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Published on April 3, 2014

Author: fredgwest1999



FLY ME AWAY! was once a popular tune, back when the opportunities at the airport were with the airlines. These days, Sky Harbor has become a town in its own right...These days the tune goes, Come Fly Away, as we wave you goodbye, we will stay here to work...
This is not a complete guide, that could come later if there is an interest...let us know...


THURSDAY NIGHT SPECIAL SSP AMERICA HAS A NEW CEO THAT PUTS FOOD FIRST…CREATES A MORE WOMEN (EMPLOYEE) FRIENDLY WORK ENVIRONMENT… SSP AMERICA NEW VENUE @ SKY HARBOR Brand new restaurant, we have immediate openings for all levels of employment. Interviews are being held on a daily basis, so apply today for consideration! We have needs for all hourly employees, front and back of house: CASHIER –HOST –UTILITY –BUSSER -COOK One year experience working in food service environment is essential. High school diploma preferred. TIPSTER: WALK-IN INTERVIEWS ARE BACK! 1710 E. Grant Street #150. Best time is about 10 AM and it is a real interview – so go prepared! 100 OPENINGS!

SSP AMERICA – COMPANY CHANGES WITH NEW CEO SSP AMERICA HAS A NEW CEO THAT PUTS FOOD FIRST…CREATES A MORE WOMEN (EMPLOYEE) FRIENDLY WORK ENVIRONMENT… KATE SWANN CEO, SSP I have recently joined SSP as CEO. I joined the company because travel retail is a fascinatingly dynamic business and the potential in the sector is enormous. As a leading player in this arena SSP is well placed, and our long and successful heritage, our world-leading portfolio of brands, and the expertise of our people make the company a formidable force

SSP AMERICA TO OPEN NEW VENUE @ SKY HARBOR Brand new restaurant, we have immediate openings for all levels of employment. Interviews are being held on a daily basis, so apply today for consideration! We have needs for all hourly employees, front and back of house: Cashier –Host –Utility –Busser -Cook One year experience working in food service environment is essential. High school diploma preferred. 100 OPENINGS! TIPSTER: WALK-IN INTERVIEWS ARE BACK! 1710 E. Grant Street #150. Best time is about 10 AM and it is a real interview – so go prepared! 41-2011.00 Cashiers 35-3021.00 Combined Food Preparation and Serving Workers, Fast Food 35-3022.00 Counter Attendants, Cafeteria, Food Concession, and Coffee Shop 35-9031.00 Hosts and Hostesses, Restaurant, Lounge, and Coffee Shop 35-9021.00 Dishwashers IS SSP AMERICA TRULY? Here in Phoenix, SSP America has two separate operations. One is at Sky Harbor Airport and there is the Homeland Security Badging process. The badging process is complicated. Some things are acceptable after “X” number of years while other things are never. Many times, even the employers are not sure. DON’T ASSUME THAT THE ANSWER IS NO. If the employer is not certain how can you be? Contact the Sky Harbor Badging Office and make sure. Better to ask and be surprised than to just walk away from a great opportunity to only find out you were wrong. SSP AMERICA also has a 48,000 sq. ft. cooking facility off the airport at 16th St. and Grant. Since this is not at the airport, different rules and measures are in place. At the Grant Facility, your skills, abilities are the first consideration. If you have done your job to show them how well you match the skills that they need, you will find that they are much more willing to talk about your past. They are concerned with who you are and what you bring to the table. They look at the age, IMPORTANTLY they want to know the circumstances as to what happened, do you have remorse and what have you done to put your life back together. You need to reassure them that you are NO LONG that person and illustrate by what you have done to make yourself different. Repentant people are unlikely to repeat past mistakes. They look at how old the offence(s) are (with age and lack of additional charges a good indicator of truth on your part). BEST ADVISE “BE HONEST…BE HUMAN!” If people see you as a human being, then mistakes are expected as is help and assistance. ================================================================== APPLY IN PERSON: Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm 1710 E Grant St, Phoenix, AZ 85034 Cross Streets: Between E Sky Harbor Cir N and S. 16th Pl. Neighborhoods: Downtown, Central City, South Phoenix

STUDY THE BACKGROUND OF THE COMPANY AND BE PREPARED TO GIVEN AN EXTENSTED ANSWER TO THE QUESTIONS:  “What do you know about our company?”  “Why do you want to work for us at the Airport?” REMEMBER THE TRADITIONAL OF “I NEED A JOB!” JUST DOES NOT HACK IT! CHECK THEM OUT AND FIND OUT WHY THEY ARE THE FOOD TRAVEL EXPERTS. ================================================================ USED JOB SHACK SSP STUDY GUIDE: If you really want a career with this company it is to your benefit to know who they are, what they do, how well they do it and what is their future. Why should you put in all this extra effort for another interview at another cooking facility? If you don’t already know the answer to this…you are in the wrong spot, reading the wrong thing. To humor you…let’s go through this again: A. They have just received an 11 year contract with Sky Harbor. B. Since they have been here less than 6 months…they are not going anywhere for a long time and that gives you STABILITY! C. They are young here in the valley but, already, have a rep for promoting from within. Many of the people who went to the initial rounds of interviews (several months back) have already been promoted to leads or supervisors. D. They offer benefits from day one. E. They are ONLY one-third full on their staffing.

WHO ARE THEY?  How long have they been in business?  How many countries are they in?  What are their two “catch phrases?” (What two things are their passions?)  How do they see themselves? They are _________ of the ________ Food Industry.  How strongly do they believe in TEAM WORK and how does that work for them? WHO ARE YOU?  Do you share their passions? In what way(s)? Be able to explain how that has an effect upon the quality of your effort at work?  Do you have direct, prior experience in the industry? Related industry? DEPENDING UPON POSITION. COOKING:  Do you have 6 months to a year of work experience?  Do you have a specialty?  Do you know what restaurants that they are cooking for?  How and why would you be good at a specific restaurant or better still in all around cooking? DEPENDING UPON POSITION.CASHIERING/HOST/RETAIL SALES ASSOCIATE:  Can you operate a POS (point-of-sales) cash register?  Do you have good cash handling skills?  How good are you on handling/dealing with complaints?  Would the airport be an exciting place to work? If so, please explain why.  Are you a people person? Do you enjoy and work will in a constantly changing setting? Can you work under pressure? Please be able to have an example or two that demonstrated this.

 What does customer service mean to you and how do you make that a part of how you do your job?  What is your concept of team work and how does this affect your daily work?  Have an example in how team work made the difference at being successful. SECURITY:  Are you able to pass a Homeland Security Background Test? Drug Test?  Do you have or can assemble a list of places that you have lived and worked for the past ten years?  Do you already have an AZ Fingerprint Clearance Card? Do you have an AZDPS Security Guard License? HOW ARE YOU GOING TO DRESS TO APPLY? Please remember that they are a very large company and that these positions are NOT at their commissary but, at the airport. How well you present yourself is a factor in the decision making to hire you or not. Dress should be AZ Casual or above. This needs to be “going to work” clothes not “going to the club” or “hanging out at the park” style of fashion. ================================================================== We are truly the Food Travel Experts, skilled in combining global reach with a distinctive local touch. Drawing on our years of global operational insight and experience we can consistently deliver high quality food and beverage services to travelling customers, in often demanding and challenging operational conditions. =========================================================================== I’M ONE HIP KITTY! I FOUND MY NEW JOB ONLINE AT THE AUNTIE SUE & UNCLE BOB USED JOB SHACK’S NEW WEBSITE! 4550443?trk=my_groups-b-grp-v USE “SEARCH” TO SEE ALL THE JOBS IF NOT A MEMBER. CRITICALLY IMPORTANT TIPSTER: Listen up! THEY NEVER PULL APPLICATIONS FROM THEIR WEBSITE UNLESS YOU ARE THE IRON CHEF AND ARE WILLING TO WORK FOR MINIMUM WAGE; doesn’t mean that they will hire you then…they may just want to see what is wrong with you. You need to bite the bullet on this if you want this job and really “GO OLD SCHOOL” after you apply online, look up their HR Office over at TERMINAL THREE at Sky Harbour Airport, and get yourself spruced up in your best AZ Casual Clothes (Trim any facial hair or shave…they are nice people but, they are old school too) and go over and introduce yourself while asking them to pull your application. If you impress them with your personality, availability and your motivation, they will. One last thing, UMOM Campers already know this but, if they hire you, it is based upon how you answer one question (both in what you say but, also, in how you say it). The question ties into motivation for the prep cooks, cashiers, hosts and a combination of motivation tied into you skill set (experience here counts) for the productions cooks and Baristas. You need to go over there with you “A” Game or do not waste the trip! The reason why you may want to do this can be found at ============================================================ TIPSTER: You will not see the actual position posted on the website, apply to the closest one available THEN, when you go visit their HR OFFICE at terminal #3…(YOU ARE GOING OVER, RIGHT?) have a list of the positions that you applied for. Tell this way “I was interest in _____ position @ _______but, I am open to other opportunities that might be open or that you feel that I would be a better fit?”

DO NOT…DO NOT REPLY “ANYTHING!” THAT WILL TAKE YOU FROM A SERIOUS HERO TO ZERO WITH THEM. Remember if you do not come across as serious about doing a specific job, specifically for them, then they will not do anything for you. By using the above script, you show that you are serious but flexible…I know that it is playing games with words but it is important in how you say this. ======================================================= TIPSTER: If you have not already been to ONET to properly pad your killer resume with key words, phrases and to insure that you are showing ALL of the skills and abilities you have…then REALLY do it and reform your resume to include all this…Unless, you got Old Lady Luck riding with you today… If she is…buy some lotto tickets coming back. 35-2014.00 COOKS, RESTAURANT 35-3021.00 COMBINED FOOD PREPARATION - SERVING WORKERS & FAST FOOD 35-2011.00 COOKS, FAST FOOD 35-2015.00 COOKS, SHORT ORDER 35-3022.00 COUNTER ATTENDANTS, CAFETERIA, CONCESSION -COFFEE SHOP 35-9021.00 DISHWASHERS 41-2011.00 CASHIERS CURRENT OPENINGS NOTE: Must be able to pass a felony background check to get the required airport badge. Go here to see what they requirements are – DON'T ASSUME...KNOW!

COUNTER AGENTS-CUSTOMER SALES ASSOCIATES HIRING EVENT WHO: Advantage Rent-A-Car – Phoenix, AZ WHEN: Friday April 4, 2014 9am- 12:30pm WHERE: 1610 E. Rental Car Way, Phoenix, AZ 85034 WHAT QUALIFIES YOU, WHAT MAKES YOU OUR CHOICE? • One year sales/service experience (preferred but not required) • High School Diploma or Equivalent • Professionalism, can-do attitude, accountability, and excellent customer service • Great communication skills both face to face and written • Be as self-starter who can work with a team • Have a valid Driver’s license; be 21 years old with an acceptable Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) @ SKY HARBOR AIRPORT ================================================================== BERTHA SAYZ CALL IF YOU REALLY WANT TO WORK! Bertha at 602-687-9439 the position starts immediately 25 drivers and 25 car preps to work at the Sky Harbor. FT & PT shifts start at: 5:30 AM, 1 PM, and 4 PM. 24- 32 hours minimum weekly schedules. Minimum of 18 years of age. Must have a valid Arizona driver’s license. Must not have more than one moving violation or chargeable accident in last three years. Must not have a DUI/DWI within the last five years.

DRIVERS: Go to the return line and inspect car for damages - Drive car to the fuel pump - Look for lost and found items inside the car- take them to lost and found - Drive car through the car wash and dry off the car - Drive car to the return line - Repeat CAR PREPS: Stand at fuel pumps and gas cars until there are full - Clean the interior of the car - Drive car to the staging area for the Drivers to take through the car wash - Repeat WALK-IN IF YOU WANT TO GO TO WORK RIGHT AWAY – We conduct open interviews on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9:00 to 4:00! Our address is: 3230 E Broadway Road Suite C150, Phoenix, AZ 85040 - Bring your driving record and resume (master app or work history) if you have them. ================================================================ Sky Harbor International Airport Terminal 4, Level 1, Door 7 Phoenix, AZ 85034 480-968-8300 TIPSTER: A job as a janitor, cashier, security officer or building engineer is available right around the corner from where you live. TO INQUIRE ABOUT GREAT CLEANING JOBS NEAR YOU, APPLY IN PERSON IF YOU ARE SERIOUS AND WANT TO FAST TRACK GOING TO WORK… OTHERWISE, APPLY ONLINE AND WAIT FOR A CALL that might be a while in coming as “apply in-person” applications get processed first for most entry level openings). WHY? Like it or not, the “apply in-person” candidates tend to be more motivated and the company takes them more serious…REAL! SPEED PROCESS UP BY APPLYING ONLINE… YOU MUST USE ONET TO DO THE APPLICATION

DUTY FREE - Phoenix Store 1 DF, Phoenix Sky Harbor Int'l Airport, 3800 Sky Harbor Blvd. Terminal 4 Lobby PHOENIX STORE R-20, Phoenix Sky Harbor Int'l Airport, 3800 Sky Harbor Blvd., Terminal 4 Lobby Senior-Sales-Associate/2a10650a/ Full Time Senior Sales Associate Duty Free Americas, Inc. is a travel retailer offering our customers top shelf liquors, fragrances, luxury gift items and more at significant price savings. This is an ONET ALERT. Since the employer failed to give a job description, it will be critical to use the ONET to build an application and/or resume. Utilize the job description(s) for the following and cut- n-dice, rip and tear the key words and phrases. Remember, you need 100 or more to get an interview and the higher the score, the quicker you get called. 41-2031.00 Retail Salespersons 41-2011.00 Cashiers 43-5081.04 Order Fillers, Wholesale and Retail Sales TIPSTER: OK CAMPERS! Take a trip down to the airport, terminal #4 at a non-busy time of day and casually introduce yourself to the manager. Take your “A” Game and dress like a retail clerk (khakis or plain pants – Polo shirt if you got one without a logo). ================================================================== CUTTER AVIATION PHX - CUSTOMER SERVICE REP Cutter Aviation is currently searching for energetic and knowledgeable customer service professional.

The Customer Service Representative (CSR) will function as the primary face of Cutter Aviation and must be an exceptional relationship builder with the drive to provide world-class customer service. The CSR is effectively the Company’s “store-front” at the facility. He/she is the internal representative of our company to our A/C owners, operators, business partners, and to the business aviation community. MUST HAVE HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA OR GED - AT LEAST 1-3 YEARS OF CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE, PREFERABLY IN GENERAL AVIATION, WORKING AT AN FBO (LIKE WHO HAS THIS AND IS NOT ALREADY WORKING?) So, if you have receptionist, dispatching or office experience, you should be in the mix). Ability to pass a drug screening test Able to pass a background check -Clean driving record. application/ ======================================================================================= 1805 E SKY HARBOR CIRCLE SO, CAR RENTAL CENTER, PHOENIX, AZ 85034 US READY LINE AGENT High School Diploma or GED or an equivalent combination of education and work related experience. Rental experience is preferred. Must possess a valid driver’s license with a safe driving record. Knowledge of Rent 2000*. QDZ6BW7ZMC0J&siteid=cb001&ipath=EXINDsep_google_feed%2cEXGOO TIPSTER: Better know the industry and where Fox is in the pecking order of the rental agencies at Sky Harbor. Do you at least know their hot specials?

Customer Service Rep Airport Location: Phoenix, AZ Job Code:CS1100 – ACE PARKING This position is responsible for interacting with customers to provide information in response to inquiries about travel, ground transportation and to handle and resolve customer complaints. Airport CSRs work at the road way and have the primary face-to-face interaction with the traveling public.  Must be at least 18 years old and possess a high school diploma or equivalent  Must submit to and pass a drug screen and criminal background check  Must be able to obtain a Secured Identification Display Area (SIDA) badge  Must meet all local airport requirements  Must be able to work flexible shift hours (days, evenings, weekends, holidays); approximately seven plus hours per shift standing and walking (intermittently)  Ability to deal with irate customers and resolve customer issues and/or complaints  Ability to work in changing weather conditions G&cws=1&rid=181 ========================================================= Cashier - Phoenix, AZ Job Code: CA0101 This Cashier position is responsible for providing courteous, reliable and efficient cashier services in accordance with customer expectations and established performance standards.

 Must be at least 18 years old and possess a high school diploma or equivalent  Must submit to and pass a drug screen and criminal background check  Must be able to obtain a Secured Identification Display Area (SIDA) badge  Must meet all local airport requirements  Must be able to work flexible shift hours (days, evenings, weekends, holidays); approximately seven plus hours per shift standing and walking (intermittently)  Ability to deal with irate customers and resolve customer issues and/or complaints  Ability to work in changing weather conditions G&cws=1&rid=104 ======================================================== BAKERY-CAFE ASSOCIATES: Some food service or retail experience preferred • Minimum age – 16 years of age • Must understand and practice basic food safety BAKER: 1-2 years as a baker or a bakery background preferred • Minimum age – 18 years of age. TIPSTER: say that if they will hire a 16 year old then they will hire anyone. Think so? Why aren't you already working there? Maybe, it has to do with the fact that you are confusing experience with skills and abilities? No matter how much your lazy side tells you to cut-n-paste your construction or warehouse resume into this application; you would do better to go over to ONET and grab a better selection of key words and phrases before you put together this application.

THEN, if you want a killer resume, take the new application info (collected at ONET) and transfer that back into your resume. Bing...Bang...Bong! Yes, Camper, you know have the resume that got the 16 year old the job (they are taught about ONET in High School...New School approach) FINALLY, you have three chances to work at Sky Harbor. Spruce yourself up (look like you are on your way to work), put on you walking shoes and head over to the airport to introduce yourself (this is the other thing the 16 year old did to get the job).  Terminal 2 - FRANCHISE - 3200 E Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85034  Terminal 3 - FRANCHISE - 3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85034  Terminal 4 - Lobby - 3800 E Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85034 *NEW OPENING:  Terminal 4 - FRANCHISE - 3800 E Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85034 DOWNLOAD OR PRINT OUT MENU TO STUDY ON YOUR WAY OVER: THEY WILL ASK YOU ABOUT THIS...DON'T DO YOUR HOMER SIMSON...GIVE THEM AN INTELLIGENT ANSWER NOT "DUH" Bakery-Cafe Associates are very proud of the variety of awards that recognize our great food and our customers’ satisfaction: • Culinary / Operations, National Chain Winner – IFMA’s COEX Innovation Awards • Ranked #1 Attractive / Inviting Restaurant among Excellent Large Fast-Food Chains – Sandelman & Associates 2012 Quick-Track® Study • Ranked #2 among Excellent Large Fast-Food Chains – Sandelman & Associates 2012 Quick-Track® Study HIRING @ SKY HARBOR:

LS travel retail North America provides a dynamic and challenging work environment that utilizes your talents. We believe in fostering growth and success within our teams through our on-going comprehensive training programs. From our head offices to our retail stores, we have a variety of exciting opportunities for high-energy individuals who get the job done! ALL ABOARD SALES ASSOCIATES! NEXT STOP – SKY HARBOR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT! Seeking SALES ASSOCIATES, who are passionate about sales and customer service, for our various store locations at the Sky Harbor International Airport. You Have....  A passion for retail ....your finger is on the pulse for emerging trends  Strong service orientation with a strong commitment to providing an exceptional customer service experience  Demonstrated creativity in problem solving with a desire to meet deadlines  Strong organizational and time-management skills  A minimum of 1-2 years’ experience in a retail/merchandising/sales position  Scheduling flexibility to meet the needs of our dynamic work environment including days, evenings, and a minimum of 1 weekend a month So buckle up, get on board, the Journey starts here! Email your resumes to today! To find out more information on LS travel retail North America’s Signature Experience and where our journey began, log onto =========================================================================== I’M ONE HIP KITTY! I FOUND MY NEW JOB ONLINE AT THE AUNTIE SUE & UNCLE BOB USED JOB SHACK’S NEW WEBSITE! 4550443?trk=my_groups-b-grp-v USE “SEARCH” TO SEE ALL THE JOBS IF NOT A MEMBER.

WENDY’S TERMINAL 3 SKY HARBOR AIRPORT HIRING CREW MEMBER Be punctual, attentive to detail, friendly, willing to learn, reliable, and above all – honest • Maintain a neat and clean appearance REQUIREMENTS: Math proficiency - Must be at least 16 years old - Prior restaurant, cashier, and/or food preparation experience desired - Able to lift 35 pounds to waist level - Neat, clean, and professional appearance. During the past 5 years, have you ever been convicted of, plead guilty to, or plead no contest to, a crime, excluding misdemeanors and traffic violations? 12 STEP PROGRAM TO EMPLOYMENT WITH WENDY’S! This works with other Wendy’s locations…

QUESTION #1 of 12 Question Background: We highly value previous experience with Wendy’s, or other food-service companies. Question: Do you have previous experience in the restaurant industry with Wendy’s or any other companies? QUESTION #2 of 12 Question Background: Our Crew Members share some common attributes. First and foremost, they genuinely like to interact with our guests. They understand that our guests patronize our restaurants because of the quality of food and beverages, the cleanliness of our restaurants, and the pleasant/professional attitudes of our staff. Question: Please tell us why you believe that you are the best fit for this important position. Highlight your skills and abilities that match those qualities we seek in a Wendy’s Crew Member. QUESTION #3 of 12 Question Background: At Wendy’s, we believe in providing a positive and professional work-environment for our employees, an environment in which everyone feels as though they are treated courteously, equally, and with respect. Question: How would you describe your relationship with your present or most recent supervisor? Response Tip: Have you maintained a professional and courteous relationship? Is this individual someone that you would feel comfortable listing as a reference on this job application? Why or why not? If you do not have previous work experience, write N/A. QUESTION #4 of 12 Question Background: As a Crew Member at Wendy’s, you will consistently receive feedback regarding your on-the-job performance, and will also receive periodic performance reviews conducted by your supervisor. Question: What was your rating on your most recent performance review given by your present or previous employer? Response Tip: What were your strengths? Did you have any weaknesses, or areas that needed improvement? What actions did you take to continue utilize and build on your strengths, and what steps did you take to improve on your weaknesses? If you do not have previous work experience, write N/A.

QUESTION #5 of 12 Question Background: At Wendy's, we believe in personal customer service. Every member of our team should feel comfortable working with customers and should have the ability to easily interact with them. Question: What is the most important impression that a Crew Member should leave with a customer? Response Tip: Tell us what is most important to you as a customer when you go to a fast food restaurant and how can you make sure that you are providing outstanding customer service each time. QUESTION #6 of 12 Question Background: You will work with many different customers throughout the day and it is your job to make sure each customer feels comfortable and satisfied after their visit. Question: How would you react if a conflict arose between you and a customer? Response Tip: Provide an example, if possible, of how you have worked through a conflict with a customer in your past work experience. If you do not have previous work experience, please describe how you would respond if a conflict arose between you and a customer while working as a Crew Member at Wendy's. QUESTION #7 of 12 Question Background: Handling money along with different forms of payments will be part of your everyday routine. You should be comfortable making change, performing credit card transactions, balancing a cash drawer, etc. Question: What money-handling tasks have you performed? I.E. Balancing a cash drawer, cash register usage, bank deposits, credit card transaction, etc. Response Tip: Please provide what companies you worked with money previous in and the roles you were in at the time. Also, please tell us the amount of money you have worked with daily if you have an estimated figure. QUESTION #8 of 12 Question Background: Wendy's promotes a culture of achievement, success and well-being among co-workers. If conflict arises, we work to settle it right away. Question: How should an employee react to conflict with their supervisor? Response Tip: Please provide examples as to how you would resolve conflict in your Wendy's workplace.

QUESTION #9 of 12 Question Background: It is important for management to understand your availability with regard to work scheduling. Question: What is your work schedule availability in terms of days and hours (throughout a seven-day week)? QUESTION #10 of 12 Question Background: We would love to know more about you. Here is your opportunity to tell us a little more about yourself! Question: Feel free to tell anything that may highlight your skills, talents, and/or interests. Response Tip: Consider your hobbies, interests, or other points you would like us to know QUESTION #11 of 12 Question Background: Do NOT call the location you are applying for. After you submit this application, we will communicate with you through e-mail. It is important that you check your e-mail and do not treat any e-mails from Wendy's or WyckWyre as spam. Question: Will you check your e-mail frequently to ensure that you do not miss any communication with the location you are applying for? QUESTION #12 of 12 Question: What do you know about my company? ======================================================================== REALLY WANT TO GET HIRED HERE? OK…you are it straight (THIS LOCATION) does not want you doing a standard call…But, this says that you need to spend a great deal of time getting good answers to this questions (they are from the application form)…Treat these like “KSAs” from the government.

Treat each question serious as your answer will be read and the people with “THE MOST INTERESTING” answers will be on the “A” List when they call for a live interviews. This process could take you forever to do unless you know the trick. Want to know the trick? The trick is that you are not to first person to get asked these specific questions. Got it? WHAT IS NOT TO UNDERSTAND? If you are not the first to answer these then, someone has surly posted their answers either to brag or to help others cheat the Wendy’s System? Goggle the questions, read through the answers and cut-n-paste a great answer and let need to re-invent the wheel! THIS WILL WORK AT OTHER WENDY’S LOCATIONS... ============================================================ Full-time Return Agent-Sky Harbor Airport (2nd shift) Job ID 2013-90631 Must be at least 18 years of age. •High School Diploma or G.E.D. required. •Minimum of 1 year experience handling customer service functions. •A minimum of basic level experience and understanding of a PC and Microsoft Office Products required. •Must have a valid driver's license with no more than 2 moving violations or at- fault accidents within the last 3 years. •No drug or alcohol related convictions (DWI/DUI) on driving record in the last 3 years. •Must be authorized to work in the United States and not require work authorization sponsorship by our company for this position now or in the future. •Apart from religious observation, must be able to work the following shift/schedule: Weekends and Holidays (days off are always during the week). All shifts are 8 hours. ◦2nd Shift has varying start times based on business needs from 2p.m.-5p.m., will work until 11:00 p.m. at the latest.

PART-TIME MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN SKY HARBOR AIRPORT (2ND SHIFT) Job ID 2013-95506 The Maintenance Technician performs car and bus service, repair, preventive maintenance, in-fleeting service, and buy back/turn back service according to company policy and procedures. Position Pays: $10.50 /hour + shift differential, Part-time, 25 hours per week •Must be at least 18 years of age •High School Diploma or G.E.D. •Must live in geographical area within 1 hour of Sky Harbor Airport •Minimum of 1 year experience handling mechanical service procedures to perform fleet maintenance activities •Requires ownership of standard hand tools to perform basic maintenance and repair responsibilities •Must have a valid driver's license with no more than 2 moving violations and/or at- fault accidents on driving record within the past 3 years. •No drug or alcohol related convictions on driving record within the past 3 years (DUI/DWI) •Must be willing to take and pass a drug test prior to employment offer •Must be authorized to work in the U.S. and not require sponsorship now or in the future (e.g. H-1B Visa status) •Must be able to understand, read, write, and speak English •Apart from religious observations, must be able to work the following schedule: 2nd shift (2:30 pm to 11:00 pm) Saturday, Sunday & Monday - 25 hours per week. technician-sky-harbor-airport-%282nd-shift%29/job ============================================================= Weekly pay via a pay card! No paper checks- no check cashing service needed! Cavalry Staffing @ 3230 E. Broadway Rd #C150, PHOENIX, AZ Bertha said call her @ 602-687-9439 RESERVE YOUR RENT-A-CAR DRIVING JOB TODAY! @ SKY HARBOR AIRPORT KEEP AN EYE POSTED AND CHECK EVERY WEEK SO YOU DON’T MISS AN OPENING…ESPECIALLY UMOM LADIES – AS PHX SKY HARBOR HAS FOR THE PAST YEAR BEEN VERY ACTIVE RECRUITING WOMEN IN TRYING TO MAKE UP FOR A SHORTAGE OF WOMEN TSA AGENTS. ==================================================== IF YOU DON’T SEE ANY POSTING… CALL THE TSA HELP DESK (877) 872-7990 SUCCESSFULLY NAVIGATING THE COMPETENCY-BASED INTERVIEW By Fred J. Hecklinger, Ph.D., TSA Career Coach This article is a follow-up to last month’s guidelines on preparing for a competency-based interview. Because these interviews can be intimidating, it is important to plan how you will present yourself during the interview itself. Your accomplishments, your enthusiasm, and your potential for contributing to TSA at an increased level of responsibility can shine when you successfully navigate the interview. Navigating a structured, competency-based employment interview:

1. You should not assume that the evaluators are familiar with your education and work history. Therefore, you should use the interview as an opportunity to communicate your experience and any other information that relates to the position. Since you have prepared extensively for this, go into the interview with a strategy. It should be your goal to show the panel members or the interviewer that you are the right person for the job. 2. Respond to questions thoroughly using specific examples that demonstrate your qualifications. Use the Situation - Task – Action – Result technique: a. Situation or Task: Describe the situation that you were in or the task that you needed to accomplish. You must describe a specific event or situation, not a generalized description of what you have done in the past. Be sure to give enough detail for the interviewer to understand. This situation can be from a previous job, from a volunteer experience, or any relevant event. b. Action you took: Describe the action you took and be sure to keep the focus on you. Even if you are discussing a group project or effort, describe what you did, not the efforts of the team. Don’t tell what you might do. Tell what you did. c. Results you achieved: What happened? How did the event end? What did you accomplish? What did you learn? 3. Make a positive impression. Look directly at the interviewer or panel members and smile. If possible, shake hands with the panel members or the interviewer. Keep an open posture (i.e., don’t cross your arms). Be attentive when the interviewer or each panel member speaks. Even though the panel members or interviewer may be taking notes, try to direct your responses first to the person who asked you the question and make eye contact whenever possible. 4. Show your enthusiasm for the position. In addition to answering the questions effectively, it should be your goal to demonstrate to the interviewer or panel members that you would be an effective team member, that you can be counted on to help out in dealing with special needs, and that you will be willing to take on additional responsibilities as needed to achieve the TSA’s goals. Try to avoid passively responding to questions or giving very brief answers (i.e., don’t just say “Yes, I can do that.” Give examples).

5. Show pride in your past performance. Be positive in sharing your skills and accomplishments. Remember your list of top priority accomplishments and experiences that are most relevant to the position and include them in your responses. 6. Listen carefully to each question and make sure you know what is being asked. If you are not certain, ask for clarification. Some questions may have several parts. You may want to make notes to remind yourself of the different parts of the question before you begin to answer the question. Note: The interview process for some positions may not permit the interviewees to take notes. Try to find out ahead of time whether you can take a pad of paper and a pen into the interview. After you have answered, you may wish to clarify with the interviewer or panel members that you have answered the question, especially if the question has several parts. A possible question would be: “Would you like me to expand on or clarify my answers to any of the sections of the question?” 7. Use positive language. Avoid can’t, don’t, and won’t. Do not bring up anything negative about your current or past jobs and employers. 8. Show a sincere interest in the needs of TSA and a willingness to meet those needs. If you have the opportunity to ask questions, demonstrate your interest by asking questions about TSA’s future needs, challenges, and goals. Even if the interviewer or panel members choose not to answer your question(s), you will still have expressed your interest in what you can do for the organization. Avoid asking self-serving questions about topics such as opportunities for promotion or when the hiring process might be completed. Do not bring up questions regarding pay, vacations, and benefits. You can find out that information later. 9. Be prepared to make a final statement if the interviewer(s) ask if you have anything that you would like to say or if they ask if you wish to make a statement. This is a golden opportunity for you to share your enthusiasm for the position, your readiness to make a contribution at the next level, your readiness for supervising and mentoring others, your commitment to the organization’s goals, your pride in your past performance, and your readiness to be a member of the team. Don’t miss this opportunity. Be prepared! Walk out of the interview with as much confidence as you entered the room. Close with a sincere thank you, a firm handshake and continue to smile as you exit. Last impressions are as important as first ones. Your preparation before

the interview, combined with your STAR answers and enthusiasm, will make you feel like you successfully navigated the competency-based interview. BOOK RESOURCES: Competency-Based Interviews: Master the Tough New Interview Style and Give Them the Answers That Will Win You the Job by Robin Kessler, Career Press, 2006 Career Coaching - TSA Career Coaching's Short Video Series is online! These two-minute videos discuss key career-related topics, and are narrated by our own TSA Career Coaches. TSA Career Planning Guide MBTI (MYERS-BRIGGS TYPE INDICATOR) The MBTI® is perhaps the most widely used personality inventory in the world. It is often used in career planning and organizational team building. The MBTI® focuses on strengths rather than deficits. It can: provide you with a better understanding of your personality type; Help you understand and communicate more effectively with your coworkers; identify careers that attract people with a similar personality type. SKILLSCAN ONLINE This is an interactive tool that will help you identify your natural strengths and key transferable skills for use in your career development. Use the results to: Evaluate the compatibility of your skills to your current career •Identify new options that capitalize on your talents •Prepare development steps to move your career in a more relevant direction •Gain a rich “skill” language for promoting your strengths in resumes and interviews. =============================================================

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