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Published on April 5, 2014

Author: childsi



@kirsty and @lucychildsi discuss present on behalf of @childsi

Quality vs. quantity – gain a clear understanding of which social channels are for you and how to extract maximum value from them

Dive Deeper into Social Platforms Quality vs. Quantity: Gaining maximum value

Who we are … Child’s i Foundation believes children should grow up in families, not orphanages. We've proved it's possible to find families for abandoned children instead of placing them into long- term care in Uganda. Now we want to change the lives of other children around the world.

Who we are not … A “digital charity” or a “social charity” So how would we describe ourselves? A small organisation with a big ambition and a huge responsibility to do the right thing by the parents we support, the children we help and the community of donors and supporters who enable us to exist and continue our work.

A snapshot of our community

We’re not a “digital charity” but we have used digital from the outset to build and inspire our community

Digital channels have enabled us to build this project together

And allow everyone to feel they can make a difference

On nearly a £0 budget

Enabling a value exchange

Empowering the donor

Making giving transparent

And allowing us to tell our story

As organisations and ambitions evolve so do comms strategies and tools

15 “In a mere two minutes on any given day, 1 million pieces of content are uploaded to Facebook, and a half million emails are sent around the world.” “There’s too much content — and not enough of the right kind — to reach customers effectively.” “Delivering the content your audience needs, in all the places they need it.” We’re all now obliged to be “social” and quotes like this are bandied around …

How can we ever be more interesting than this?

It’s about knowing who you really are We are unashamed content creators and storytellers

We tell our story using video

We keep it real and personal

We share it with our community

Delivered in packages for different audiences and platforms

Lean •Have a hypothesis •Gather data to test •Target your effort •DIY Agile •Experiment •Work in short cycles •Adapt based on feedback •Focus on improving If we had to make a diagram of our approach

Engaging content that answers questions that they want to talk about and share that reaches the right people, when they want it and which makes them do something Short web pages, video, blog posts in search, in email, in social streams, on mobile because it’s informative, emotive or educational subscribe, donate, tell someone else And in our heads our toolbox looks like this

Talking of lean – we scrapped our website and now we just use Tumblr

Talking of lean – we scrapped our website and now we just use Tumblr

And use richer content channels to support our comms strategy

Being social isn’t about broadcasting all your own problems. We want to find out about others and share what we learn.

And we accept that some people prefer to be in different places than us but we can be everywhere all the time

29 There are places we know we should be or maybe just could be

What do you want to achieve? Who do you want to engage? What do you want them to do, think and feel? If it works, how will you know? But it all comes down to setting goals and finding data sources

Reach Engagement Impact How many people saw it? What reaction have you had? What changed? OuttakeOutput OutcomeInputGoals Who are you aiming to talk to? What do you want them to do, think & feel? What time & money did you invest? Costs, time budgets Web analytics, clicks, Tweet analysis, comments Donations, calls and expressions of interest We’d like to tell you this is what we do, but this is really what we wish we did

Some channels are purely practical

And others just really time efficient

We’re not experts But what we know is the popularity and purpose of social channels shifts and changes. Different goals demand different approaches to creating, curating and sharing content. For a small charity been lean and agile is just has to be part of our DNA. Supporters prefer real people to communicate with.

So this is what we use / have used … Twitter Facebook Wordpress Tumblr Youtube Shopify Mailchimp Pinterest Storify Instagram Flickr Linked In Google + Chatter Yammer … and more and so on …

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