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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: mahukun



New tourism project for the Pyatigorsk city (Russia)

PROJECT: «Three Peaks Laser Show» Original idea by Nick Koretsky © 2007

Intro Modern tourism market provides broad opportunities for new businesses and projects. However, it is a highly competitive market and only original ideas can survive. It is already clear that city of Pyatigorsk has already lost its former glory of a national spa resort. Now it is mostly considered as a regional bazaar with the goods of questionable quality. This situation cannot be considered as a good ground for perspective development. Nick Koretsky © 2007 2

Project goal To overcome the economic slowdown and to revive the city a new project needed. This product should:  Have original idea that would not be replicable in other place.  Be mass-visitor oriented (over 50K visitors per cycle).  Attract young customers Be bright, emotionally strong, colorful and leaving long-lasting memories.  Nick Koretsky © 2007 3

Original Idea City of Pyatigorsk is situated in a valley that is formed by mountains: “Mashuk” “Beshtau” “Jutsa” Nick Koretsky © 2007 4

Original Idea Geographically all three mountains form a triangle with city of Pyatigorsk in the center Mashuk Beshtau Nick Koretsky © 2007 5 Jutsa

Original Idea What if we: 1) Position lasers on top of each mountain 2) Connect the laser beams 3) And do the laser show in the night sky over Pyatigorsk Nick Koretsky © 2007 6

Design We can attract professional laser artists and performers Nick Koretsky © 2007 7

Design Laser projection over the night sky of the city will create a stunning show. Combining laser shows with salutes will guarantee success Nick Koretsky © 2007 8

Budgeting (expenses) Project budgeting: - Laser show costs (outsourcing to event-contractor) Salutes costs (outsourcing to event-contractor) Short-term leasing of movable power-stations. Transportation costs PR and advertising Salary for administrators, managers, etc. Other follow up costs Total (average expected) – ~ 10 000 000 Rubles ($300K) Nick Koretsky © 2007 9

Budgeting (income) It is planned that all companies, businesses, hotels, restaurants involved in the “Three peaks laser show” festival will form a pool of event-companies and create a festival fund. Each company will donate 10% of its income received during 3 days of festival. Considering that city is capable to host around 30 000 tourists and each tourist will spend at least 10 000 rubles (~ $300) in 3 days of a festival (living, food, drinks, taxi, souvenirs etc.): 30 000 x $300 = $9,000,000 (total income of a city) Festival fund donations (10%) = $900K Nick Koretsky © 2007 10

Budget balance Total balance makes: Expenses ~$300K Income: 1) Total income of city businesses ~$8,000,000 2) Festival fund ~$900K Nick Koretsky © 2007 11

Perspectives It should be mentioned that the upper limit of 30 000 tourists is a limitation imposed by weak hospitality sector of a city. Should the festival become an annual event, it will attract private and federal investments into hospitality area. As a result, increased number of hotels, inns, restaurants will allow increased number of guests in the future. There are no doubts that attracting 100 000 tourists annually is a practically achievable goal within 3-5 years time. Considering this, we can suggest number of guests and potential city incomes: 1st year – 30 000 people $9,000,000 2nd year – 50 000 people $15,000,000 3rd year – 70 000 people $21,000,000 5th year – 100 000 people $30,000,000 Nick Koretsky © 2007 12

Show variations Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are already in use for quite a time Application of UAVs in the night sky can considerably contribute to the show. For example, one could equip it with color lights, low-wattage lazers, remotely operated fireworks, make them operate in a team under computerized program. For example make them “dance” some figures in the sky, etc. Nick Koretsky © 2007 13

UAVs show There are UAVs that fly like a helicopter These machines can execute highprecision positioning in the sky and it opens new opportunities. If we take a dozen of such machines (or more) and make them “dance” under computerized control it will allow complicated manoeuvres. They will be able to make a three-dimensional colored flying figures in the night sky like «spiral», «snake», «double, colored DNA spiral», «round dance», etc Nick Koretsky © 2007 14

To make sure that all doubts removed I confirm that each element mentioned in this presentation (laser and projector shows, fireworks, UAVs, etc.) are existing commercial products easily available once there is a need. The only thing that is required to launch this project is a good will of the city administration. Should there be an interest, I will be happy to help. Sincerely Nick Koretsky +79286341211 skype: nikes1971 Nick Koretsky © 2007 15

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