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Published on December 10, 2008

Author: cometoshare



I was intrigued to see if a copy would ever pass by our hands to review here. Today my wishes have come true and I have an 8 GB Samsung YP-T10 sitting right in front of me.

1. Coverage can be found online at: 2. Reviewed: Article by: Steve Blackwell Product was submitted by: Samsung Canada Introduction: Ever since I initially read about the T10 mp3 player from Samsung many months ago, I was intrigued to see if a copy would ever pass by our hands to review here. Today my wishes have come true and I have an 8 GB Samsung YP-T10 sitting right in front of me. Its initial looks are impressive, very sleek, slim and stylish. The features list? That also looks pretty impressive too. Time to see if this sleek little player lives up to all the hype I've heard. 1/7

In The Box: (1) YP-T10 Player (1) USB Sync/Charge Cable (1) Set of earbuds w/ foam earpiece covers (1) Installation CD (1) Quick start guide 2/7

Specs: 3/7

Features: The T10 follows a very similar physical design to a lot of its most recent predecessors. The body measures about 9.5cm long by 4cm wide with a very thin height of only about 70mm. Although small, the 2quot; screen size will still make viewing photos and videos relatively easy to do. The controls being touch sensitive, they are invisible when the unit is powered off or after the screen backlight turns off. When pressed, they all illuminate a soft orange colour for easy visibility and use. The only physical button on the device is the power/hold switch on the right side. This absence of visible buttons makes it look pretty unique and only adds to how sleekly design the player itself is. Happy to always see Samsung improving their MP3 players over past models, the T10 seems to have taken all the features I know and love from Samsung MP3 players and either subtly made them better or added new ones alongside them. The big new feature of the T10 being the built-in Bluetooth 2.0 A2DP support for cord-free listening. Now you can use any Bluetooth headphones or earphones you have to listen to your media on the T10 without the hassle of having to plug them in. Not having to plug in your 4/7

headphones or earphones means you can tuck the player away in those hard to reach places and not have to worry about breaking or damaging your headphone's wire or headphone jack (A common problem a lot of active teens encounter on at least one of their MP3 players during their life). The Bluetooth supports up to two connections from Bluetooth headsets/earphones, using that paired up with the hardwired plug can allow up to three listeners at once. Supporting AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile), the user can also operate basic MP3 functions (such as play, pause, forward, back, etc) from a supporting Bluetooth headset. The built in video player supports WMV and MPEG4 video formats so there will be no fighting with conversion software to convert all your videos into some unknown proprietary video format like a lot of video MP3 players use. Of course should you need to convert any videos into these formats the Samsung Media Studio can do that easily, as well as a lot of free conversion programs that are around the internet. The photo viewing capability is something we're starting to see standard on most colour screen MP3 players these days so I wasn't surprised to see that on the T10 either. One thing that always catches my eye with almost all Samsung MP3 players is the FM radio ability. It seems so many manufacturers are just throwing this feature away these days, is the radio dying or something? Samsung has always kept my radio listening likes well in tune by providing just that - an FM tuner built in! If you like what you hear, you can record it! The T10 also supports FM recording. Data casts, no, not Pod casts, but Data casts are another thing Samsung has added to the T10 that isn't a familiar name we're used to seeing as an MP3 player. All this adds is the ability to sync RSS feeds to your player to read on the go - very nifty! 5/7

A few other things I was glad to see on this player were the voice recording abilities and text viewer. Voice recording seems to be a 50/50 thing on players these days with just as many not having it as those that do. When building a feature-packed player like this one, it only makes sense that it should be included on it. Text viewing is something I've always seen mostly on Apple's iPod line so seeing Samsung bring it to the T10 was certainly another plus! Installation: Installation is really one of those optional things for most Samsung MP3 players. They'll function just fine on their own as an MTP device but if you chose to load the Samsung Media Studio then you can have an easy to use interface to handle all your media transfers to and from the device. Testing: Before testing, I made sure the player was upgraded to the latest firmware available from the Samsung site. Once powered up, I was greeted with a pretty unique interface. quot;Sammyquot; is what the dog is called who runs the little quot;worldquot; the interface is based around. For teens, this can certainly be a pretty awesome interface - a break away from the usual. For adults or those who don't want such an quot;interestingquot; interface, you can choose between two other styles as well. This is a first for almost any MP3 player out there to switch interface styles entirely. I found the menus very easy to navigate through and find what I was after. There was only a slight delay when switching between menu items; it wasn't quite instant but it certainly was a hair slower than some other players I've used. Will you ever notice this? Probably not. Video viewing was far more comfortable than I would have expected for the 2quot; screen. Coming from a guy who's used to watching media on his huge Zune screen, that is certainly a compliment. The screen's colours were excellent - very vivid and accurate. Same compliment goes for photo viewing on the T10. 6/7

My listening experience was also quite enjoyable on the T10. With Samsung's DNSe engine, you can tweak your listening experience to that which you enjoy by using a variety of built-in presets. The quot;clarityquot; option was something new to me, going from 0 to 2; you can tweak the quot;clarityquot; of your music. Having used quot;clarityquot; adjustments in many computer programs, I was expecting some sort of over-exaggerated clearness to my music. I was certainly wrong. This actually adds a nice little clarity boost to the EQ of the song which doesn't really effect the overall tonal quality of the song, but it does make it sound better in the headphones or earphones. To touch quickly on the touch-sensitive keys, these keys worked only when touched with my bare finger. If my finger was covered with anything, such as gloves, they would not activate. To some people this has pros and cons; it's nice to be able to know that no accidental non-human objects can operate your player if it isn't locked, but, at the same time many fellow Canadians like the ability to operate their players using gloves during the sometimes harsh winters we have. Conclusion: Sitting back and looking, there really isn't one feature that Samsung forgot to put on the T10! This is truly one loaded player for the money. They're taken every popular feature you could want on an MP3 player, added full Bluetooth 2.0 capabilities and housed it in a thin, sleek and stylish housing. I surely hope that Samsung chooses to keep the T10 around for a life span longer than most of their MP3 players; they could really have something on their hands here! Pros: Sleek and stylish design Large memory capacity (up to 8 GB) Bluetooth 2.0 Loads of awesome features Unique menu system (Can of course be changed if it isn't liked) Cons: No ability to switch between MTP and UMS transfer styles No games built in 7/7

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