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Information about THROAT PAINTS

Published on March 6, 2014

Author: pharmareddy


Throat paints: Throat paints   Presented by, M.Phebe ( PharmD First Year) Under the guidance of, M.Srujan Kumar Reddy , M.Pharm ( Ph.D ) Assistant professor, Samskruti college of Pharmacy. Throat paints: Throat paints Latin term : gutter pigmentum Throat paints are solutions or dispersions of one or more active ingredients, which are used in the treatment of mouth and throat infections . Paints can be applied onto skin and mucous membranes. But all paints cannot be used for application onto mucous membrane. Throat paints are made viscous because, they should remain in contact with mucous membrane, to exert its medicinal action for longer time. Therefore glycerine is commonly used as a base(vehicle) due to its viscous nature and its agreeable sweet taste and cooling effect. Throat paints are applied to the affected part with the help of camel hair brush or by cotton plug, twisted at the tip of plastic stick. They should be applied as such, without dilution with water.   PowerPoint Presentation: Medicaments used in Throat paints: 1) Astringents : Tannic acid, Boric acid 2) Antiseptics : Iodine, Crystal violet 3) Anti- infectives : Phenol 4) Analgesics : Clove oil, Potassium permanganate PowerPoint Presentation: Examples for throat paints : Mandl ’ s paint(compound iodine paint) Tannic acid- glycerine throat paint Phenol- glycerine throat paint Boro-glycerine throat paint Brilliant green & crystal violet paint Crystal violet paint Coal tar paint Compound mastric paint Betadine antiseptic paint PowerPoint Presentation: Advantages : Throat paints are useful in the treatment of pharyngitis,laryngitis , tonsillitis thrush, abcess of throat and ulcerative stomatitis . Due to high viscous nature, they retain the drug for longer time on affected part of the throat. Tonsilitis : Laryngitis: PowerPoint Presentation: Disadvantages : Throat paints initiate salivation. Hence the patient has to spit again and again till salivation subsides.this makes it uncomfortable to the patients It is very difficult to apply the throat paint to the inner parts of the mouth and throat by the fingers. Hence always requires camel hairbrush or cotton plug, twisted at the tip of plastic stick,for application of throat paint. This makes it difficult and uncomfortable to the patients . PowerPoint Presentation: Formulation : Along with the medicaments, it contains high proportions of glycerine and other sweetening agents , flavouring agents, stabilizers and preservatives. Method of preparations: They are preparations by simple solution method , with the aid of heat. Dispensing : Throat paints should be dispensed in air tight , coloured (amber coloured -light sensitive), narrow or wide mouthed bottle in order to distinguish them from the preparations meant for internal use and they should be supplied with camel hairbrush(throat brush.) PowerPoint Presentation: Direction: Throat paints should contain the direction to the patients as, Apply with camel brush, as directed. Label: Label should bear all necessary requirements of liquid dosage forms, except dose in addition, it should also contain auxillary label like: Storage :Throat paints usually contain volatile oils as flavouring agents. Therfore to preven t their volatalisation at higher temperature,they should be stored in a cool and dark place. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. STORE IN A COOL PLACE. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. NOT TO BE SWALLOWED IN LARGE QUANTITIES KEEP THE CONTAINER TIGHTLY CLOSED. COMPOUND IODINE THROAT PAINT I.P : COMPOUND IODINE THROAT PAINT I.P Synonym : Mandl’s paint Rx Potassium iodide 24g Iodine 12g Alcohol 40ml Purified water 24ml Peppermint oil 4ml Glycerine…. q.s …. 1000ml Theory : Iodine is slightly soluble in water, but it is soluble in presence of potassium Iodide and forms polyiodides.These polyiodides are highly soluble in water and hence produce monophasic liquid. PowerPoint Presentation: Alcohol(90%) acts as cosolvent , to increase the solubility of iodine.It is also used to dissolve peppermint oil, which acts as flavouring agent.glycerine is viscous in nature hence Mandl’s paint will remain in contact with mucous membrane of throat for longer time,it also acts as humectant and soothing agent.   Procedure: T riturate iodine in glass mortar, to get fine powder and accurately weigh the required amount of iodine. Dissolve potassium iodine in water. To this solution, add iodine powder by stirring . D issolve peppermint oil and half of the portion of the portion of glycerine in alcohol. PowerPoint Presentation: 4)add this solution to the above iodine and potassium iodide solution ,with continuous stirring and adujust the final volume with remaining portion of glycerine . Dispensing : mandl ’ s paint contains volatile ingredients like iodine, alcohol(90%)and peppermint oil,Iodine is sensitive to the light,hence transfer the paint to an a mber coloured ,fluted wide mouthed,glass bottle,close it tightly with plastic screw cap(waxed-cars lined),polish and label.Supply with camel hair brush. Direction : Apply with camel hairbrush, evry four hours. Auxillary label : FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY . KEEP THE CONTAINER TIGHTLY CLOSED. NOT TO BE SWALLOWED IN LARGE QUANTITIES. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. PowerPoint Presentation: Storage: store ina cool and dark place. Uses : MAndl ’ s paint is used in the treatment of pharyngitis,laryngitis,tonsillitis and sore throat. TANNIC ACID-GLYCERINE THROAT PAINT I.P . Rx Tannic acid 20g Sodium citrate 1g Dried sodium sulphide 0.2g Glycerine…. q.s … 100ml PowerPoint Presentation:  Theory : Tannic acid is slightly soluble in water (0.35:1),but aqueous solution of tannic acid leads to decomposition during storage . Tannic acid is soluble in glycerine(1:1), hence glycerine is used as a vehicle to dissolve the tannic acid and because of its high viscous nature, it does not flow quickly and adhere to the mucous membrane of the throat for longer time . In addition , glycerine also acts as sweetening agent and gives cooling sensation. Dried sodium sulphide and sodium citrate acts as stabilizers, which prevents deterioration of tannic acid . PowerPoint Presentation: Procedure: 1)separately weigh tannic acid, dried sodium sulphide and sodium citrate.Triturate them, to fine powder in a porcelain dish. 2)To this powder, add half of the portion of glycerine and triturate until a smooth mixture is produced,then add the remaining amount of glycerine and mix well. 3)heat this mixture on a sand bath to a temperature between 115 to 120 0 C with occasional stirring , until a solution is formed and cool it to room temperature Dispensing : Throat paint contains glycerine which is hygroscopic in nature, hence it should be protected from moisture.Therfore transfer the paint to a light resistant,(amber coloured ), wide mouthed, glass bottle.close it tightly with plastic screw cap, polish and label. Supply with a camel hairbrush. BRILLIANT GREEN ANDCRYSTAL VIOLET PAINT : BRILLIANT GREEN ANDCRYSTAL VIOLET PAINT Rx Brilliant green 0.3g Crystal violet 0.5g Ethanol 50.0 ml Purified water…. q.s … 100.0ml Method of dispensing: Dissolve the brilliant green and crystal violet IN ethanol (90%) and add sufficient water to produce 100 ml Uses : It is used as an astringent in the treatment of soar throat and receding gums, because tannic acid precipitates the proteins.It also has haemostatic properties( i.e.,it stops the bleedind in gums). CRYSTAL VIOLET PAINT : CRYSTAL VIOLET PAINT Rx Crystal violet 0.1g Purified water….. q.s … 100.0ml Method of dispensing : dissolve crystal violet in purified water.Add sufficient water to produce 100 ml . COAL TAR PAINT Rx Coal tar 10.0g Acetone…… q.s … 100.0ml PowerPoint Presentation: Method of dispensing: Dispense the coal tar in 70 ml of acetone and allow to settle for an hour.Filter if necessary and dilute with acetone in 100 ml. References :  References Dispensing Pharmacy : A Practical Manual Sanmathi B S and Kalpesh K Mehta Modern dispensing pharmacy: N.K.Jain and J.D.Guptha

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