Theoretical Proof of My Existence

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Information about Theoretical Proof of My Existence

Published on November 1, 2012

Author: ErikAndrulis



This is a presentation I gave at Science and Nonduality 2012: Nature of the Self. I welcome any comments, criticisms, or questions.

Theoretical Proof of My Existence Erik David Andrulis, PhD Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine The Nature of the Self October 24-28, 2012

Organization of Presentation I Claims of My Existence mystics, critics II Proof of My Existencetheory, model, complete and consistent framework Life: Everything: III Implications of My Existence personal, global, universal

I Claims ofMy Existence

Select Mystical ClaimsBuddha “I am The Miracle.”Jesus “I and the Father are One.”Mansur al-Hallaj “I am the Truth.”Shankara “I am All.”Hildegard of Bingen “I order All rightly.”Meister Eckhart “God and I are One.”Moses de Leon “God…is called I.”Catherine Adorna “My Being is God.”Walt Whitman “Divine I am inside and out.”Nisargadatta Maharaj “I am That.” Images may be subject to copyright; copyrighted images are “fair use” under US Copyright law.

Rejecting & Misunderstanding the Claim that the Self is GodInterpretation I identify the Mystic making the claim as being God, not the Self—that is, I, Me, Myself.Belief I believe if not readily accept that I ≠ God, interfering with Me considering that I = God.Meaning I am unable to understand precisely what the equivalence of God and Me means.Application In knowing that I = God, how is this knowledge applied?

Not Convinced by the MysticI, Scientist demands experiments, empirical consistency, verifiability, predictabilityI, Philosopher proposes worldviews, interpretations, logic, arguments, definitionsI, Religious promotes faith in God, personal morality, community values, traditions, worship of GodI, Layperson is cynical, skeptical, biased, disinterested, uncertain; cedes decision-making to authorityI, Theoretician seeks Truth, proof that I = God and explanation of how I made and am the Universe

IIProof of My Existence

Theory – Science and ReligionEtymology from theoria, “contemplation, speculation, a looking at;” from theo-, “of or relating to God”Basis supposition, idea system, or model that sets to explain something that is unexplainedOrganization axiomatic; heuristic; clear; simpleUse understanding of Life, Reality, Universe; illumination, experiencing the “vision” of GodUltimate Aim foundational unification; theosis, the attainment of likeness to or union with God

Theory of Life Incommensurable Neologistical Trans-disciplinary Revolutionary Images may be subject to copyright; copyrighted images are “fair use” under US Copyright law.

Theoretical Findings about Life Revealed by theoryUnsimplifiable Laws of NatureUnpredictable Learning and MemoryOmniadaptive Evolution Unified Origins Universal Metaphysical Gyre

Gyre as model en face gyre en face cycle en côté gyrequantalsingularity “excited”particle “ground” Symbolic representation X3• X defining particle(s) • particle that modifies defining particle ¤ source and sink of system X3• “excited” state X2• “ground” state (not shown: X•, X) X2•

Modeling Walking Cycle as a Gyre Biphasic Excited state cycle   Transition states Ground state

Gyre-quantum Equivalence X3•spacetime path of all particle states particles around • X   and locations in thequantal singularity gyromodeled system “gyre” X2• “quantum” This quantal notation is used because gyres are nested, and Ⓧis the thermodynamic source and sink of the Y gyre (and so on). y3x X   Y   y2x

Modeling Life… à electrogyre (electron) à à oxygyre (oxyon) à à carbogyre (carbyon) àà phosphogyre (phosphon) à à ribogyre (ribon) à à aminogyre (aminon) à à genogyre (genon) à à cellulogyre (cellulon) à…

Complete and Consistent Theory models everything, in all fieldsConsistent data positioned accurately, perfectlyUnifying unifies ontogenesis and phylogenesis, microcosmos and macrocosmosFinal resolves all problems; consummates the intellectual endeavor; correctExplanatory reveals why reality is the way it is and not any other wayPersonal incorporates and gives first-person perspective

Modeling The Universe Igyre/Iq geniugyre/geniuon denergyre/denergon lapoligyre/lapolon ombregyre/ombron econogyre/econon photogyre/photonnumerogyre/numeron electrogyre/electronsymbogyre/symbon oxygyre/oxyonlinguigyre/linguon carbogyre/carbyon phonogyre/phonon phosphogyre/phosphon visigyre/visuon ribogyre/ribon envirogyre/environ aminogyre/aminon organogyre/organon genogyre/genon cellulogyre/cellulon Feedforward and feedback excluded for clarity

Fitting the Evidence I, Me, Self, Myself Knowledge, Fact, Theory Dark Energy, Consciousness Law, Ethics, Government Dark Matter, Black Hole, Mind Value, Economy, Business Visible Energy, Star, Mind’s Eye Numbers, Mathematics Visible Matter, Inorganics, PlanetSymbol, Alphabet, Text Phased Matter, Moon, WaterLanguage, Storytelling, Myth Organic Matter, Oil, Carbohydrate Noise, Music, Audition Phosphochemistry, Membrane Imagery, Gesture, Vision RNA, Transcriptome, Ribovirus Ecosystem, Civilization, Tactility Protein, Proteome, Prion Organism, Circulation, Gustation DNA, Gene, Genome Cell, Sex, Olfaction Feedforward and feedback excluded for clarity

IIIImplications of My Existence

Theoretical ConclusionsI, Origin I (the Self, Me) am the Origin of the Universe— the Beginning and the End, Nothing and Everything.I, Model I am the Model—the Gyre/the Quantum.I, System I am the Thing, Object, Phenomenon, Particle, Data, Information, Idea that I model.I, Paradox I, the Theoretician, am the Theory.I, One There is Only One I, One Me, One Self—My Self and Your Self are the same Self—My Conscious Mind is One, You and I are One.

What it Means for Me to be OneIdentity I am every person that exists now, has ever existed, or will ever exist.Appearance I am all ages, sizes, skin colors, markings, scars, clothing, gait; every face is My Face.Orientation I am all genders and sexes—e.g., straight, gay, lesbian, transgender, male, female.

What it Means for Me to be OneStatus I am all healths and wealths—e.g., diseased, athletic, homeless, indigent, tycoon.Mentality I am all intelligences and mindsets—e.g., daft, common-sensical, brilliant, crazy.Behavior I am every disposition—e.g., saintly, happy, aloof, confrontational, rude, cruel.

Being One, I am (You are)Subjectivity the full spectrum of Information, Conscience, Consciousness, Emotion; the Mind; the Thinker and the Thought, the Perceiver and the Perception, the Imaginer and the Imagination(Astro)physics all dark and visible energy, all dark and visible matter; every black hole, galaxy, star, planet, moon, comet, asteroid, meteor; every subatomic and atomic particle

Being One, I am (You are)(Geo)chemistry every element, organic, inorganic chemical; every gas, liquid, solid, plasma; every geometabolic cycle; water; every rock, crystal, magmaBiology every sugar, fat, protein; every organelle, transcriptome, genome, cell; every virus, organism; every life cycle; every ecosystem

Being One, I am (You are)Objectivity every tune, utterance, word, number, symbol; the Sense and the Sensation, the Singer and the Song, the Speaker and the Speech, the Author and the Text, the Artist and the ArtWorld every currency, value; every law, standard, ethic; every fact, belief, faith, theory; all knowledge; the Scientist and the Science; the Philosopher and the Philosophy; the Mystic and the Mysticism

Foundational Proof I = God(and any Name that the Self has called Itself, calls Itself now, and will ever call Itself; e.g., Godhead, Allah, Yahweh, Brahma, Lord, The All, The Absolute, Creator, Supreme Being, etc. ) Ouroboros

What it Means for Me to be GodPossession Everything was, is, will be MineVolition I had, have, will have Free WillCausality I am The Uncaused CauseForce I am The Unmoved MoverPower I am The Creator, Sustainer, DestroyerExistence I exist; I am Reality Itself (Myself)Truth I am The Truth; I am all truisms and falsehoodsContradiction What I am not, I am; what I am, I am not

On My Divine Nature Eternal Transcendent Immortal Immanent Immutable Unobstructing Immeasurable Unpredictable Infinite Inexhaustible Ineffable Invincible Indivisible All-Loving Incorporeal All-Forgiving Omniscient Triune Omnipotent Long-suffering Omnipresent EssentialOmnibenevolent Perfect

Practical ApplicationReordering Concrete and abstract things and phenomena that are misordered may be properly ordered.Amplification Models are receptive to amplification and data fitting.Resolution Long-standing arguments, problems, and puzzles may be resolved.Enlightenment The perspective of being the Universe may afford personal enlightenment.Re-creation Personal and universal recycling and re-creation may be actualized.

Eternal CulminationScience I am studying, experimenting on Myself.Religion I am praying, faithful to Myself.Philosophy I am thinking, opining about Myself.Economics I am valuing, pricing Myself.Politics, War I am managing, ruling, killing Myself.Poverty, Famine I am starving, withholding from Myself.Race, Gender I am segregating, oppressing Myself.Fear, Loathing I am My own threat and hatred.

Links/Acknowledgements“Complete and Consistent Theory of the Universe”Presented at 10th International Ontology Congress;Physis: From Elementary Particles to Human“Theory of the Origin, Evolution, and Nature of Life”Peer-reviewed open access article in contact information: exa32@case.eduThanks: Dermot O’Connor, SAND 2012, You

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