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Published on July 15, 2018

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Summer Reading Digital Storytelling Camp: Summer Reading Digital Storytelling Camp Antonella Bellini Abell22@knights.ucf.edu July 29, 2018 EEX3241 Teachers in Action University of Central Florida Summer Reading Digital Storytelling: Summer Reading Digital Storytelling About the program The UCF reading digital storytelling is a week long-camp open to the public G rades K-6 The program was developed by Reading and Language Arts faculty members of the College in the Spring of 2009  Cost: $100 per student With only one paid employee , the program relies on enthusiastic volunteers 12 students enrolled in the program Engagement activities : Engagement activities Building relationships! We had students complete graphic organizers about their interest in writing and what some of their hobbies outside of school were D iscussed the difference between a story and a digital story Students listened to digital stories created by other students their age Explore topics that they would like to write about One of my roles was to assist students in organizing their ideas into a story map and once the student had their story organized they would move on to technology. Little B ird Tales app! The app allows students to bring their story to life. Students learned how to add pictures, captions, and voice to their story! On the Last day we had a fun celebration for the kids. This was a moment for the kids to share their completed work with their peers and parents! Slide4: Students in Action More photos: More photos Perceptions of differences : Perceptions of differences Through this learning experience, I learned the importance of accommodating to the different learning styles and needs of each student. At the beginning, I thought it would be challenging to work with such a diverse group. I was unsure of how to interact with a student with speech disabilities. The student had difficulty speaking clearly, making it really hard to understand. I learned to remain patient and wait for the person to complete their thought. I started to give the student my full attention and realized that its not okay to finish the person’s sentences. When I had trouble understanding him, instead of nodding I asked him to repeat . Course connections : Course connections Things that worked really well Placing the students into groups based in their age. Providing break time Having rotating learning stations Giving options Inclusive setting An inclusive settings provides numerous opportunities for children to find similarities, and form bonds with one another, in daily interactions and learning experiences and I was able to observe this. I also was able to practice my social and communication skills with children. When I heard teasing and rude comments towards my buddy who is in the Spectrum, I was able to redirect the child immediately and we didn't ’ t have any further problems after that. EEX 3241 - Methods for Academic Skills for Exceptional Students Civic engagement : Civic engagement I have been an active volunteer for the community for over 7 years. This experience has motivated me to continue volunteering and to encourage others to volunteer. Without volunteers, wonderful program like this one wouldn't ’ t be successful. Service learning gives students hand-on experiences that are beneficial in the future. I felt really appreciated by the students and staff of this program and thankful to have taken part in the digital storytelling camp this year. Final thoughts: Final thoughts This was a very diverse group and I really enjoyed getting to know each student so well. I am taking lots of wonderful memories with me. Service learning has allowed me to put my skills to practice and I feel much more comfortable working with students with different abilities. I believe this is a great way to get involved in the community and develop understanding of others that may be different from us and we can learn better ways to include them.

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