Thoughts around Creativity in Education and the Potential of ICT Enhanced Learning and Teaching

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Information about Thoughts around Creativity in Education and the Potential of ICT...

Published on July 14, 2009

Author: hazelowendmc



Thoughts around Creativity in Education and the Potential of ICT Enhanced Learning and Teaching - this Slideshare attempts to look at the 'big picture' of creativity in education (using Ken Robinson's TED Talk as a point of inspiration), and then ties into why and how ICT might be used to help engage learners in ways that encourage creativity. It also introduces some of the Te Puna Ako: Centre for Teaching and Learning Innovation Team at Unitec NZ.

UNITEC NZ The mission of Unitec New Zealand, Te Whare Wananga o Wairaka, is that Unitec inspires people to discover and apply their intellectual and creative potential and contribute responsibly to their societies and cultures. Background image:

YOUR THOUGHTS On the sticky note, please write: • One sentence that encapsulates learning and teaching for you. • What you feel Information, Communication Technology (ICT) can add (if anything). • Two or three words that sum up your reaction to using ICT enhanced learning and teaching. Background image: http:// Please stick your note on the W/B - thanks 289877@N02/294708311 9/

CREATIVITY… Background image: http:// 289877@N02/294708311 9/

WHY? Background image: http:// 289877@N02/294708311 9/

share give / receive ideas feedback experience together reflect on experiences Communities of solve Learning problems innovate create share common goals plan

JUST TOOLS Background image: http:// works/2222523486/

SOME OF THE TEAM Hazel Owen Diana Ayling Diana Vickel Ed Narayan Ayling Flagg Background image:

DIANA AYLING My goal in teaching and learning is… to design learning programmes to ensure that knowledge is adapted to learners’ levels of understanding & ways of thinking Background image:

VICKEL NARAYAN My role is to help empower through ICT everyone involved in education, especially this generation. This will enable them to advise the institutes what they want and how they want it. Background image:

ED FLAGG I believe that learning and teaching is about… - being the learner you want your students to be - using a light touch Background image:

HAZEL OWEN The underpinning emphasis of anything around ICT enhanced learning and teaching (ICTELT) has to be reflection on pedagogies …my role is to listen, suggest, guide, support & ‘challenge’. Background image:

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REFERENCES CONT… •Aliasgrace. (2007). Little brother [Image]. Accessed June 04 2008: (2007). See through asian eyes [Image]. Accessed June 04 2008: •Angie NZ. (2007). Wide eyed [Image]. Accessed June 04 2008: •BBMaui. (2007). Pretty Green Eyes [Image]. Accessed June 04 2008: •Codesarah. (2007). My Dark Brown Asian Eye [Image]. Accessed June 04 2008: http:// •Dunn, A. (2007). Eye See You 2 [Image]. Accessed June 04 2008: •HamadaH, F. (2007). The Arabic Eye [Image]. Accessed June 04 2008: •Ian. (2007). The Eyes Have It [Image]. Accessed June 04 2008:

REFERENCES CONT… •Salkiwi. (2007). Look Closely [Image]. Accessed June 04 2008: •See-ming, L. (2007). Eye [Image]. Accessed June 04 2008: •Sezrahnz. (2007). Beseech [Image]. Accessed June 04 2008: •Shimmertje. (2007). Paua eyes for realism [Image]. Accessed June 04 2008: •Yumi, M. (2007). Buddha's eyes [Image]. Accessed June 04 2008: •Dadoodle. (2007). Soccer Silhouette. [Image]. Accessed Jan 30 2009: photos/dadoodle/491461169 • Behring, N. (2008). [Image]. Accessed Jan 30 2009: 2817924484 • Clay, J. (2008). Thom Cochrane Presenting. [Image]. Accessed Jan 30 2009: • Unitec. (2007). Students. Thom Cochrane Presenting. [Image]. Accessed Jan 30 2009:

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