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Published on January 24, 2014

Author: liamgrantham96


PowerPoint Presentation: CONVENTIONS By Liam Grantham Member of Blind Feline production (BFP) PowerPoint Presentation: Typical Conventions Low key lighting Quick sudden cuts Tense music Shadows Changes in angles and shot type Diegetic sound of heavy, aggressive breathing Black and white shots PowerPoint Presentation: Camera Movement Cinematography From my previous research on the Thriller genre. It has been clear that there must be numerous panning and tracking shots , for us the audience to engage with the primary key character we are going to explore throughout their journey. For example in ‘The M an of Steel 'opening sequence we see the camera track past various newspaper articles illustrating Clark Kent is Superman name in the headlines. Then in the final seconds of the shot we see the camera pan around the muscular figure of superman levitating in the air. The additional involvement of close up shots to give across the characters emotions, or focus on a particular prop or situation. PowerPoint Presentation: Camera Angles H igh angles and low angles are very common in the thriller genre. High angle showing a sense of dominance of power , w hich is always useful for us to understand what characters hold the highest roles as the antagonist and protagonist. But as well as this when we see the high angle from someone else's point of view we get the opposite interpretation of the focuse person as being very weak and fragile. The low angle is also used in the same way to identify dominance by looking up at the heroic powerful domain some characters may share. PowerPoint Presentation: Editing In the typical thriller film the main use of continuity editing is the fast paced jump cuts used for the audience to keep up with everything that is happening and going on in the film, usually seen with the antagonist to hide there identity, teasing the audience to finding his identity. So they can make presumptions on what characters match each certain characteristics in a typical thriller film, from antagonist to protagonist . Also as we build to the climax within the film we would normally see the tempo of the jump cuts increase vigorously. Cross cuts will also be a very key and valid point, which will be used to build a sense of suspense to the climax or false climax. PowerPoint Presentation: Mise en scene “Everything that creates the visual world in a filming environment and atmosphere” Lighting - A lot of low-key lighting is used to create suspense with the mysterious atmosphere with the creation of shadows to create fear and tension in the audiences minds. As in many films the colours and lighting will portray feelings and emotions. For example dark dull colours make a dark atmosphere and the very bright vibrant colours make a sense of unease and uncertainty. Costume/ Make up- In a thriller the fine line of a horror and thriller is costume as the naturalistic costume which makes us the audience feel that the plot is more believable. Which adds to the whole new horror as the audience can imagine the horrific events actually occurring in a everyday life situation. Props - Many prop can determine the narrative and identity of events that have pre occurred or will occur, for instance a knife will illustrate a vicious murder and a wrecked house will determine that a search or quest is evident. PowerPoint Presentation: Since the very first thriller film, the use of Non-Diegetic sound is used to create a sound bridge for any dismal, tense atmosphere, Many of these using actual dialogue from a key character as a voiceover giving us the audience a motive of the character’s intentions and motives for the future event. Furthermore the tense atmosphere can be made through the silence or sonic exaggeration which can be seen in Jaws ( ), Which exaggerates but creates an opening for the viewer to recognise when the danger will occur, creating a false climax on certain occasions making the reader sit on the edge of seats throughout. Also in many common thriller films we would often hear naturalistic ambient sounds such as birds singing (heard in World War Z). PowerPoint Presentation: Positioning and Movement- When we are introduced to a new character particularly in the opening scenes of the film we will see them be in the centre of the shot as seen in Terminator T he movement and posture of someone will normally tell is a lot about the character. PowerPoint Presentation: Protagonist VS Antagonist In the typical thriller film the primary characters, the Hero and villain The Antagonist will quite often have a hidden identity which the audience will have to find out as the film goes on. Who either goes out looking for mass destruction on revenge or greed. With his damaged mental mind making him a uncanny character, we fear cause we cant understand. The Protagonist will vary between a false anti hero, who we hate to love, which can be seen in the movie Batman- who shares a lot more darker characteristics than the usual villain, however the primary role would often share the same characteristics we would share in a action and adventure film being a brave male who seeks to restore the equilibrium.

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