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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: GigideGroot



Move Management has extensive skills and experience in helping organisations and people develop and improve. Lasting results are achieved when management and employees know how they can contribute and have the energy and passion to make it happen.

13 mar -14

We believe in the large potential in every human being and thereby in every organization. We are driven by our desire to help people and organizations to simply feel better, grow and develop. We move you. 13 mar -14

We move and change We build our consulting and training on contemporary research and extensive experience in the fields of leadership, communication, team development, change management, project management, coaching and facilitation. Our learning approach is “action-reflection-learning” which means that theory is blended with practical exercises, where the participants are able to build capability and skills in the different areas above. Participants real cases are build in where possible and peer-to-peer learning, reflection and a personal contracts to sustain the learning after the training are all key elements our way of working. The practical approach in our traning get maximal value when having two trainers and adequate size of the participant group. ”…I’ve attended several management courses earlier, but this is a whole new level” 13-Mar-14

Our current customers 13 mar -14 Akademiska Hus Antrop Ascom Assa Abloy Astra Tech AstraZeneca Astrid Lindgrens Värld Braun Medical Chalmers University Coop Electrolux Elektroskandia Ericsson GtechG2 HiQ Holmen ICA Idata Iggesund IHM IKEA Investor KF Kungsbacka Kommun Liseberg Logica Lärarförbundet Mölnlycke Health Care Naturvårdsverket Nobia Pallco PEAB Pfizer Health AB Pågen Reinertsen Ridsportsförbundet SEB Sigma Sparbankerna Sulzer Väst Svenska Handelskammaren ÅF Ålandsbanken Landstinget Halland, Gävleborg, VGR, Linköping, Värmland

Our services 13-Mar- 14 At Move we contribute with our long experience and knowledge of the change process. We help you to find the right path by challenging set patterns, keeping what’s working well, supporting the organisation throughout the entire development work and coaching both leaders and employees so that the organisation moves forward without losing direction and momentum. We train in how to lead change and how to cope with change. Change Move works with leadership development from many different perspectives. We develop your ability to lead through increased self- insight, better communications ability, greater understanding for group dynamic processes and increased knowledge about how you can create creativity, participation and learning in your group/organisation. Leadership Move trains you in the craftsmanship of become a communications talent, presenter and influencer. Our starting point is always the participant’s current level and we provide the tools, training and feedback to enable each and everyone to grow. We support you in your real life communicative challenge in your organisation, in your change agenda and when you want to move and influence to create better business results. Communication Move offers facilitation training at several different levels. Do you want to take the step towards becoming better at leading meetings or perhaps go the whole way and certify yourself as a facilitator? Whatever your ambition, we have a course for you. When we facilitate, we create a creative and learning environment with the help of our knowledge of methods, group dynamics and meeting design. Facilitation There is an incredible power in coaching. As a manager, leader or co- worker we often believe that we need to know a huge amount. But usually it’s about asking the right question, not giving the right answer. Move works with coaching from many perspectives. We coach individuals, coach groups as part of a development programme and train coaching techniques for those of you who want to be a more coaching leader/person. Coaching

Some of our consultants: 13-Mar-14 Experienced organisation and management consultant, specialized in change management, leadership development, communication and facilitation. Vast international experience in developing strategies, coaching management groups and training leaders in change management, facilitation, rhetoric's, storytelling and public speaking. Strong presence and swift in building relations. Sought after facilitator and inspirator that gets even the slowest conference participator or management group to really involve and engage. Lars is also a frequent inspirational lecturer at conferences and kick-offs. Alexandra Thomas is a certified psychologist with a major interest in human communication – from rhetoric and group dynamics to conflict management. As an engaging and inspirational leader developer, she is able to get people to rethink and challenge themselves – both when it comes to their own leadership and their personal relationships. With such value beliefs as “personal and courageous”, Alexandra feels at her best when everyone in a room – including herself – stretches their limits and grow in unison. Broad international experience in leading projects and people in knowledge intensive environments. Ph.D. in organisational theory. A consultant and researcher with a passion for developing organisations, groups and individuals. Can identify solutions in the most complex situations and get those involved to grow with the assignment.

13-Mar-14 Ann has more than 10 years of experience in leading positions, working with operational development and management development at different levels. She has a international experience with a with from small family companies to global cooperation. Ann sees potential and solutions everywhere and bring energy and motivation to individuals and organizations. With the ability to make actions out of visions and strategies she works with all levels from board to the shop floor. Ann is not afraid to challenging in order to reach goals and best potential. Mårten has years of experience as an international and Nordic sales manager and well as over 10 years as a consultant in the fields of management, leadership, service and sales. Mårten has won praise for his ability to create communication, dialogue and participation – not least by listening in order to capture the different forces that drive people. Both as a leader and management developer he sets clear-cut goals and creates involvement – he sees the big picture, new opportunities and solutions in concrete situations. As a highly experienced developer of leaders, Anna has spent many years developing and leading a large number of internal company training programmes, with an emphasis on communication and change management. She also facilitates meetings and works with both team and management group development. Anna is able to handle any situation, contribute to new perspectives and pull together the energy that drives people, groups and organizations.

Our material 13 mar -14 Training books SmartCards Articles

Our participants: Evaluation of our latest leadership training, autumn 2013 13 mar -14 Absolutely wonderful! They were engaging, prepared and patient. The mix of learnings and exercises was helpful to understand concepts and ideas. I learned a lot and had fun doing it – which is not easy to do, but they made I look and feel effortless. Thank you, very much! This week training is the best organised, well prepared and enjoyable training program I have ever attended. Thank you Move. Likely the best training I have received. Certainly the best I have received in this organisation. Thanx The trainers were very interactive and created energy, very knowledgeable and helpful, which made the training very impactful. I would do this once per year with the same two trainers if I could! Every leader should be required to go through this training. I am very pleased. We received a very powerful fools we can use in our every day life. (At work and personal life.) Thank you! The content of the program 5,0 Level of interaction (Involvement, exercises etc.) 5,0 Level of usefulness in your daily role as a leader 5,0 The printed training material 4,9 The Trainers 5,0 Participant voices Average grades (from 1-5 where 5 is best)

Move your capability 13 mar -14

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