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Published on January 30, 2008

Author: Stella


AgentSheets, Inc. Boulder, CO, USA:  AgentSheets, Inc. Boulder, CO, USA Dr. Alexander Repenning, CEO The Vision: what is needed?:  The Vision: what is needed? Information that is of practical relevance to YOU Advance the vision of Every Citizens Interfaces through information processing. Information consumers should be able to define how they process information. They should also be able to establish a multimodal interaction scheme between them and information spaces. The Pragmatic Web:  The Syntactic Web The Semantic Web The Pragmatic Web The Pragmatic Web Use Multimodal End-User Programmable Agents to Bridge the Gap between Existing and Relevant Information on the Web:  Use Multimodal End-User Programmable Agents to Bridge the Gap between Existing and Relevant Information on the Web Product: AgentSheets® Pro:  Product: AgentSheets® Pro A revolutionary Authoring Tool to create Multimodal End-User Programmable Agents-based Web services to turn existing into relevant information Deliver content on: High end PDAs Cell Phone Browser, desktop Example: Web Voice Portal:  Example: Web Voice Portal End-User Programming:  End-User Programming AgentSheets Pro Components:  AgentSheets Pro Components AgentSheets®: Collection of spatially organized, collaborative agents Visual AgenTalk®: an End-User Programming Language Ristretto®: An interactive Web page generator tool Java (Java applets, JavaBean components) Flash What can Agents Do?:  What can Agents Do? Read Web pages in real time Play videos Talk Recognize Speech Animate 2D + 3D React to mouse & keyboard input Platform 1: Cell Phones:  Platform 1: Cell Phones Agents: Extract, analyze and synthesize information Increase signal to noise ratio Bridge modalities, e.g., text <=> speech Platform 2: PDAs:  Platform 2: PDAs Some credentials:  Some credentials Advisor to the National Academy of Sciences: Information Technology for Education “Most Creative Educational Application of the World Wide Web” Gold Medal,Major of Paris, WWW5 NSF: > $8 million funding “Best of the Best Innovators” Association for Computing Machinery,ACM Advisor to the European Commission: End-User Computing initiative for the sixth framework Publishers & Collaborators :  Publishers & Collaborators Goal: seek partners:  Goal: seek partners Wireless Communications: PDAs, Cell phones Hardware companies Desktop, PDAs, Cell phones, Bluetooth Content Producers Games Education (K-12, training) Slide15:  THE END Spare Slides What is wrong with the current Web?:  Spare Slides What is wrong with the current Web? WRONG Modality: :  WRONG Modality: Blind users cannot read textual descriptions. Automatic text-to-speech interfaces may be able to verbally convey the textual contents of a Web page to users, but if the Web page is formatted for visual access the sequential information access may become unintelligible or inefficient. WRONG Language: :  WRONG Language: Crucial explanatory text may be provided in the wrong language. For instance less than 15% of U.S. Web sites contain Spanish translations WRONG Nomenclature::  WRONG Nomenclature: Information may be expressed in an unfamiliar measurement system. The translation of Celsius to Fahrenheit or kilometers to miles, while scientifically trivial, may represent a serious impediment for many users WRONG Time: :  WRONG Time: The information may be correct, relevant and readable, but might be presented at the wrong time. Stock information, for instance, is most useful when presented in real-time. WRONG Format: :  WRONG Format: Information can look great on a large computer monitor, but be completely unsuitable for small information devices such as PDAs and cell phones. Architecture:  Architecture Out of this World (very distance education):  Out of this World (very distance education) NASA used AgentSheets to simulate an “E.coli in microgravity” experiment aboard the space shuttle Discovery with John Glenn

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