TheGPSbook: The First GPS Social Network APP

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Information about TheGPSbook: The First GPS Social Network APP

Published on March 12, 2014

Author: wiseguyrecords



The Development of a Hybrid GPS Navigational APP that will Integrate All the Major Social Networks Into One Real Time Seamless Social APP!

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This app will Totally Revolutionize the way we connect by enhancing the entire way the internet social networking operates. This will be an APP that works on any mobile device that will integrate it’s GPS with all the major internet social network sites. The best way to describe how this APP will operate, feel, and look is think the video game “The Sims” meets your GPS Navigation mixed with Facebook / Foursquare / Twitter / Instagram / Bitstrips and etc. The beginning stages of developing this APP is already underway by one of the Largest Mobile App Developing Companies in the World - Zco Corporation who we are contracting as our programming team. Zco Corporation is a work for hire only APP Software development company and are excited to be on board for this project once the funding is raised! Be sure to check out their impressive work and resume as they are the right APP developing Company for the job on building this APP.

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