Things You Should Know About Sapient Global Markets Bangalore

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Information about Things You Should Know About Sapient Global Markets Bangalore

Published on June 19, 2018

Author: narinderkatal


slide 1: Things You Should Know About Sapient Global Markets Bangalore If you have received your offer letter from Sapient Global Markets in Bangalore you must have a brief idea of what this company beholds for its employees. Freshmen apprehensive of joining this company after reading reviews on Glassdoor about the current employees being bereft of a balanced work life balance need not fear. Not all reviews stem from personal bad experiences there are some who vent their frustration at having thrown out of the company because of poor performance. Both former and current employees have in their Sapient global markets Bangalore reviews have mentioned about the company ’s unconventional approach during the recruitment process. The benefits that this company gives to its employees justify their selection process. Employees after having received their appointment letter tend to scan various review websites to check details about the company ’s management their leave policies ambience working culture and the nature of benefits that the company provides. While the company ’s website explains its mission and vision those planning to join this company must know the following benefits provided by the company:  Excellent Leave Policy: Sapient Global Markets mentions in its offer letter its leave policy that is starkly different from what most companies provide. The company allows: a Vacation leaves: 18/22 NCR Bangalore / Mumbai slide 2: b Casual leaves: 10 c Floating leaves: 2 d Sick leaves: 7 However one can avail 8 additional sick leaves on request e Public holidays: 10 f Relocation leaves: 5 Employees can avail these leaves within the first 45 days of joining the company.  Numerous Projects: When compared with its competitors and peers Sapient Global Markets in Bangalore has more to offer in terms of number and variety of projects. One can identify from the Sapient global markets Bangalore reviews published across various websites about how employees get to work on projects within the first 15 days of joining the organization. With plenty of projects in its Bangalore branch employees whether freshers or experienced seeking hands on experience have surely a lot to look forward to.  Ambience: Most employees crib against the unclean or unhygienic condition of their offices or messy work environment. Sapient employees have more than they can handle. With large airy lounges coupled with multitude of recreational spaces employees at Sapient can alternate between work and recreation which in turn augments their work performance.  Work Culture: Described as unique and one of a kind Sapient work culture is indeed its strongest asset. Every team organises and encourages events that require participation of each member feedback sessions and additional activities directed at knowing and understanding your teammates better. Also Read: what makes sapient bangalore work culture best to work  Timely Appraisals: Worried about your next appraisal If you are at Sapient you need to allow the management to take care of it. The management is in favour of timely appraisals and promotions that are decided purely on performance basis. Though the company has no dearth of hard working professionals the management surely knows how to identify the best from the lot. But if you are aiming for higher appraisals than the rest you surely will have to put in extra effort unmindful of the hours you have to put in.  Offer Letter: Sapient ’s intent to create and provide the best to its employees is evident in the offer letter that they give. Decent and mature the contents of the offer letter tell a lot about how the company is more than willing to provide nothing but the best to its employees.

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