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Information about thebirds_gender

Published on September 10, 2010

Author: phildavi


Slide 1: How can you determine a bird’s sex? Until now I was never able to determine which was the male and which the female. Slide 2: I always thought that it had to be determined surgically, while ornitoligsts spoke about the feathers, the size, the beak and other equally idiotic ways that required hours upon hours of observing them in their natural habitat and so on. Until now… Of two birds, which is the female? In the next page you’ll see two birds. Study them carefully. Have a look and see if you can determine which of the two is the female. It can be done. Even by people with limited experience in birdwatching Slide 4: Now, send this to all the men you know. And to all the women that have a great sense of humour

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