Think You Know Everything There Is To Know About Smoking Cigars? Brandon Vallorani Thinks You're Wrong

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Published on February 4, 2014

Author: brandonvallorani



Being new to cigars and cigar smoke can be pretty intimidating. Even if you’ve smoked cigarettes half your life, cigars are a whole different ball game. As the co-founder and owner of Safari Cigar, Brandon Vallorani feels it is incumbent upon him to provide you with information to give you the confidence and the know how to take up a hobby he finds deeply relaxing and rewarding. Here’s a handy dandy guide to help turn a beginner into a savvy pro in no time.

The  Do’s  and  Don’ts  of  Cigar  Smoking   By  Brandon  Vallorani   January  12,  2014     Being  new  to  cigars  and  cigar  smoke   can  be  pretty  intimidating.  Even  if   you’ve  smoked  cigarettes  half  your   life,  cigars  are  a  whole  different  ball   game.  As  the  co-­‐founder  and  owner  of   Safari  Cigar,  I  feel  it  is  incumbent  upon   me  to  provide  you  with  information  to   give  you  the  confidence  and  the  know   how  to  take  up  a  hobby  I  find  deeply   relaxing  and  rewarding.  Here’s  a   handy  dandy  guide  to  help  turn  a   beginner  into  a  savvy  pro  in  no  time.      DO  verify  that  the  cigar  you’re   buying  is  made  up  of  100  percent  tobacco.  The  lousy,  cheaper  stuff  will  be  a   mix  and  you  want  only  the  best.    DON’T  light  your  cigar  with  any  of  the  following:  a  match,  a  cigarette  lighter,   another  cigar,  a  candle,  a  stove.  None  of  that.  Get  yourself  a  cigar  light.    DO  use  pro  tricks  to  test  a  cigar’s  quality  before  purchasing.  For  example,   squeeze  the  cigar  gently  to  determine  that  there  are  no  odd  lumps  or  empty   pockets.  Also,  take  a  look  at  the  tobacco  on  the  end–if  it’s  discolored,  the  cigar   is  no  good.    DON’T  ask  a  friend  or  family  member  to  let  you  try  their  cigar.  That  kind  of   request  may  fly  with  cigarette  smokers  but  not  cigar  enthusiasts.  A  cigar  is   meant  to  be  enjoyed  by  one  person.    DO  pay  attention  to  length  and  width,  and  smoke  accordingly.  Thicker  cigars   are  more  intense  than  their  thinner  counterparts.  If  you’re  a  beginning,  stick   to  longer,  thinner  cigars  and  then  eventually  graduate  to  the  shorter,   stubbier  ones.    DON’T  be  oblivious  to  the  health  risks.  Be  wise,  be  responsible,  and  smoke  in   moderation.  And  do  not  inhale–cigarettes  are  weaker  so  it’s  about  filling  your   lungs  with  the  stuff,  but  cigars  are  a  different,  wilder  animal.  You  don’t  need   to  inhale  so  much  to  get  a  similar  buzz.    DO  remove  the  little  band  once  the  cigar  is  lit  and  you’ve  already  had  about   ten  to  twelve  puffs.  If  you  try  to  remove  it  too  early,  you  could  tear  the   tobacco.    DON’T  under  any  circumstances  purchase  your  very  first  cigar  at  a  gas   station!  Go  to  a  genuine  bonafide  cigar  store  and  talk  to  a  genuine  bonafide   expert.  They’ll  help  you  pick  the  perfect  cigar  for  you.  (Obviously,  I  have  great  

faith  and  pride  in  Safari  Cigar–we  use  an  award-­‐winning  blend,  and  our   affordable  product  is  enjoyed  by  aficionados  across  the  country.  That  said,   it’s  a  big  world  out  there  and  I  recommend  you  try  it  all!)       Brandon  Vallorani  is  the  CEO  and  founder  of  Liberty  Alliance,  and  is  a  practiced   entrepreneur  with  a  background  in  marketing  and  management.  Brandon  graduated   from  West  Virginia  University  with  a  Bachelor’s  of  Fine  Arts  in  Graphic  Design.  Liberty   Alliance  is  a  network  of  websites  dedicated  to  advancing  Life,  Liberty,  and  the  Pursuit   of  Happiness.  The  partners  and  members  of  this  organization  utilize  the  influence  of   new  media  to  promote  traditional  values  and  generate  more  than  1,000,000  page   views  each  day.  Brandon  Vallorani  enjoys  spending  time  with  his  family,  hunting  big   game,  and  indulging  fine  cigars  and  wine  with  his  partners.    

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