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Published on August 18, 2009

Author: thomaspclune


Lesson Plan Learning to Read Music Week 1 (Where to look First in Music) Preface : When teaching music reading the main fault most students fall into is they look only at the notes and ignore the other aspects of music rhythm, key signature, dynamics etc. The concepts being taught and assessed is the Cognitive order that you need to use when first learning a pieces of written music. Measurable: At the end of this lesson students will be able to identify the order Objectives and steps preceding note reading in music. From this they will learn that notes are NOT the first part of reading music. Learning Indicators : 1. Planning and following steps to make effective decisions and achieve goals 2. Testing and evaluating creative ideas before adopting them 3. Identifying key ideas and issues in complex situations Strategies : Metacognition, DR-TA Materials : 1. CD player and CDs 2. Vocabulary sheet 3. Movie Presentation 4. Our Song Sheet 5. Activity Sheet 6. Colored Crayons 7. Color Coded Arrows 8. Clear Tape 9. Chalkboard 10. Blank Sheet Music

Lesson Plan Learning to Read Music Week 1 (Where to look First in Music) Vocabulary : 1. Title-Name of the song 2. Composer-The person who wrote the song 3. Arranger-The person who changed another persons song 4. Tempo-How fast or how slow a song is played 5. Treble Clef-Used for high notes 6. Bass Clef-Used for low notes 7. Key Signature-Tells us what scale we are using (the notes we may play) 8. Time Signature-Tells us about the Beats (NOT a fraction) 9. Articulation-Tells us how to play a note 10. Accent-Tells us notes have more importance (play harder) 11. Dynamics-Tells us how loud or quiet to play 12. Forte-Tells us to play loud 13. Piano-Tells us to play quiet (NOT the instrument) 14. Rests-Notes that represent silence 15. Note Clusters-Small groups of notes that make it easier to learn a song Schema activation : Play two different version of the same song. Ask the students “Why do they sound different?” Come up with a list of the things you need to know before you play a song.

Lesson Plan Learning to Read Music Week 1 (Where to look First in Music) Method : DAY 1: Learning the Concept Step 1: After activating schema (see above) I begin to play the “Movie Presentation.” Step 2: When the slide showing our song comes up I will pause the presentation and hand out the sheets Labeled “Our Song” and “Color Coded Arrows.” Step 3: Instruct each student to follow along with their finger and tape each “Color Coded Arrows” when the movie places one. Ask students “What they think will come next?” DAY 2: Using and Testing the Concept Step 4: Give out the “Vocabulary Sheet” and the “Crayons.” Step 5: Instruct the students to write out the definition of each word and use the correct color. Step 6: After they have completed have students write the definition on the “Chalkboard” using the correct color. Have the other students check their work on their sheets. Step 6: Hand out the Sheet Labeled “Activity Sheet.” (Row, Row, Row) Step 7: Have each student tape new “Color Coded Arrows” on the “Activity Sheet.” Writing activities : Each student will copy the song on the “Blank Sheet Music” with the “Crayons” using the correct color. Then create their own song using the color codes.

Lesson Plan Learning to Read Music Week 1 (Where to look First in Music) Time : DAY 1: Learning the Concept 5:00 Schema activation 35:00 Movie Presentation Total = 40:00 Day 1 DAY 2: Using and Testing the Concept 15:00 Vocabulary Sheet 5:00 Checking Vocabulary Sheet 10:00 Activity Sheet 10:00 Writing Activity Total = 40:00 Day 2 Review : Positive: The “Color Coded Arrow” sheet worked very. Use it more. Negative: The “Movie Presentation” took longer than expected. Use 3 DAYS. Improvement: Switch the “Vocabulary Sheet” to DAY 1. Add a “Vocabulary Review Sheet” to DAY 2.

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