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Published on December 30, 2007

Author: awilensky



Square One re-look at Fleet vs. independent Dispatch Business. Should have done this one year ago.

Introduction: Old and New Models of Mobile Work Order Dispatch The Differences Between the Independent Operator and Fleet Models. & Directed vs. Dual-Slated Itinerant Job Execution. Alan Wilensky

The Confusion is My Mistake ! • I have been Pitching ThruDispatch for 2 years and have been hitting a wall explaining its competitive, market, and product advantages • There has been a problem conveying the model; why it is unique and an answer to a BIG problem • Did not realize this until I recently presented to very knowledgeable mobile tech guru from a large cellular data business unit....aha! • I now realize we have to explain the basics, as there is no current model for what I am proposing

Fleet Dispatch • Fleet dispatching supposes that the Job Submitter has a captive, ownership relationship to the mobile unit. • It is a command relationship - the job is transmitted, and there are no issues of refusals or preemption. There may be service exceptions, but units do not, as a rule, decline. • Who owns the truck is immaterial; they are aggregated by the membership to the dispatcher desk • Almost 100% live dispatch via messaging app or voice. If automated, one way to mobile pending on status • Summary: One agency, many mobiles, commanded by single point, no automation, no provisioning for casual refusals due to outside work slate

Independent (Thru)Dispatch • The servicing operator (tow truck), is self employed, and is not owned by ANY submitting agency. • Refusing, declining, or deferring a job is commonplace • Jobs are submitted via many channels. Itinerant canvassing by the servicer, ad-hoc discovery by new agency, existing casual relationships. • Many to one to Many relationships. All can preempt each other. New jobs can be added en-route. More lucrative jobs may displace less pressing jobs. • It is, unlike Fleets, a workflow issue, and a real-world social business model made real / virtual. • It is an opportunistic model. Agencies always dropping one servicer for another, servicers finding new agencies.

There is not one self-enrolling mobile portal that allows independent mobile businesses to sign up and receive work from new agencies. Or to manage the existing agencies they receive jobs from. The Agencies have no open portal to send work to ANY available mobile servicer chosen automatically by best location, lowest bid, fastest execution, quality rating, etc. There are no dispatching solutions, amongst all the Fleet solutions, server based OR hosted SAAS, that allows small agencies to compose virtual fleets from non-affiliated independents. There is NOT ONE solution that allows agencies to submit multiple jobs, preview the availability of execution, and to specify the price they are willing to pay.

Similarly, from the mobile servicer’s perspective, there are no solutions for a one or two truck business, with no one minding the office to ‘man’ a messaging console. There are no hosted dispatch solutions that ‘make a market’ for job orders, where a small operator can bid on open, recurring, and standing orders. Most Important: There is NOT ONE solution for managing the casual jobs that a operator may add outside of the Dispatch system. Such a system must account for bi-directional preemption, backup and standby servicers, and proper handling of communications with agencies that have submitted the jobs Through the Portal.

This is New I am Designing the Architecture I am Seeking Partners to capitalize or provide the technical assets I can build the first market to profitability, based on my contacts in the NE automotive Auction and Service Markets

Contact Me • Be Partner • Form a team • Take Equity • Have a consumer mobile messaging project that is running into steep competition? Consider this vertical. • I will steer product, evangelize market, step to a minority position. Alan Wilensky

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