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Information about Theremin

Published on September 26, 2015

Author: nohzulazfar


1.  The Theremin is a monophonic instrument which is the instrument only produced one note at the time.  Theremin is an early electronic musical instrument that generates sound of varying pitch and volume depending on the proximity of the musician’s hands to two antennae mounted on the instrument  This instrument is a ‘space-controlled’ and controlled by the motion of the hands.

2.  Lev Termen Or also known as Leon Theremin  He is a Russian and Soviet inventor born in Saint Petersburg, Russia  He is an electrical engineer graduated from Nikolayevska Military Engineering School  Invented his instrument in 1917 by accident  After a few years of research he invented his musical instrument named after himself in October 1920

3.  The purpose of this presentation is to introduce the Theremin to people and better understanding for this kind of instrument  This report provides details the invention of this instrument, the operating process, playing technique, range and similarities and differences for this instrument  Hopefully, by presenting this unique instrument, more people can appreciate the beauty of Theremin

4.  The data collected for this report was mainly based on two secondary sources, such as internet and documentary. I also do some research by video from youtube to know about this report.

5.  Every instrument has particular discipline for them to operate to produce sound  Theremin produced sound by the interaction of two radio frequencies  The process is known as heterodyning

6.  The Theremin contains two antennas, vertical and horizontal.  The oscillator is a tube from first generation of computer technology and the most important part on Theremin because the oscillator generates the wave to perform the heterodyning.  Blue part on the diagram is a horizontal antenna which control the volume of the pitch.  The yellow part is a vertical antenna to control the pitch.  Combining the two waves of these part with two different waves frequencies will generates a pitch and can be amplified.

7.  It has about five and a half octave range for classic Theremin  The lowest pitch that Theremin can reach is E on double bass  For modern Theremin six to seven octaves

8.  It is a difficult to master instrument because it has no fretboard or keyboard to be the reference  The size of your hands, body and surrounding influenced the electromagnetic process that occur in Theremin  The lower Pitch occurs when vertical antenna and hand are about two feet away. On the other hand, the left hand controls the volume  The hand need to away about an inch above the antenna to get the lowest volume and just a half centimeter to get the loudest volume

9.  The Theremin has been developed by Leon Theremin itself in the early 1920s  After Leon Theremin developed the Theremin on 1920s more modern developer take part on this instrument including Robert Moog  Robert Moog developed Theremin in his own version  The modern technologies change the component in Moog’s Theremin

10.  “Space Controlled” Classic Theremin Modern Theremin Developed in 1920s Developed in 1950s First computing generation system Third computing generation system Heavy and big Small and compatible

11.  The Theremin is an unique instrument  Invented from science  The instrument doesn’t mark who we are, The musical quality does

12.  How to Play a Theremin tech/how-to-play-theremin2.htm  Leon Theremin min  Theremin  A  The Theremin http://www.theremin- 

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