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Information about THIS AND THAT

Published on September 1, 2008

Author: egbatista



Slide 1: This This That That Review Slide 2: That’s my purple and pink book on the table. That’s my brown chair Slide 3: This is my marker. It’s yellow and brown. This is my brown desk, my orange book and my blue notebook. Slide 4: That is my mother. She is a teacher. She is twenty eight years old. Slide 5: This is my dog. I love it. It likes to play ball and take walks in the afternoon. Slide 6: This is my dog pirulito. He´s very nice! He likes to play ball and run after the postman. I have a dog and five cats.I love pets! Slide 7: That is my granmother. She is seventy five years old. I love her. Hi Dear! How are you doing? Slide 8: That is my grandfather. He is sixty eight years old. He likes gardening. I love my grandpa. Hi there my grandson! Slide 9: This is my brother Nilton. He is thirteen years old. He is a student at Ecovam school. Slide 10: This is my friend Sally. She is fourteen years old. She is from São Paulo. She goes to Colégio Arthur. Slide 11: That is my family. My father, my mother, my sister and my brother. My parents are watching TV in the living room. My sister is doing her homework and my brother is reading a book. Slide 12: That is my cousin. He is fifteen years old. He is from Goianira. He is a student at Colégio Santa Luzia. He is very nice! Slide 13: That is my teacher of English. His name is Mr Lypy. He is fourty five years old. He is from Paraúna Goiás. He teaches at Ecovam. He is serious. Slide 14: That is my school bus. I sometimes go to school by bus. It´s cool! Slide 15: That is my bike. It is a very good bike. I love it! I can ride a bike very well. I ride my bike on the weekends.

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