of training programmer's other factors Participants: How will the potential participants be identified? What means should be used to inform them? How much advance notice should they be given? How should fees be collected( if applicable). Trainers : Mubarak Trainers How will competent, qualified trainer be obtained with in the budget limits. How will trainers be briefed about the objectives, target population, timing and availability of resources? Time : Mubarak Time When should the training event take place? What should be its duration? When should programme publicity be sent out? What should be the deadline for participant’s enrolment? When are the suitable trainer available? When should trainer be briefed and appointed? When should programme material be printed? When should the facilities and resources be prepared? Place : Mubarak Place Where are participants coming from? Where should the training event take place? Where should programme material be printed? Where should participants, trainers and support staff be accommodated, have their meals, coffee-breaks and recreation? Means and Facilities : Mubarak Means and Facilities What physical facilities are required/available? What training media and support services are required (printing, audiovisual aids etc). What facilities are required for accommodation, catering and coffee breaks? Is transport required/available? What recreation facilities are required/ available? The organizer : Mubarak The organizer Who is dealing with the participants, administrative matters( registration, main travel and daily transport, reception, payment of or collection of fees, board and lodging, refreshment and social events)? Who is responsible for training personnel (interview, briefing, selection and coordination of trainers)? Who is providing support services (printing of hand outs, preparation of physical facilities and audiovisual training aids, translation and interpretation)? Training Costs : Mubarak Training Costs Cost of trainers: salary, travel and allowance. Cost of training, support staff or services: course secretariat, audiovisual aid technicians. Tuition fee to be paid to other institutions. Rental of training facilities and equipment. Stationary, postage, telecommunications if not included in overhead charges. Participant’s Cost : Mubarak Participant’s Cost Main travel and daily allowance. Excess baggage allowance (for training materials). Transport for study visits/tours. Subsistence allowance (for accommodation, meals and incidental expenses). Board and lodging, if no subsistence allowance is paid, Allowance for books. Social events, receptions. Slide 21: Mubarak Slide 22: Mubarak References : Mubarak References Book ‘Management Development’ Written by Joseph Prokopenko Head of Department of Research and Development with Entrepreneurship and Management Development Branch Geneva. Slide 24: Mubarak Thanks

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