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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: nocom20


There is / There are CHOOSE TRUE OR FALSE. 1. There are four cassettes. True False 2. There are two school bags in the classroom. True False 3. There are six rubbers. True False 4. There is a pencil case on one of the desks. True False 5. There aren’t pencils in the pencil holder. True False 6. There isn’t a sentence on the board. True False 7. There are two students at the door. True False 8. There are two teachers in the classroom. True False COMPLETE THE SENTENCES USING “IS”, “ISN’T”, “ARE” OR “AREN’T”. 1. There _____five students outside the classroom. 2. There _____ pencil cases on the desks. 3. There _____ a note on the board. 4. There _____ two students at the door. 5. There ____ a teacher at the blackboard. 6. There _____ two cassettes between the pencil case and notebook.

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