Three trends your business can use to get ahead for now, for tomorrow, and for the day after

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Published on February 24, 2014

Author: DeloittePolska



Three trends your business can use to get ahead for now, for tomorrow, and for the day after. Ecommerce Trends 2014 presentation.
- User experience
- Mobile payments
- Internet of things

Three trends your business can use to get ahead for now, for tomorrow, and for the day after Marcin Łaszkiewicz, Deloitte

Three trends to look out for… € User experience Mobile payments Internet of Things For now… For tomorrow… Watch this space…

User experience • Is the one thing many businesses can improve • So why is it important? o We have to be there… o And act rapidly on the desire to purchase o …instead of pushing customers away o … after the hard work’s been done. User experience • Look after revenue • Maintain customer relationship

Buying travel insurance…

Can either be as easy as one… • The quote process can be started immediately from the front page • Material that’s of interest to the target market helps build a connection to the customer

…two • Straight after submitting a quote on the front page, the customer is already on step 2 of 3 • There is a clear call to action (buy now) for each of the options • The difference between each offer is clearly shown, in a transparent manner • The customer can now easily chose the offer that best suits them.

…three. • A quick login option for existing customers is offered • Both email and SMS notification functionality is available • Payment details are entered immediately. This avoids another page load and further reducing dropouts / lost leads. • The purchase is complete within 2 screens of the landing page.

Or it can take five steps… 1a • 5 steps to purchase • Could be cut down to reduce drop outs 1b • Simple ‚web form’ approach to completing data. • Repeated questions about the number and age of insured persons • And if the customer gets their maths wrong…

…and a lot of heartache. 3 more steps to go… 2 • The cost updates… • But only after ‚zapisz’ is clicked each time • How can a customer compare the different levels of cover and their cost side by side?

Comparing taps and swipes on mobile platforms Leading Polish bank 1 € Check account balance Check last transaction Transfer money (including typing in amount) Find a branch or ATM 1 5 16 1 taps taps taps tap 4 5 14 1 taps taps taps tap 15 17 33 1 taps taps taps (Includes SMS confirmation) tap Leading Polish bank 2 18 19 32 1 taps taps taps tap

So what can I do? • Start with the customer o User centric approach o Understand who your users are o What problems they are trying to solve o How they use your product • Test early o E.g… low-fi prototypes User experience • Test often o During design, and in production • Invest in UX, and build capability.

And now on to mobile payments… • Is something we’re quite ahead with in Poland… but it’s still developing. • So why is it important? o Growth of mobile € Mobile payments o Growth of e-commerce o Convergence of digital and physical.

The environment for m-payments is facilitating growth Mobile payments are growing globally Mobile environment in Poland facilitates m-payment development 8M 6M 2012 4,5 4,0 Smartphones in Poland PLN 26B 3,5 3,0 2,5 2,0 1,5 4,2 3,5 3,0 2,5 2,1 1,7 1,0 0,5 0,0 2011 PLN 12B 2012 2013 * 2014 * 2015 * 2016 * 2017 Value of m-Commerce in Poland (Billion PLN – Datamonitor research) Value of global mobile payments 2009 5,0 5,0 2013 PLN 22B …as does the development of mCommerce 2012 2013 Polish e-commerce market value

It’s a competitive, crowded, and exciting market… Consumer side Virtual payments Contactless payments Virtual or contactless payments IKO+ iKasa (Biedronka) mPOS PeoPay New Plus offer Stickers All acquirers Mobile payments Selected acquirers GSM Merchant side Orange Cash MyWallet Mobile banking eCommerce LITE and mobile applications Future solution Competition Cooperation

So what can I do? • Evaluate your options – do you have a plan? • Make sure you let your customers use mobile payments o In the physical world o In e-commerce, while shopping from a mobile device € Mobile payments • …and ensure they can they do it easily (Remember UX!)

And a few of words on a trend for the future… Street lamps adjusting lighting based on current conditions and your preferences Smart buildings that feed power usage data to utilities … and adjust their own usage • 8B internet connected devices today • 10B by 2016…and 50B by 2020 • USD 14 Trillion impact globally phones tablets Medical sensors – sending information back for analysis by physicans Cars that send back diagnostic information Environmental sensors checking air and water quality • All this has implications for e-commerce • The Estimote example…

To wrap up… € User experience Mobile payments Internet of Things Act now! Get ready… Watch out…

Kontakt Marcin Łaszkiewicz Menedżer, Konsulting tel.: +48 (22) 348 36 33

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