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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: garywayuk



THORPE PARK Schools Presentation Script

THORPE PARK NOT JUST FUN & THRILLS Welcome to THORPE PARK: Fun, Thrills & Full of Facts This is the beginning of a whistle stop tour of education at one of the UK’s best loved theme parks and an overview of how a visit to the Nation’s thrill capital, THORPE PARK, can benefit your educational needs. What I am going to try and give you today is an insight into, is how THORPE PARK is more than just fun and thrills and how it can leave your students engaged with your subject and wanting to learn more. Welcome, to the UK’s most THRILLING classroom!

WHAT DO YOU THINK WHEN YOU THINK OF SCHOOL TRIPS? QUESTION: Take 30 seconds to jot down a few things that you think of when you think of school trips. Feedback

TURNING AROUND MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT EDUCATION AT THORPE PARK What we want to do today, is move your opinion away from (what you’ve just said). After research was conducted by THORPE PARK a few years ago,most peoplethought thatthat school trips were aboutabout this: o Small kids looking to scream o Teenagers looking for adrenaline o And teachers ending up so bored, they end up sleeping! THORPE PARK education sessions are far more about this: o Fun! o Seeing processes in action o Learning about them o And then experiencing them, or putting into practice what you’ve learnt (i.e. how gravity makes a rollercoaster work or customer service on site) At the end of your day, we hope that that your students trip to THORPE PARK, is the one that they will always remember, for being fun, thrilling and informative and that they can take away valuable information that they will use within their studies.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF AN EDUCATION SESSION QUESTION: What would you want to get out of an education session or school trip? Feedback.

WHAT THORPE PARK CAN OFFER SUBJECTS THORPE PARK can offer some of the most interactive workshops that allow your students from Key Stages 3 &4to really engage with the subjects that they are studying. We can offer workshops in national curriculum subjects such as: oMaths oGeography & the Environment oDesign & Technology As well extra-curricular activities such as: oCustomer Service oHealth & Safety oGuest Care That can really help your students to understand how Theme Parks work and the sort of jobs that they could get involved in, in the future.

RESOURCES THORPE PARK can offer some fantastic resources for teachers and students, from the planning stages of your trip, right up to stuff to get you really involved with the park on the day of your visit. o Making your trip a fun but safe day is one of our top priorities. We offer teachers a number of free tickets for the chance to visit THORPE PARK before the day of your trip, so that you can complete risk assessments and ask us about any concerns you may have. o We also offer teachers planning packs so that you can prepare students for what they are going to learn on their day out, and follow up your day out with sessions when you’re back in the classroom. A visit to THORPE PARK provides education for more than just one day! o We offer students activity packs so that they can get really involved with everything on park, and so that they have a way of remembering what they did they’re day trip (although who could forget a trip to THORPE PARK?) o We’re also able to provide students with valuable information about the subject that you’re planning to study. For example – in our ICT resource, we explain how ICT has an everyday role in our park. o Or in our info graphics, we show you give all the facts about out top rides!

HANDS ON ACTION With some of the UK’s most iconic rides and attractions in it back garden, THORPE PARK allows your students to have a really fun day out, whilst experiencing some of the things that they’ve learnt about. For example, they’ll be able to see right before them: oHow colossus stays on the track whilst it does that loop the loop oHow Stealth gets so fast oOr how do the lap bars stay in place whilst on SAW

RESEARCH THORPE PARK also offers students the chance to really engage with rides and attractions on site, by offering assignments that can be completed on day trips This provides a real insight into how the attraction operates and allows students to bond as part of a team in order to collate results. Its more than just general class assignment – it gives your students the responsibility to work in the field, whilst team building.

OUTREACH SESSIONS We realise that sometimes THORPE PARK isn’t always open when you’re planning an education session. That’s why we’ve developed our outreach program, which brings into the classroom content from a range of different workshops, designed to inspire students without leaving the classroom. Although there’s nothing better than actually being at THORPE PARK for an education session, these programmes offer a real hands on and practical approach to the world of learning. We even bring a range of tools to assist us, from sign and rollercoaster kinects – to a set of rollercoaster wheels!

HOW THORPE PARK LINKS TO THE NATIONAL CURRICULUM: You might be wondering how your subject actually links to a day out at THORPE PARK. It might not seem very obvious, but almost everything that happens here, relates back to what you’re teaching your students. Let’s have a look at a couple of brief subjects and see how your students can get the most out of our brand!

GEOGRAPHY& THE ENVIRONMENT AT THORPE PARK As my specialist subject is Geography, I thought we’d have a look into this very quickly. LOCATION oThrough the subject of geography, we learn about the location factors that are key to the success of the theme park. oTHORPE PARK is located in the South East of England very close to London.

From this map, can you think of any factors that influence that success of the park? o One of the biggest factors influencing THORPE PARK’s success is its close proximity to London and the direct links that it has from two of the country’s biggest stations – WATERLOO and CLAPHAM JUNCTION, linking the park the rest of the country. o It’s also very close to one of the world’s biggest international airports – HEATHROW, linking the park to the rest of the world. o THORPE PARK also has some great road connections, being situated right next to two major motorways, the M25 & M3. Local roads also connect the park very well such as the A3. o The local communityalso has a major impact on the park. The large population of Staines on Thames allows the park to fill a high percentage of the jobs available throughout the year. Jobs are also created from the park being close by, with hotels and B&B’s being set up for park visitors to stay in. The nearest train station to the park is also located in Staines. o Being situated within a developed tourist area also has its benefits. This helps to gain planning permission when new attractions are proposed. o The close proximity to other Merlin attractions can also have a positive and negative impact on the park. With LEGOLAND Windsor Resort and Chessington World of Adventures Resort close by, this may influence local visitors to purchase products such as a Merlin Annual Pass. This close proximity may also have a detrimental effect as people, especially day visitors that may decide to go to different attractions.

Now if we zoom in a bit closer you’ll again be able to see just how close the park is to those major road connections. o It’s also important that park is located within an area that has a lot of open space. o When people have travelled from all around the country by car – they need somewhere to leave it when they arrive at the attraction. At peak times – that’s a lot of cars! o Did you know that THORPE PARK’s car park, is almost the same size as the park its self? The red line on this map shows the size of the car park in comparison to the park. o With the park increasing in size it’s important that there’s extra land available around it in order to expand vital facilities such as this one. o It’s also important to have that extra space ready for developments in the future such as new rides, or new facilities so that people keep wanting to come back to the park. o Did you know that where The SWARM stands used to be an area of water? To build this great new ride, a new small island was created. In Geography and Environment workshops, we can also go into much greater detail about how this was done. o With a park as big and popular as THORPE PARK, it’s important that its well connected to resources such as water and power. Failure of resources such as these can have a really negative impact on the way the park operates.

So that’s a very brief overview of how location affects THORPE PARK Within the subject – we also concentrate on things such as: oThe Environment oSocial & Economic issues that affect both the park and surrounding communities oSustainability and human resources

SPEED, DISTANCE & TIME We can also get students to really interact with subjects such as speed, time and distance in real time through our amazing rides. TIDAL WAVE To show you how we do this, in a very simple way – I want you to watch this video of Tidal Wave. You will need to take note of its speed over time. Now, were going to have a go at plotting this on the graph in front of you. Can you plot how this fast the boat is traveling over time? So let’s have a quick look and see if you are right. So as the boat travels up the hill, it is initially quite slow. As it turns round and approaches the drop, it speeds up a little Then when it goes down the drop, it speeds up rapidly, to 45mph, and drenches everyone at the bottom with that wave!

OTHER RIDES This is how our rides can really help your students to engage with your subject – as they can help to visualise subjects in action! We can do this with many other rides around the park including: o SAW – The Ride, showing how marketing and partnerships bring rides to life! AND o Stealth, we can show how we use maths to calculate the speed so that it gets over that huge climb Don’t forget, we can also show you things like: o How our brilliant staff provide you with amazing customer service on your day visit o And how we take Health and Safety seriously. Our rides meet strict standards and this is one of our top priorities.

HOW EASY IS IT TO BOOK A TRIP? So how can you book a trip to THORPE PARK? Booking is really simple! oYou can book online via our website oCall us where one of our friendly advisors will be able to create a package to suit your needs, oOr even email us with details or questions about your visit! We make planning your trip really flexible.

SUMMARY: HOW THORPE PARK IS EDUCATIONAL So, as we’re very near the end of this presentation now – can you all tell me one thing that you’ve learnt from today’s session? Every year, over 20,000 school children of all different ages attend workshops at THORPE PARK. In the past we’ve had positive reviews from many of them – including the following. We believe that THORPE PARK is one of the best places to take a school trip because of the possibility to put subjects into a practical context, something which students may not have had chance to do before. Its not just about work when you’re on the park! We can provide resources for the lead up to your visit and to follow up your trip when you’re back in the classroom. We hope you’ll always remember the day that you visited THORPE PARK with you group. THORPE PARK offers a fantastic and memorable experience for both students and teachers.

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