Thumbsucking and Ethics

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Information about Thumbsucking and Ethics

Published on March 14, 2014

Author: thumbusters


PowerPoint Presentation: About Thumbusters Stop Thumb Sucking Now Thumbusters is a glove-like device which is worn on the thumb and easily attaches around the wrist. Thumbusters is recommended for children ages 4-12 who want to stop sucking their thumb but need a little reminder at difficult times such as bedtime, while watching T.V. or even at school. One size thumb guard fits all, and fits on the left and right thumbs! Thumbuster guards are $12.95 each and come in blue, pink and green colors. Choose your color below and click “Buy Now”! Quantities can be adjusted in the shopping cart. PowerPoint Presentation: Thumb Sucking a Neurological Disorder? I found some information online not too long ago from a Medical History journal that had a very interesting viewpoint on thumb sucking. Apparently, in the early 1900’s, thumb sucking in children was considered a brain disease and a neurological disorder! How crazy is that? Clearly that sounds ridiculous now and we know that thumb sucking is simply a habit that many older and younger children have a hard time breaking . It is important for parents to realize that thumb sucking is not something that can damage a child psychologically for life, but instead is something that you can help and encourage them to put an end to . Even though it is absolutely by no means a brain disease, it can have lasting effects on your child’s mouth, bite, jaw or teeth. PowerPoint Presentation: The Facts About Thumb Sucking The Facts About Thumb Sucking Thumb sucking is a very common and also very natural habit for young children. Babies have been shown to even suck their thumbs while still in the womb! It is estimated that about 80% of infants and children suck their thumbs at some point during their early lives. That number decreases to about an average of 15% when children reach the age of four. 15% is still a very large percentage and while you may be confused as to why your child insists on sucking their thumb, there are a number of reasons for the habit. Many children suck their thumb when they are scared, anxious or nervous. Children who are tired, bored and in need of soothing have also frequently been found to suck their thumbs . As mentioned, thumb sucking is an incredibly common and normal thing. But you want to break your child’s habit as soon as possible. If the habit persists far into their childhood, certain consequences and side effects could arise. These may range from damage to permanent teeth from thumb sucking which will cause dental and orthodontic problems, to self-esteem or social side effects. PowerPoint Presentation: Contact Us For more information about our stop thumb-sucking products for children or to make a service inquiry please contact us at: Customer Service Email : Phone : 425-453-0986 Hours: Monday through Friday between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m PST Write to: Thumbusters Attention: Customer Service 2233 108th SE Bellevue, WA 98004

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