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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: valeriehernandez


Theorists Compare/Contrast Part 2: Theorists Compare/Contrast Part 2 Valerie’s Social Theory: Valerie’s Social Theory Conflict theory/Symbolic Interactionism combination. Down to Earth Sociology: Down to Earth Sociology “How the Super-Rich Live” Chapter 10, pg. 253 This article exemplifies extreme extravagance in a world with so many people who are living in extreme poverty. Karl Marx would consider this type of extravagance to be ridiculous. Herbert Spencer would believe that this level of wealth was a natural thing and that it is perfectly okay to live this way. Jane Addams would be appalled by the lifestyle of these super wealthy individuals. I would definitely apply conflict theory to this topic. The extravagance and flashiness of these people is such a vast contrast to the lives of the poor and even the lives of the everyday middle class. Cultural Diversity: Cultural Diversity How Your Social Networks Perpetuate Social Inequality Chapter 6, page 157 This article demonstrates how social inequality is not always the intention of social networking. Discrimination is a latent function of social networking. Karl Marx is best known for his conflict theory. This phenomenon of social networking further continues the class conflict. Cultural Diversity, cont.: Cultural Diversity, cont. Herbert Spencer would find this phenomenon to be the reason why he coined the term “survival of the fittest” Jane Addams used her social network solely to ultimately benefit others. Thinking Critically: Thinking Critically Chapter 7, Page 182; “Managing Diversity in the Workplace” The issue at hand lies in the difficulties some workplaces have had adjusting to the changing workforce. Karl Marx would support the effort for acceptance of diversity in the workplace. Herbert Spencer would not believe that companies should need to spend money and resources on diversity training. Jane Addams would support the efforts of major companies to hold diversity training for their employees.

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