Theatre Booking System Lesson 4

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Information about Theatre Booking System Lesson 4

Published on December 6, 2007

Author: mrbelshaw



Lesson 4 in a series of lessons creating a Theatre Booking System with Year 8 ICT students.

Theatre Booking System Lesson 3: Using functions with a theatre booking system

1 1. Open up your spreadsheet. 2. In the Number column use the COUNTIF function. This counts how many of a certain number there are in a certain range – e.g. =COUNTIF(B2:H11,1)

2 The function I have entered is = COUNTIF(B2:H11,1) Range Criteria The first part of the function is the range. In the example above it is B2:H11. The second part of the function is the criteria. In the example above it is 1.

3 Now that we have worked out the number of each type of ticket sold, it is time to work out how many we have sold altogether. To do this we use the SUM function. This is what has been entered in cell M9 in the above example.

4 The function I have entered is = SUM(M3:M6) Range If you enter a function similar to the one above you should find that your spreadsheet adds up and displays the total for the range you have specified. Make sure your SUM function adds up the number of tickets sold!

5 Now that we know how many of each type of ticket we have sold and how many in total, it is time to find out how much we have earned! Revenue is a term which means the amount of money made.

6 The formula I have entered is = M3*L3 + (add) - (subtract) * (multiply) / (divide) To work out the revenue for each category, simply enter the Price multiplied by the Number of tickets sold. Do the same for the Total.

6 Make sure your ‘money’ cells are formatted according to currency: Format -> Cells -> Number

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