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Published on October 20, 2018

Author: Tiffanygarcia4

Source: authorstream.com

slide 1: TOP 8 2018 Bathroom Trends Planning a new bathroom in 2018 Discover the top 8 bathroom trends for 2018 Hexagonal Tiles Hexagonal tiles provide a modern and distinctive feel to the kitchen or bathroom. With a range of colours and sizes available you can tie in the furniture decor and embellishments to match this trend. Ted Baker 2018 Bathroom Tiles Ted Baker tiles are stylish and sophisticated and can add a touch of class to your property. With funky and unique patterns available to add a modern aesthetic Ted Baker tiles include floor and wall ranges and are proving very popular as a 2018 tile idea in home improvements. Mosaic Tiles Mosaic tiles come in a range of colours and textures which can add either a splash of colour in the home or for earthy neutral tones depending on your needs. The high gloss range offers light reflect- ing properties which can create a cool bright look perfect for smaller rooms. Herringbone Tiles Herringbone tiles offer a unique striking and popular look which can be created using a range of colours and textures or a style that are all the same. The herringbone pattern adds a touch of class in any size bathroom. Blue Bathroom Tiles Blue is the colour commonly associated with fresh hygienic clean and the ocean. Perfect in bathrooms blue coloured tiles encom- pass all of the above. Consider incorporating metallics tile strips or metallic mosaics to freshen the look. Patchwork Patterned Moroccan Tiles For a bohemian and eclectic style patterned or patchwork tiles are quirky and eccentric. Adding a splash of colour into your home the geometric patterns tie in any interior decor choices. Modern Edwardian Bathroom Tiles Inspired by the Edwardian townhouses of London introducing the GeoTile collection by Ted Baker. These can be used as wall and floor tiles and provide a stunning focal point in any property. Textured Tiles Are In A simple collection of textured tiles will allow you to add real depth and character to your room. If you appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of textured tile surfaces then we have a wide range of textured tiles that we believe will be a perfect fit or your home.

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