Think Fast: Business Development in a Time of Transformative Change

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Information about Think Fast: Business Development in a Time of Transformative Change
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Published on January 22, 2009

Author: egarland



How to take the transformative change of 2009 and beyond and turn it into business opportunity.

THINK FAST! Using CI for business development in a time of transformative change Eric Garland


The big question: Is this business-as-usual?

...or is something entirely new happening?

Competitive intelligence career hint: Nobody wants more bad news Go jump in a lake. Tell me how to fix this mess or get out of my office. Hey, by the way, 30 of the 50 states declared bankruptcy today!

Considerably more popular: Intelligence Look, when our professionals who competitors went bankrupt, look for new 200 of their best engineers went looking for new work - opportunities along an opportunity for HR? with competitive threats

Our challenge! Use the methodology of competitive intelligence to seek out profitable new business in a rapidly changing world


TRANSFORMATIVE CHANGE: Horrific national retail sprawl to finally collapse

TRANSFORMATIVE CHANGE: Population of senior citizens to double

TRANSFORMATIVE CHANGE: Replacing a workforce of 70 million with one of 30 million

TRANSFORMATIVE CHANGE Two billion more people in economically under-developed countries

TRANSFORMATIVE CHANGE: Water will become more important than oil Andalucia Ogalalla Near East: Acquifer Jordan, Syria, Israel – drinking from the same aquifer! China - $11 billion in lost manufacturing due to polluted water! Egypt Mexico city Subsaharan Africa N.S.W. Australia

TRANSFORMATIVE CHANGE: Shift from the country to the city almost complete: 52% of the population 90% of the GDP

TRANSFORMATIVE CHANGE: U.S. healthcare expenditure from $2 trillion -> $4 trillion That stings a little... Well, I’m sucking $400,000 out of your blood.

EXERCISES! 1. Pick your favorite transformative trend 2. Talk about all the people who will be affected, for good, bad or indifferent 3. Think about what they will need, want, dislike, etc. 4. Imagine a business that could be formed around this 5. Extra points: Say which companies are best poised to create those businesses - or if they need to be start-ups

THANK YOU! Eric Garland Competitive Futures, Inc. 1317 F St. NW Wash, DC 20004 (202) 508-1496

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