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Published on November 23, 2009

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A presentation of each members idea for thriller openings.

Thriller Opening Death comes at a price

Thriller opening examples The Dark Knight -Fast pace edits First scenes a criminal act Naturalistic sounds, minimal talkingSe7en -Loads of Extreme close ups -No Dialogue -Tense Music Sleepy Hollow -Close ups, established shots -Props- Book, detective - No dialogue

First scenes a criminal act

Naturalistic sounds, minimal talking

Terence’s idea Psychopathic serial killer breaks out of prison and tries to kill his father who he blames for the way he is. The father of this serial killer is the president of the United States. When this serial killer was a boy he was neglected by his father at the age of eleven and was put in a special home. Ten years later he would be the most dangerous serial killer in America. President tries to hide background and covers up everything. His son then announces his intentions to kill his father.

Gulaid’s idea An extraordinary man is in the park where he is in a standstill whilst the world blurs past time, the man has an eerie presence about him as the camera closes in on him you scars over his face with blood all over him, but as time moves on you tell it’s not his blood but the blood of someone or something, someone is following him he don’t see the person but can sense them like he has a sixth sense. As the person is in touching distance the man disappears all of a sudden leaving the follower angry and distressed.

Rahib’s idea Pitch Black – credits will appear slow and faded Short flashes of voice over of a police interview(no dialogue throughout rest of scene) Camera following a man from his house to road where he meets a girl, shots of knives, rape (not explicit) film grain affect. Black and white Shots of police photography, taking fingerprints, evidence etc.

Henna’s idea Starts off silent and a pan shot of park. Twilight time of the day. Then suddenly hear a gun shot and blood on the screen with the name of the movie. Then have a follow shot of a woman running wearing a long black coat and you only hear her heels hitting the floor and he breathing. She then get’s pulled into a ally way by a man, (you do not see the stranger’s face) they walk out as soon as another man (authority figure) passes the ally way with a gun and you see she has now changed her clothes and her hair (wig) and walk in the opposite direction. Then there is a cut to the cemetery during the day and the same girl at a grave stone on her knees. Names of actors flashing across the screen

Target audience “Contains strong bloody violence and very strong language” Release date: October 2010

Final IdeaRahib’s idea – Death Comes At a Price Characters – Man, woman, and figure of authority Setting – house, dark lit road Props – knives, hoodie Storyline – a case being re-open after 20 years, and we tell the story from the criminals point of view and the goings on of that night.

Meeting the thriller convention No dialogue You get small hint of what character is like Very dark and mysterious Tense music Low key lighting Leaves you at the edge of your seat

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