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Published on April 23, 2014

Author: joshirb



Many LinkedIn professionals must be missing the opportunity to connect with other "interesting" LinkedIn professionals because they think that LinkedIn automatically displays their email ID to public. Solution: Explicitly specify email ID(s) in the "Advice for Contacting" section of your profile. The presentation contains an example.

Not all Recruiters and Business Development Managers know that LinkedIn does not automatically display the email ID to "public".

Roles like Recruiters want to connect to potential candidates because it is good for them from a business perspective.

Potential candidates want to connect to Recruiters because it is good for them too.

Many LinkedIn-ers must be missing mutually beneficial contacts because . . .

they are not aware that their email ID is not visible to the people visiting their profile, unless they are a direct connection!!!

Here is an example from my experience today (April 22, 2014)

Had I been in a hurry, I’d simply have moved on.

For quick reference, here they are – side-by-side

My suggestion: Explicitly mention your email ID.

Thank You! Ramesh Joshi AS/400 Consultant & Trainer

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