Thought You Knew Everything There Was To Know About Water? Luke Kay Rainbow Says Think Again

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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: rainbowlukekay



I mentioned in my last post, there’s more to H20 than meets the eye. Just because we see and drink it all the time–the substance makes up about 60 percent of the human body and 71 percent of the earth’s surface–doesn’t mean it’s not one of the most miraculous things in the world. Last time I talked about water’s ability to reflect and express human consciousness and intentionality, and it’s unique ability to retain homeopathic efficacy even after unlimited dilutions.
Today I want to briefly relay some research I’ve come across that finds that the majority of pains in the body–from headaches to back pains to arthritis to heartburn–really stem from dehydration. It turns out that every single cell in your body needs water in order to function properly. When a particular region isn’t adequately hydrated, it sends out a distress call, in the form of localized pain. So rheumatoid joint pain, migraines, fibromyalgiac pain, angina pain, colitis pain–more often than not, these aches can actually be attributed to not drinking enough water. So next time you start feeling pain anywhere in your body and you don’t know why, your first line of defense should be a glass of clean, fresh H20.

More  Amazing  Power  of  Water   By  Luke  Kay  Rainbow   February  14,  2014     I  mentioned  in  my  last  post,   there’s  more  to  H20  than  meets   the  eye.  Just  because  we  see  and   drink  it  all  the  time–the  substance   makes  up  about  60  percent  of  the   human  body  and    71  percent  of   the  earth’s  surface–doesn’t  mean   it’s  not  one  of  the  most   miraculous  things  in  the   world.  Last  time  I  talked  about   water’s  ability  to  reflect  and   express  human  consciousness   and  intentionality,  and  it’s  unique   ability  to  retain  homeopathic   efficacy  even  after  unlimited   dilutions.   Today  I  want  to  briefly  relay  some  research  I’ve  come  across   that  finds  that  the  majority  of  pains  in  the  body–from   headaches  to  back  pains  to  arthritis  to  heartburn–really  stem   from  dehydration.  It  turns  out  that  every  single  cell  in  your   body  needs  water  in  order  to  function  properly.  When  a   particular  region  isn’t  adequately  hydrated,  it  sends  out  a   distress  call,  in  the  form  of  localized  pain.  So  rheumatoid  joint   pain,  migraines,  fibromyalgiac  pain,  angina  pain,  colitis  pain– more  often  than  not,  these  aches  can  actually  be  attributed  to   not  drinking  enough  water.  So  next  time  you  start  feeling  pain  

anywhere  in  your  body  and  you  don’t  know  why,  your  first  line   of  defense  should  be  a  glass  of  clean,  fresh  H20.   When  people  hear  that  the  secret  of  the  Rainbow  Vacuum’s   power  is  water,  they  are  often  confused  and   underwhelmed.  ”Just  water?”  They’ll  say.  “What  about   chemicals?  What  about  technologically  advanced   motors?”  Well,  the  Rainbow  does  incorporate  state  of  the  art   technology  in  its  motor  and  HEPA  filter.  But  its  strength  lies  in   the  way  that  it  combines  innovation  with  the  natural  power  of   the  world’s  oldest  cleaning  product.  Heck,  the  company  is  built   on  the  philosophy  that  “wet  dust  can’t  fly.”   So  yes,  you  could  say  the  single  most  important  ingredient  that   makes  the  Rainbow  the  best  cleaner  on  the  market  really  is   “just  water.”  But  when  you  get  down  to  it,  there’s  nothing  small   or  simple  about  water  or  what  it  can  do.     Luke  Kay’s  Rainbow  is  proven  to  collect  99.99%  of  dust,  dirt,  and   allergens  from  carpets  and  rugs,  as  well  as  reduce  air  borne   allergens  such  as  dust  mites,  pet  dander  and  pollen.  The  Rainbow   is  certified  by  the  Association  of  Home  Appliance  Manufacturers   and  the  Asthma  and  Allergy  Foundation  of  America,  and  has  the   Seal  of  Approval  from  the  Carpet  and  Rug  Institute.  Satisfied   owners  of  Luke  Kay’s  Rainbow  include  NASA,  Boeing,  leading   universities,  major  hotels,  and  millions  of  families  in  95  countries   worldwide.

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