This is what it's like to be an Army woman in combat

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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: kabom1


This is what it's like to be an Army woman in combat: This is what it's like to be an Army woman in combat Standing just over 5 feet, Army Spc . Karen Arvizu is barely a foot taller as opposed to anti-tank missile she carries both in arms and loads into an armored vehicle. She stands to be with her tip-toes to wrestle open the 300-pound top hatch. ?I need to step on the seat to have the missile into the launcher,? said Arvizu , a 24-year-old soldier from Los Angeles. ?It's half my body weight.? Arvizu typically drives Humvees or transport trucks at Fort Stewart in Georgia, as well as the past three weeks, she and 59 other women soldiers are actually receiving a taste of what can be done to serve in combat. By spending their days lifting 65-pound missiles and .50-caliber machine guns, all while wearing 70 pounds of body armour , they're helping make history within an Army study that can see how all soldiers ? including women, first ? is going to be deemed fit to become listed on top lines. The Pentagon ordered not too long ago that girls must have the identical opportunity to serve in combat jobs as men, with a large number of positions slated to open to both genders in 2016. Even though an Army survey shows only a small group of women say to merely enter combat jobs, in addition , it revealed soldiers from both genders are nervous concerning the change. With roughly one out of five Army positions considered combat-related, commanders are looking towards science to find a unisex standard to gauge which soldiers physically contain the right stuff to fight wars. Testing at Fort Stewart along with U.S. bases is breaking away in the Army's longtime standards for conditioning ? pushups, sit-ups and a pair of-mile runs ? to target instead on battlefield tasks, like dragging a wounded comrade to safety or installing and detaching the heavy barrel from the 25 mm gun placed on Bradley vehicles. David Brinkley, deputy chief of staff for operations for the Army's Training and Doctrine Command at Fort Eustis in Virginia, said a number of people think the Army is coming on top of unrealistic requirements while some believe standards will probably be lower to let women fight around the front lines. ?We plan to do neither. Rest room we based this around the actual thing you need to do,? he was quoted saying. At Fort Stewart, a volunteer gang of soldiers ? 100 men and 60 women ? are spending per month drilling on the most physically challenging tasks demanded of infantrymen, cavalry scouts, mortar launchers and tank crews. In March, scientists in the Army's Research Institute for Environmental Medicine should have the troops perform those tasks with heart monitor watches, masks that monitor oxygen intake along with other equipment to study the results of these physical exertion. Escorts Portland Army commanders say there are no doubts that ladies contain the mental and technical abilities needed. Only their ability to complete essentially the most arduous physical tasks has been questioned. Escort Portland The survey released Tuesday found there was clearly nagging stereotypes. Male soldiers fretted that their unit's readiness is going to be degraded as a result of what they term ?women issues,? like pregnancy and menstrual cycles. Or they worried that females incapable of the physical demands can be brought in anyway. However, laptop computer also showed that no more than 8 percent of Army women said they wanted combat jobs. Brinkley said such limited interest is also in line with any alternative countries, such as Norway, have experienced since they integrated women into combat roles. Maj. Gen. Mike Murray, commanding general at Fort Stewart, watched Tuesday as coed teams of soldiers create heavy 120 mm mortars on the practice field. An officer with 32 a lot of infantry experience, Murray said you need to open combat jobs to as well as ?it is going to get studied to death? in order for the Army to influence naysayers that ladies soldiers are physically capable. The volunteer group at Fort Stewart incorporates a mix of combat veterans and newcomers, nonetheless it didn't require much time with the group to gel after a little initial awkwardness. ?It turned out similar to a higher school dance where you had the people up here and the girls over there,? Murray said. ?A week later, it was amazing how fast teams form.? Giving soldiers monthly to prepare meant girls that have not been taught to scale a 6-foot wall or pull a casualty coming from a tank have gotten time for it to learn the proper techniques before these are tested the real deal the following month. Staff Sgt. Terry Kemp, a cavalry scout who's helping train the Fort Stewart volunteers, said female soldiers begun to catch up with their male counterparts after a fortnight of training. Missile toting drills that initially took the men seven minutes were taking women 12 minutes to try and do, he was quoted saying. But by week three, men and women had trimmed their times to four minutes. People that still insist women can't be as good as men in combat ?can beat their chests about it all day long,? said Kemp, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. ?But eventually it will happen.?

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