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Published on January 15, 2008

Author: Viviana


The Ghost Ship:  The Ghost Ship The Haunted Ship in the Legend of Zelda, the Wind Waker The Ghost Ship Chart:  The Ghost Ship Chart The ghost ship chart shows where the Ghost Ship will appear depending on the phase of the moon that night. The islands include Great fish Isle, Diamond Steppe Island, Crescent Moon Island and many of the tiny islets. To get the chart, you first have to sail to Diamond Steppe Isle. Then, you use the hookshot to grab onto the trees and go up the ledges until you see a small hole. Drop down to be in a ship graveyard. Follow the maze by using the warp pots and defeat the floor masters to reach the chest. Open the chest to get the chart. The ship should appear as a blue ship shape on the main map. Once you’ve got the chart from within in it, it will appear as a faded ship shape. The spooky Ship hull:  The spooky Ship hull The ships hull consists of three rooms. One is an empty room where you enter, with nothing in it whatsoever. I use this room to block the fireballs of the Wizrobe when I play the game. The main room is massive. It has a broken ceiling through which you can see a stormy sky and lightning. There is a beam of light coming through a small gap in the ceiling at the other side. There are two floating lanterns, held by poes (ghost enemies). A wizrobe appears as soon as you hit ground in that room, and fires flames at you after summoning one of two types of monsters. There is also a white flower. The final room is entered by a ladder, which drops down when you defeat the enemies. Inside there is a chest with the triforce chart, a symbol of a scary face and jars. Inside, you can find green, blue, yellow and purple rupees which add up to tons and tons of free cash! The Wizrobe Summoning:  The Wizrobe Summoning The lone wizrobe has an odd summoning pattern, and doesn’t summon all the enemies which it would be expected to. It summons monsters in a special order, related to the order it attacks. First it summons a stalfos, then fires flames at you until the stalfos (or the wizrobe, or you) is dead. Then it summons a redead. It then fires flames until you or the monster is dead. If you kill the monster, then it does another summoning spell and summons another stalfos, letting the process continue. Proof only certain enemies are and can be aboard the Ghost Ship:  Proof only certain enemies are and can be aboard the Ghost Ship Ignore the fact Link is on fire, here is a photo of the Stalfos which the wizrobe can summon. Here is a photo of a redead which has been summoned by the redead. For a close up as proof (I’m too scared to go near the monster), look at the picture below, where the telescope has been zoomed in. More pictures:  More pictures You can see clearly that the monster summoned is indeed a redead. I used the telescope for this close up view. And this is a triforce chart. While this is from the Savage Labyrinth, this is like what you would get from the ghost ship. Odd Stuff:  Odd Stuff When you go near the ship on the sea, there is some odd music playing. I feel this gives a really creepy and sad tone to the event, just like the ghost blue embers floating around it. Inside, there is one flower. Is this like the kind found on a tombstone? Finally, there are skulls. While these are not blue bubbles (thank goodness), they certainly give the placed an abandoned feel. There is also a large gap in the ceiling. Obviously some bad storms have battered the ship to pieces. Finally, there is also an odd laugh when you get the chart and the ship vanishes. Who is that laughing when the ship vanishes into the thin air? Another noticeable thing is the cloud what makes enemies appear. Doesn’t that kind of look like a likelike monster from the earlier games? Did you know?:  The guides are wrong, there’s no stalfos aboard by default! Then again, it’s hard to kill the wizrobe before it summons the stalfos, so most people get confused. The Ghost Ship has about as much money onboard as parts of the Savage Labyrinth! Lenzo has a photograph of the Ghost Ship upstairs in his shop. Did you know? Beta Ships:  Beta Ships There are actually two versions of the Ghost Ship that were scrapped and can be accessed by Action Replay! One of them is a very gloomy version which I have no photographs of and can be entered using codes on a site called Zelda Chaos. The other one I did test out. This Ghost Ship is different, being it has two stalfos onboard by default which appear when you first hit ground in the main room. It also has two red bubbles floating around (do not make my mistake and hookshot one towards you!) There are more skulls than usual, no beam of light and no flowers. However, the skulls aren’t decoration, some of them are actually blue bubbles which come to life when you draw near! To test the skulls, shoot them with arrows. If they crumble to dust, they’re decoration while if you hear a ‘POW!’ sound when you hit the skull, they’re actually a bubble enemy in disguise! The layout is also more like the Pirate Ship, with stairs and a room like Tetra’s room on the Pirate Ship. If you go out the door, you exit and fall into the water at Great Fish Isle! The other Ghost ship, is a gloomier version of that one with a different roof. Labelled photo of Beta Ghost Ship:  Labelled photo of Beta Ghost Ship Note about the Beta Ship:  Note about the Beta Ship If you get the Triforce chart again, you can get infinite pieces of the Triforce. They don’t show on your inventory, and when you get them, it says you got ‘..pearl’ instead of a Triforce Shard. Labelled Map of Normal Ghost Ship:  Labelled Map of Normal Ghost Ship

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