Things You Need to Know About Mobile Apps to Boost Your Business

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Information about Things You Need to Know About Mobile Apps to Boost Your Business

Published on April 24, 2018

Author: consagousmridul


Slide 1: Things You Need to Know About Mobile Apps to Boost Your Restaurant Business Consagous Technologies LLC Slide 2: Benefits Of Mobile Food Ordering Apps Customizable Layout. Real-time Menu. Easy Ordering. Customer Engagement. Consagous Technologies LLC Slide 3: Customizable Layout The food ordering mobile app can be customized on the basis of restaurant theme. Layout can be designed in such a way so that it can match your restaurant’s specialties. Customized mobile application themes allow you to tweak the layout and also works well to raise the horizon of your restaurant’s brand. Consagous Technologies LLC Slide 4: Real-time Menu The mobile application allows you to edit your menu in the app real time. This means that whenever changes are made in the menu at the restaurant outlet, the same will instantly reflect in the app menu. Consagous Technologies LLC Slide 5: Easy Ordering UI of the food ordering app provides a serene ordering experience by allowing customers to select their preferred order type like a takeaway or a delivery order. These apps also prompt customers to choose their preferred location with an easy drop-down button. Consagous Technologies LLC Slide 6: Customer Engagement Food ordering mobile app helps you to improve your customer engagement with the help of push notification. It allows you to send latest updates, offers and discount coupons right to your customers’ mobile phones. Consagous Technologies LLC Slide 7: How to Win The On-Demand Food Delivery App Market? When we talk about food delivery app, the first thing that strikes on our mind is its design, features and its reviews. The restaurant owners prefer to register themselves with one or the other online platform to give more personalized service with their mobile application. Food delivery app has all the features that can relate to your business model and can beguile the attention of users. Consagous Technologies LLC Slide 8: Food Delivery App Must Contain Following Features:- Sign up / login Profile settings My orders Search List of restaurant Payment Gateway Wallet Option Order tracking facility Push Notification Consagous Technologies LLC Slide 9: Are You Looking for a Mobile App Developer ?Contact Us Consagous Technologies LLC Slide 10: Consagous Technologies LLC

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