Three Ways Gasification is Changing the Renewable Energy Game

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Information about Three Ways Gasification is Changing the Renewable Energy Game

Published on March 16, 2016

Author: AlissaWoods


1. Three Ways Gasification is Changing the Renewable Energy Game A Presentation by Waste to Energy Systems, LLC.

2. WHAT IS GASIFICATION? GASIFICATION is the process of breaking down carbon-based materials into a high-energy gas by applying extreme temperatures in an oxygen-starved environment. The gasification process significantly reduces harmful emissions compared to either incineration or landfills. The resulting product is Syngas – a flexible, local fuel source that is significantly cleaner than fossil fuels.

3. GASIFICATION IS CARBON NEUTRAL Gasification is a carbon neutral process. It fits in the carbon cycle in perfect harmony by using responsibly sourced biomass as fuel. The carbon dioxide released from biomass gasification is re-absorbed by plant life through photosynthesis, creating a complete carbon cycle. Fossil fuels release sequestered CO2, adding to the total amount of CO2 found in the Earth’s atmosphere.

4. GASIFICATION PRODUCES VERSATILE FORMS OF ENERGY Gasification produces synthetic gas aka “Syn-Gas” which is incredibly versatile. To name a few uses, it can: • Power an internal combustion engine to create electricity • Be combined with other elements to create liquid fuels • Power a boiler or kiln for industrial uses.

5. GASIFICATION PRODUCES VERSATILE FORMS OF ENERGY Gasification also produces large amounts of heat that can be captured and used for various applications including: • Hot water and air heating, • Drying fuel, • Creating steam for additional power and electricity, • Multiple other industry specific uses.

6. BRINGING THE GASIFIER SYSTEM TO THE FUEL SOURCE By creating systems that are only as big as the fuel source needs, costs are cut down considerably allowing this renewable energy system to be cost effective without the help of government subsidies while ridding a facility of its organic waste. Beneficial sizes range from 200 kW to 1 MW.

7. CONTACT INFORMATION For additional information on gasification and its benefits, go to Or email Thank you

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