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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: JimsIndia


Three Day Workshop JIMS Rohini Summary February 2013 A Mirus Presentation

Demystifying the Job – Sales & Marketing  Understand job content in terms of key deliverables and expectations  Life on a day to day basis  Opportunities & Challenges  Possible growth trajectories  Competencies required to be successful

Do You Have The Key • Commitment Interest A goal casually set and lightly taken is freely abandoned at the first obstacle. • Skills You must either modify your dreams or magnify your skills • Level of insight Be curious not judgemental Information • Networking Competency Attitude The power of a network can be reduced to it's simplest form in 'I know someone who knows someone who knows someone • What you are capable of Great things never come from comfort zones • Inherent ability Its not who we think we are that holds us back, but who we think we are not

What is your positioning? What is my personality? What need do I serve? What makes me different? Positioning Who is my competition? What do I offer? How is this need Important?

Competency Framework – A Blueprint for Excellence      Exposure Technical Skills Numerical Skills Academic Qualifications Ability to Self Learn      Communication Skills Confidence & Energy Maturity & Integrity Interpersonal Skills Stress Management Personality Intellectual          Knowledge Analytical Ability Perseverance Negotiation Skills Memory Ability to correlate Risk Taking Creativity & Innovation Ability to Convince      Ownership Eye for Detail Process Oriented Task focused Multi Tasking Operational Foundation Problem Solving Strategic Functional Street Smartness Leadership  Strategic Thinking  Decision Making  Ability to Influence & Motivate  Executive Presence Performance      Hard Working Result Oriented Solution Oriented Customer Focus Job Skills Cultural Fitment     Values Environment Compatibility Emotional Quotient Coachibility

Dealing with the Internship Challenge Discuss the Problem Ask for Work Put up with the grunt work Don’t get scared Befriend & Network Jog the extra mile Adopt a new Mentor

Organization Expectations Foundation Competencies Right Campus & degree pedigree and the appropriate level of scores/grades. A personality fitment and desired levels of exposure Functional Competencies A capacity to Learn, to do the job & effectively discharge the key result areas. Be a cultural match for the organization. Have Scalability, someone who can perform and grow to handle higher degrees of responsibility in the organization The right work ethic. Someone who does not require constant supervision, who will abide by the organization’s code of conduct, will be willing to stretch. Strategic Competencies Work Ethic Aspiration Match Compensation Fitment Be genuinely interested in the organization, the role and the opportunity it represents. Not motivated by only brand & compensation. To pay according to capability of the employee and proven achievement of results

Body Language & Grooming

Putting your best foot forward Everything Counts! Make sure the packaging says:  I’m professional  I’m put-together  I’m reliable I’m going to represent your brand, your company, your team, really well if you hire me. And then let the words that come out of your mouth really emphasise those messages.

Putting your best foot forward Dress for Success Make your first impression a positive one. It is always best to dress conservatively and wear the interview “uniform.”

Putting your best foot forward Dress for Success What not wear in Corporates?

Putting your best foot forward Dress for Success Image Breakers..  Make sure that your socks are long enough so that there’s no exposed leg while you are sitting down!  Tie’s length shorter or longer than the belt  Flashy colours  Unpolished or dirty shoes  Tattoos or ear/body piercing  Unkempt hair or spikes  Stained, unwashed or torn clothes

Putting your best foot forward Dress for Image Breakers.. Success  Heavy deodorant /perfume  Body Odour  Bad Breath  Flashy or Sporty wrist watch, wrist-bands or such accessories  Nails..chipped nail paint  Heavy make-up  Skin show  Tight clothing  Rucksack or sling-back bag

Putting your best foot forward Obvious but critical. We all want to work Be likeable with people we like and who like us.

Putting your best foot forward You’re in a high-stakes situation with a Manage stranger, there is pressure and an your Tics imbalanced power structure. Distracting habits need to be controlled.

Putting your best foot forward Body Posture Leaning in, slouching, dodgy eyes or staring, any extreme can put you on the pendulum swing from Aggressiveness to Disinterest.

Putting your best foot forward Repeated hand gestures or chopping Physical hand motions distract from your words, Gestures while lack of movement points to stiffness & discomfort.

Putting your best foot forward It’s just nervous energy and a natural desire Grooming to appear your best. Fiddling with hair, Gestures jewellery…takes the focus away from you.

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