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Published on September 26, 2017

Author: laurencb


Theme Powerpoint: Theme Powerpoint Lauren Bodnaruk E-learning 9-26-17 alienation: alienation Pitch Perfect In the beginning of the movie she isolates herself so she doesn’t have to associate with anyone in college. I think this shows he closing herself off because she is either to shy or nervous Betrayal : Betrayal Pay back In this movie the main characters best friend shots and kills him. The best friend leaves him there for dead Birth: Birth The Netflix show Cairy Diaries In this show it tells the story of a 16 year old girl who wants to become a women. It continues her life story over the next 2 years and how she has becomes with new women. Coming of age : Coming of age The breakfast club This movie is souly about finding out who you are. When a group of kids end up in detention together they all discover who they are and want to be in life. conformity: conformity Leagally Blonde This movie is about a girl who’s boy friend breaks up with her for a much more educated women going to Harvard. She then applies to Harvard Law and gets into show her boyfriend she can do it too. Death: Death Marely and Me This movie is about a guy who grows up with this dog and his name is Marely. The main character looks as this dog as his best friend who has been there through everything. Marely becomes very sick and tragically passes away. The whole family is very upset but learns to move on. deception: deception The Twelfth Night by Shakspeare This piece of literature is about the main character a women dressing up as a guy who has a different name. As someone falls in lover with him, she quickly realizes she was in deeper then she thoug.t Dsicovery : Dsicovery The little mermaid In this the little mermaid discovers there is a whole new world above the water that she didn’t know about. She then discovers the love of her life but he is a real human with two legs. Duty : Duty Transformers This series of movies is about have a group of fighting car robots that save the world. In every movie they have a goal to fight for and they always achieve this goal. Escape : Escape Captain Phillips This is about a captain of a huge shipping boat that gets hijacked by pirates. With the captains smart thinking the boat ends uo escaping the pirates control. Family : Family Modern Family This show is about a dysfunctional family and there daily struggles of school, parenting, and boyfriends. Fortune : Fortune Wheel Of fortune This show is based around your future fortune. It places things just out of reach and you have to complete questions to achieve the prize. Generation gap: Generation gap Freaky Friday This is a movie about a mother and daughter switching places for a day. They have to live eachother life and they realize how different they really are. God and spiritual : God and spiritual Soul surfer This Is based around a girl who has her arm bitten off by a shark right before she has her competition. She question the faith in god because she doesn’t know why this happened to her. Good and evil: Good and evil Seven This movie is based around the seven deadly sins. A serial killer is going around killing people using the sins as punishment. They end up finding the killer by the end of the movie. heroism: heroism Superman This is the classic story of super man saving the day and helping the victims. He defeats the villain of the movie each time. Home : Home We bought a zoo This is about a family who dedicates there life to rebuilding a zoo to keep it up and running. They soon call it home once they realize how much the animals need them to stay alive. Hope : Hope The bucket list This is a movie about cancer patients that get terrible news about how long they have to live. They both make bucket lists and go out to fulfill there lists. hoplessness: hoplessness The walking dead This is based around a zombie apocalypse. A group of people all find each other and create a friendship and try's to help everyone survive. It becomes a never ending cycle of people turning and them fighting off as many zombies as they can handle. Individualism : Individualism New Girl This is about a girl who moves to new York City and has her own style and way of thinking. She makes friends but sticks to her old habits and stays true to herself. Isolation : Isolation Titanic This is a example of being totally alone. After there boat hits an iceberg they are left in the middle of the freezing cold ocean to try and survive before a life boat comes and saves one of them. Journey : Journey RENT This is a play based around a community full of gay, transgender, and lesbians. They all want to take a stand against the upper class but most of them are battling aides themselves. This doesn’t stop one of the main characters from falling in love with another lead female role. Judgement : Judgement Carrie This is horror movie that portrays judgment throughout the whole thing. A high school girl gets asked to the dance by the most popular kid in school. Little does she know it was all a trick and the girls in her grade just wanted to humiliate her in front of everyone. loss: loss Cheaper by the dozen This movie is about a battle between two huge families when they go up to their lake house. They go head to head in hope they win the lake house battle Patriotism : Patriotism Forest gump A man goes into battle and has no idea what he is suppose to be doing. He ends up being hero and saving the captain but he looses both legs in the process. The rest of the movie is his life not in war. Peace and war: Peace and war Beauty and the beast The village people are terrible and hate the beast that is locked away on the castle. The princes falls in love with the beast and she turns him back into a human. She ends up calming the village down and know there is no feud between the castle beast and the town. Love : Love Cinderella It is a classic love story between a poor girl and rich man. They fall in love at all ball when she leaves her shoe on the stair at midnight. Power : Power Power Rangers This is about a group of people who are fighting crime in the city ab helping common people. They don’t show there faces to keep their identity safe from police. Race relation : Race relation 42 This is a movie based around Jackie Robinson and how he was the first black man on a major baseball team. He ended segregation among the baseball community. Sense of self : Sense of self That 70’s show This is based around a group of men a d women who are in high school. They all hang out in a basement and just want to have a good time. They all have really different personalities and through out the show they stay loyal to themselves. Sufferning : Sufferning The boy in the stripped pajamas ] This is based on a true story about a boy that has to go through concentration camps and has to suffer through being beaten and abused. He loosing his parents early and has to defend himself. Survival : Survival 127 hours A man goes out on a adventurous hike and he finds himself in a sticky situation. He gets pinned between a fallen boulder and a rock. He has to remove his arm and a climb out of the deep hole.

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