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Published on June 1, 2008

Author: dogtrax

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The Adventures of Tim and The Equal Sign By: Lizz & Casey

Publishing Company: Purple Fuzzy Elephants co. Date: June 24, 1998 Location: Jubilation Nation Dedicated to: Polar Bears By: Lizz & Casey

Publishing Company: Purple Fuzzy Elephants co.

Date: June 24, 1998

Location: Jubilation Nation

Dedicated to: Polar Bears

By: Lizz & Casey

One day in Math class Tim was asked to do a problem up on the board. When Tim was thinking of what the answer was the equal sign ran away.

Tim walked home like any other day, he opened the door and noticed this wasn’t his house. He was in a whole different dimension.

Tim walked through the door. A big sign floated in and landed right next to the gate, it read “All gates that lead out of Pi Land shall close at exactly midnight. These gates will not open for another 100 years.

Tim Walked and finally came to another gate. This gate also had a sign on it Tim read it, it said “This is the addition gate. You must solve an addition problem to pass through the portal. The answer is 118!!

Tim walked for a while passing lakes, trees, picnic tables and much more. All of these things had different math problems in them.

Tim came to another gate, now getting tired and starting to fall asleep. This gate started to talk. Tim listened. Hi I am the subtraction gate. Like every other gate you have to solve a problem to get through. Your problem is: 18-9 I believe the answer is 9? That is correct you may pass through

After walking for a while Tim came to a bridge. Tim walked over to it and noticed that one of the boards of the bridge was missing just then a troll popped out and started to talk to Tim. Hey there stranger where do you think your going? The only way you can cross over this bridge is to find the missing number in the pattern. As you see here there is 7 boards each with a number except one. find the number that goes there

Tim walked for a long time it seemed for forever. As soon as he Saw the next gate he jumped with excitement. As soon as Tim got to the gate the gate opened, Tim walked inside.

Tim looked around there was about 20 equal signs with answers attached to them all floating around.

Tim Pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket. It had the problem on it. Tim thought, at first he thought the answer was 10 but realized he had only added one to 9. Tim added one more “11” Tim said.

Tim jumped up and grabbed the equal sign with the 11 attached to it. Right then A cloud flew down with a door on it. Tim opened the door and inside was his real house.

Tim went back to school the next day and put the equal sign up on the board. Finally the problem was finished.


Fun Time!! Fun Time! Click here to have some math fun!!! For even more fun Click the dot -> .

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