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Published on November 28, 2007

Author: Justine


Develop and Market the Flex-Microturbine:  Develop and Market the Flex-Microturbine Capturing a market available to no one else Edan Prabhu, President FlexEnergy History:  FlexEnergy History FlexEnergy, founded in 1998 is dedicated to clean and renewable energy Our first product is the Flex-Microturbine, the only proven Ultra-low Btu engine/generator The Flex-Microturbine has already achieved over 1,500 hours of operation; it runs on gas with only 15 Btus a cubic foot How low is 15 Btus? 1.5% the strength of natural gas; actually breathable air! NOx emissions are well below 0.1 ppm, which is one tenth of any other system This ultra-low Btu capability opens up two large markets; i) Thermal Oxidizers ii) Low Btu Gas to electricity JUST HOW BIG ARE THESE MARKETS??? Markets & Competition: i) Thermal Oxidizers:  Markets & Competition: i) Thermal Oxidizers There are thousands of oxidizers in the U.S.; over 100 design/manufacturers. Thermal oxidizers destroy VOCs (harmful hydrocarbon emissions) by incineration with natural gas. The Flex destroys the VOCs (aka low Btu fuel) without natural gas! At this demo site, each year the Flex-Microturbines will save: 73 mm cu ft nat. gas ($365,000) 4,700T CO2 ($23,500) 700,000 kWh ($35,000) Tons of NOx, and the earth! Markets & Competition: ii)Low Btu Gas:  Markets & Competition: ii)Low Btu Gas Low Btu gas is emitted everywhere: oilfields, industry, landfills, water-treatment, farms, and in the ground Very large quantities of low Btu natural gas are capped Every ethanol plant has to deal with low Btu gas (odors, pollution) Some other engines can use 400 Btu gas, but not anything lower than 400 Btu The Flex runs on 15 Btu (or anything higher, just add air)! would extend landfill power for decades! Coal mines, abandoned wells, capped wells, etc. are all candidates Almost all this fuel is unwanted: free for the taking! Global Market Potential (number of units):  Global Market Potential (number of units) Replace Therm Oxid. (low fruit) 10,000 to 25,000 Low Btu Natural gas 300,000-500,000 Coal mine vents 100,000-1,000,000 Other uses (tank vents, soil remediation, wood gasification etc.) 20,000-40,000 In time, the Flex could… Risk Assessment The biggest risk is behind us; the system works! Market risk is low Price risk is low (compared to oxidizers) Performance and Schedule risk…medium Peace in the Middle-East; Global Cooling; $10 oil This is a market-transforming technology; if carbon levies rise, methane “destruction” will become a big winner. The business could grow to several billion $ Funding Needs vs. Progress:  Funding Needs vs. Progress 2007: $3,500,000: build and deploy four units for select clients; develop catalyst with one-year life 2008: $5,800,000; build and deploy ten units; build marketing and sales team; establish prod. line 2009: $1,000,000; set up production system; build and deploy 50 early commercial units; raise additional funds if needed; Set up distribution agreements with Thermal Oxidizer and Oil Consortia Total Funds sought now: 10.3 million Cash Required and Timing :  Cash Required and Timing The FlexEnergy Team :  EPRI DOE NREL EERC ARIZONA ENERGY OFFICE CEC UC Irvine NRECA UC Davis SCAQMD Our Partners in Development: The FlexEnergy Team Product Development: Edan Prabhu, decades in the power business, innovator, research, technical expertise Greg Rouse: GTI, Capstone Turbine, Sunstrand, technical genius Jon McCarty: Stanford Research Institute, world-renowned catalytic combustion expert Looking for a savvy COO Potential marketing partners: Capstone Turbine Baker Furnace Oil Co.’s with low Btu gas reserves Ethanol producers Projected Income:  Projected Income To ReCap: The Flex-Microturbine:  To ReCap: The Flex-Microturbine Breakthrough technology Low technical and price risk Large potential market with clean “new” fuels Units in the field today Large benefit to energy supply and self-sufficiency Stellar greenhouse gas and emissions performance Will help ethanol, bio-diesel etc. An even better investment if carbon has a price-tag Its time has come!

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