Thoughtworks Technology Radar 2012 - Sam Newman

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Information about Thoughtworks Technology Radar 2012 - Sam Newman

Published on February 18, 2013

Author: burnssheehan



Sam Newman presents the latest Thoughtworks Technology Radar where he shares the latest developments in the technology world, as experienced by the Thoughtworks global team. Sam presented this at Burns Sheehan's latest event, "Agile in the Digital World", held at the end of January.

TECHNOLOGYRADAR Sam Newman October 2012 @samnewman

TECHNOLOGYRADARtwice yearly report from thetechnical advisory board(TAB)Highly opinionated, reflecting theviews of the members of the TAB @samnewman

techniques toolsplatforms languages @samnewman

HOLDproceed with caution!If you’re already doing it, you mightwant to stop...And if you are about to start, youmight want to reconsider @samnewman

ASSESSworth exploring tounderstand how it canaffect your companyThis is where you want to beexploring if you are looking for acompetitive edge @samnewman

TRIALworth pursuing toimprove yourorganisationscapabilitiesUse these technologies where youcan handle the risk @samnewman

ADOPTwe strongly feel theindustry should beadopting these itemsIf you aren’t using these things (inthe right context), we will tease youabout it at the pub @samnewman

mobileaccessible analyticssimple architecturesreproducible environments @samnewman

TECHNIQUESexhaustive browser-based testing guerrilla user testing @samnewman

TOOLS locust graphiteadopt @samnewman

PLATFORMScalatrava datomic @samnewman

LANGUAGESscala clojure @samnewman

THANKS!Sam @samnewman

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