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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: laurenstandley


Location Eaton Park

We are using a Park as our main location for our thriller, which would be realistic as this is somewhere appropriate where two teenage boys would hang out together. Additionally, a park can be dangerous because you never know what a stranger is capable of. For instance in the beginning of our thriller they are unaware they are being watched, but when they do realise they feel threatened. An inter-textual reference for our thriller is the location used in 'The Silence' is a city park where a deaf girl around our age witnesses a murder. The ground is fairly gritty, likewise in our thriller which makes the noise of the wheels going over the ground sound more threatening. This murder involves a victim getting hit by a car, similarly, we are using a car to run over a character - this is a generic convention in thrillers because this is an extremely serious crime.

Props Skateboard Memory Stick Car Bike

We are using a memory stick to allow the audience to vaguely understand why one of the boys is hit by car - it is because they steal this from the girl ( we have now decided for the driver to be a girl instead) This illustrates a sense of mystery as the audience will wonder what is so important about that, resulting in them being intrigued to watch the rest of the film. Also, stealing is a crime which could make the audience feel anxious, and these aspects are generic thriller conventions. We are using a bike and skateboard as these are items used by teenage boys, also these will give a sense of movement and action in our thriller which will create a fast pace speed to build up tension and create suspense. Also, the movement could give hints about each character. Another prop we are using is a car for the same reasons - an inter-textual reference for this is in the film 'Duel' the movement of the car wheels appear as quite menacing which is really suitable for a thriller film. Additionally, using a car allows us to use a point of view shot in our film putting the audience in this characters position which can make the audience feel uneasy. This could link with the point of view shot in 'Essex Boys' that appears as quite menacing.

Costume Black Hoodies Black Gloves

The two characters – Jason (Similar to Jason in Essex Boys) and Gnarly are wearing black hoodies as this makes the teenage boys stereotypically appear as ‘thugs’. Additionally, the girl – Natalia, who is driving the car is wearing black gloves which could imply that she is dangerous and menaced women. Alternatively, it may represent that she is hiding something as she has covered her hand. Likewise, something is hidden on the memory stick. We chose the name Natalia as we thought it sounded generic and the name isn’t that popular, therefore this could symbolise that there is something unique about her character. I really like the way we have chosen a girl to be the character that hits the boy with a car because people usually expect males to be worse, but in this case it is not.

Inter-textual reference: Jackie Brown Tarantino challenges generic conventions as Louis shoots a girl (Melanie) in a car park which is a generic thriller convention, however he shoots her in broad day light. Similarly, in our film it is broad daylight when the girl runs the boy over. This is shocking for an audience as it is very unexpected if it is intentional. Also the fact a female is in control of running the boy over, is probably increases the level of shock.

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