Tieme’s presentation at QUMAS Connect Feb 2014

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Information about Tieme’s presentation at QUMAS Connect Feb 2014

Published on February 20, 2014

Author: adlibsoftware



Looking for an Advanced Rendering or smart document archiving solution?

What is so advanced about rendering? Check out this presentation, that Tieme Stoutjesdijk from Adlib delivered to live audience at QUMAS Connect 2014 in February in Tampa Florida, to understand the 4 buckets of rendering pain. Tieme also discussed risk-free long term archiving.

You can also view this on-demand webinar:

Advanced Rendering & Archiving Presented By: Date: T. Stoutjesdijk February 2014 © ADLIB 2011. THIS SLIDE PRESENTATION CONTAINS PROPRIETARY AND/OR CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION.

Adlib’s Advanced Rendering What is so Advanced about Rendering ?

The 4 buckets of rendering pain Complexity Performance Consistency Fidelity

The Complexity of Multiple Rendering Solutions 4 Buckets of Rendering Pain Many firms have several solutions for different projects. The IT department is stuck servicing all of them. Departmental Implementations with old file formats add to the complexity and variety of implementations. A shared service that renders and publishes across all departments in your entire organization resolves those issues.

Consistency of Output 4 Buckets of Rendering Pain When different engines of disparate solutions are creating PDFs, the results will be different PDFs from every engine. Different systems can’t support all input file formats, nor do they provide one output. Your rendering and publishing will only be uniform when using a single system that accepts inputs from all file types and outputs the correct PDF standard – every time.

Output Fidelity 4 Buckets of Rendering Pain You want renditions to look exactly like source documents. You have to trust that your output complies with regulatory standards That involves a consistent method of checking and auditing how output fidelity meets a written standard… especially when rendering very old file formats.

Performance A rendering and publishing solution must: - Keep up with peak requests, - monitor conversion - report on hiccups and crashes - Act on job incompletion You’ll know your conversion process is reliable when it allows you to track how well your server farms are running at any given point – per minute, hour, day, or month – to determine if you’re meeting SLAs.

Adlib’s Advanced Rendering 4 Buckets of Rendering • High Fidelity • Bookmarks/Hyperlinks / Advanced Authoring features • Massive Scalability • Management Console • High Availability/ Fault Tolerance • OCR • Metadata driven Rendering • Thumbnails • Table of Contents • Headers/Footers & Watermarks • Document assembly • PDF/a archiving Pain Complexity Performance Consistency Fidelity

Secure No-Risk Long Term Archiving PDF/A File Size EMERGING GLOBAL STANDARD REDUCE STORAGE COSTS • Self contained • No java • Compression • Color managed • No jpeg 2000 • Optimize for web • Fonts embedded • No attachments • Down-sample image size • No encryption • Embed only characters • No security • No multimedia • Basic digital signatures and fonts used (not full font library)

Secure No-Risk Long Term Archiving Automated Compliant & Secure Searchable Archives & Records Management


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