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Published on September 25, 2011

Author: SuperFrog4


The Wrongway LegacyGeneration Four, Part Nine: Expectations

Last Time...Hex was having nightmares about the fact hes not aging, even now hes quit elixir.Maddies friends discussed her anger problem, and decided to distancethemselves from her, which upset Maddie, naturally. Rose had writers block, andwe met her son, Zeke. Robin fell pregnant, and there was much delight. Lancemade a new friend in the form of Gold Wheeler, and Leda felt a little replaced. ButLance did end up explaining to Leda that no one could replace her. Hex went overto the Wheelers to check in on Elizabeth and his son, where he met hisgranddaughter, Gold Wheeler. Lee tried to talk Maddie out of starting a pirateradio station, unsuccessfully, and he walked out after getting mad. The twins hadtheir birthday. Robin went into labour, and Ariel returned. Maddie was upset, andRalph returned … which is where I left you last time!If it doesnt sound familiar, I recommend looking back. Onto this chapter!

The runner could hear nothing but his heart pounding and each of hissteps thundering against the col tarmac as he raced after hisdestinatipn.This was urgent. This required him to run, when he wanted nothingmore than to give up. Running had never been his sport, anyway.

I have to keep going, Lee told himself, feeling the burn from his run ashe reached the top of the hill, Maddie might need me. Why did I leaveher there in the first place?Hex had taken the car, in pursuit of the other line. The pair of themhad to make sure everything was okay. That was why Lee wasexhausted as he ran for the radio station.

The lights from the radio station lit up the road, and Lee began tosprint the last of the run.“Maddie!” He called, “Maddie?” ***

Inside the radio station, all was still and calm. Ralph smirked, foldinghis arms.“So, are you afraid of me?”Maddie, who was over the shock of meeting Ralph, smiled a little, “No.You have no power here – you dont know where you are, you dontknow who I am.”“Who you are doesnt matter to me.”Maddie shrugged, “So why should who you are matter to me?”

Ralph changed tact, “You should be afraid. You know what Im capableof, dont you?”“Ive heard the stories,” Maddie replied, in a bored tone.“So you know just how dangerous I am,” Ralph smirked again, “youknow I am talented in the art of hurting your family.”

“Another con for you. I know your talents,” Maddie told him, “I knowwhat youre like. You know nothing about me, and you certainly dontknow my talents.”Maddie straightened up, and stopped leaning against the wall, smilingpleasantly at Ralph. ***

Lee rushed into the building just in time to see Maddie raise her fists.Its a good thing she did martial arts afterall, Lee thought to himself, ashe stood in the doorway.

Ralph hadnt seen the punch coming, but he definitely felt it hit. Afteryears of training and martial arts, Maddie knew how to pack power intoa punch when it mattered the most.The punch landed in the centre of his chest, and Ralph stumbledback, slightly winded.

“Never underestimate a Wrongway,” Maddie said, sourly, “come aftermy family and youll feel the full force of my training.”With that, she walked off, smiling when she noticed Lee in thedoorway.

“Hex has gone over to Robin and Austins,” Lee said, hurriedly, “ifRalph is back here...then Ariel must be back, too.”Maddie nodded, and headed for the exit, choosing not to bring up theargument that took place when she last saw Lee. With a quick glanceat the winded villain, Lee followed here, wondering why he everwanted to know that man. ***

“Shh, Fiona, its alright,” Robin murmured, soothingly. Austin glared atAriel.“Do what you want to me, but youre not hurting my family,” Austinstated, coldly. Ariel raised an eyebrow.“You Wrongways are all the same,” Ariel replied, “relax, I dont want yourfamily. I want mine. Tell me where I can find them.”“I dont know, and if I did, I wouldnt tell you anyway,”

Sparkles began to form around Ariel as her anger increased, “You mustat least know where my daughter lives. Help me find my family.”

“No.” Austin answered, firmly. Robin frowned.“Please be careful, Austin,” she whispered, cradling their daughter.“So be it. If you wont help me find my family, I will ruin yours.”

“Austin!” Robin cried, urgently, as sparkles began to form round herbaby. The sickly green lights soon faded, and Fiona seemedunchanged...but Robin knew there had to be more to it than that.

“Your perfect daughter?” Ariel asked them, “Not quite so perfect now.Enjoy!”And with that Ariel walked out. ***

Fifteen minutes later, Hex entered, “Is everything alright? I got here asquick as I could.”“Not quick enough,” Austin replied, worried, “Ariels done something toFiona, but we dont know what.”Hex looked worried, “Using magic?”“Yes.”Hex winced.

“Is there anything you can do, Hex?” Robin asked, sadly, “We donteven know whats wrong with her.”“Ill summon the Court down here...maybe...Im sure there will be asolution of some sort.”“Shes still our perfect little girl, no matter what,” Austin said, those theworry was visible on his face.“She always will be,” Robin assured him. ***

“You realise that this makes you the heiress, right?” Lee smiled, as hewalked in the road with Maddie. She rolled her eyes.“Taking Ralph out with a punch doesnt make me heiress.”“True,” Lee replied, “but bringing him back from banishment does.”“I didnt do that! I was just sitting there because you walked out onme!”

“You didnt have to do anything to bring him back, Maddie,” Leeexplained, “Robin must have had her baby tonight.”“How can you know that from Ralphs return?”“Hex explained it to me – it took the power of two heirs to banish them.It takes the power of two heirs to bring them back. Thats whathappened tonight.”“That doesnt mean Im the heir.”

“Well, if it was Lance or Leda, he would have returned near them,” Leesaid.“Thank Plumbbob it was me he found, then,” Maddie replied, tiredly,“look, Im not the heir. I cant keep a group of friends, let alone afamily.”“You have a family, theyre not going to leave you.”“Dad did.”“That wasnt your fault.”

“I dont care! I cant keep people close to me, so I cant be theheiress!” Maddie decided, loudly.Lee folded his arms, and smiled, “Youre not going to get anywherewith that attitude.”“My friends arent talking to me because I punched someone! Andthere are plenty of worse things I could have done!”“Why did you punch him?” Lee asked, curiously.

“The guy got a little too friendly, its nothing,” Maddie shrugged,ignoring the fact Lee narrowed his eyes, “the point is, I cant cope asheiress.”“You dont even have to take over until youre an adult, Maddie,” Leereplied, “if youre not ready right now, thats perfectly fine.”“I dont think I will ever be ready for a role that means so much to thefamily. I would much rather leave home tonight than be heiress,”Maddie gestured to him, “its not just a job, is it? Its so much morethan that.”

Lee raised an eyebrow, and opened his mouth as if to answer, whenMaddie shook her head at him.“I dont want to talk about it. Lets just go home,” Maddie smiled, lightly,“Ive had too much drama for one night.” ***

Maddie had been asleep for about four hours when she was woken upby the twins calling her name. Sitting up, she ran a hand through herhair, frowning. Shed obviously been so tired shed slept on the coversinstead of under them.“Come in, you two,” she called, tiredly.

“Mum wants us up, weve got to go to Aunt Elizabeths,” Lance said,with a yawn.“Is there time for me to wash and straighten my hair?” Maddie asked,attempting to get up.“No, were leaving in fifteen minutes,” Lance hesitated, “Mum said towear black.”Maddie looked up, concerned, and Lance nodded. Leda frowned,“Yeah, its not exactly the best way to start a day, is it?”

“Lets celebrate her life, not mourn her death,” Maddie said, “her familywould prefer that, right?”Lance considered this, wondering about Gold Wheeler, Elizabethsgranddaughter. Maddie was probably right.Leda made the effort to smile, “And for the record, your hair looks finelike that.”“Says my sister, who has clearly been up hours because shes pinnedher hair back and done her make-up,” Maddie laughed, even though itfelt wrong given the occasion, “lets go.” ***

The number of people who gathered in the desert to mark Elizabethspassing was extraordinary. For someone who feared people would notremember her as a young adult, Elizabeth had many mourners andpeople swapping fond memories on the desert that day.

“I feel out of place,” Lee admitted to Hex, as they stood awkwardly onthe edge of the crowds, “Im not family, why am I here?”“We were invited here,” Hex pointed out, “just relax. Maybe talk tosome of the family when youre more comfortable with being here.”Hex offered a smile, before moving to talk to some of the other guests.Lee sighed, and gazed around the crowds, waiting for someone to talkto. ***

The teenagers, meanwhile, were hanging out closer to the house,when Gold Wheeler walked past.“Hey guys, nice to see you!” She called, offering them a smile. Lancelooked confused, but Leda returned the smile.“She looks happy despite the fact her grandmother just died,” Ledamurmured.“Ill go talk to her, see if shes okay,” Lance said, quietly.

“Hey Leda, Im going to go and catch up with Lee, he looks a bit loststanding over there by himself,” Maddie smiled, “youll be okay on yourown?”“Sure,” Leda agreed, uncertain, “I mean...I can hang out with Opheliaand Zeke...”“Absolutely!” Maddie nodded, not picking up on Ledas uncertainty, “Illtalk to you later, okay? ***

Meanwhile, Hex had found someone he wanted to talk to, even if thetime and place were not really appropriate for it.“Hex, I wasnt expecting to see you here,” Lavender smiled.“Henry invited me,” Hex raised an eyebrow, “how are you doing?”“Im okay. Its a shock that shes gone, but I think it hit her closestfamily the hardest.”“Absolutely.”

As Hex and Lavender continued their conversation, Rose frowned alittle, and turned to her husband.“What do you think is going on there?” She asked. Sullivan grinned.“If its what it looks like, then I think it would make a good screenplay.”“Too bad I cant write though, right?” Rose replied, attempting to makea joke. Instead, she watched Hex and Lavender, puzzled. ***

“You look a little lonely,” Maddie commented as she wandered up toLee, smiling.“It may surprise you, but I dont know how to work with crowds. Orfamily occasions,” Lee said, with a grin.Maddie shrugged, “Theyre not hard work. People comment on howtall you are, how old you look, what your life plans are, but thats itreally.”“Is that why most of the teenagers here are hanging out over there in agroup?” Lee asked.

“We know how to behave at functions so that we dont get told off, andso that we dont have to answer one hundred and one questions,”Maddie replied, with a smile, “though I dont think any of us really knowhow to behave at a wake.”“Does anyone?” Lee bit his lip, “I feel like I shouldnt be here.”“Youre fine,” Maddie dismissed, “you were invited, werent you?”Lee nodded, “So tell me, what did you do to your hair in the last sixhours? Because I dont remember it looking like that when I walkedyou home last night.”

“My hairs not naturally straight,” Maddie answered, “its like this whenI wake up in the mornings, and I straighten it and tie it back, justbecause its easier.”“Easier? It sounds like a lot of work,”“Its easier for school, and martial arts, and stuff. You know?”“I understand,” Lee said, “by the way, Hex is planning to talk to youabout heirship after the wake.”Maddies smile dropped, “Why?”

“Because its important and Hex takes his job very seriously,” Leeexplained, “he wants you and Fiona to live without having to worryabout Ralph and things like that.”“Should we really be discussing this at a wake?” Maddie asked,quietly.Lee looked at her, deflated, “No. Youre right. Well talk about thislater.”

Maddie searched for something else to comment on when she spottedher mother, “Wow, Hex and Mum get along really well, dont they?”Lee stared at them, before muttering, “You have no idea.” ***

Lance had caught up with Gold, worried about her, “Gold? Do you wantto talk about it.”She shook her head, “Not here. Too many people.”“Is there somewhere youd rather go, so you talk about whats upsettingyou?”Gold looked at him, “Theres a spot where can sit round the back, if youwant to talk.”Lance nodded.

“So whats the biggest problem on your mind right now?” Lance daredto ask. He had a pretty good feeling it was going to be Elizabethspassing.“That Im not behaving right at this wake,”“Explain?” Lance asked, brow furrowed.

“Im worried that Im smiling too much, or not crying enough, or notbeing upset properly,” Gold told him, “youve never lost a familymember, have you, Lance?”“No, but I think I know why youre upset about this all,”“I dont even know how to feel,” Gold continued, sadly, “I know Ill missher, but she would want me to be happy instead of upset all the time.”Lance frowned a little, “Come here,”

“Dont worry about what everyone else is thinking, okay?” Lancemurmured, “grieve how you want to grieve. Its different for everyone.”“Thank you, Lance,” Gold breathed out, “thanks for being there.”“Any time.” ***

As Lee had told her, after the wake, Hex and Lavender sat Maddiedown at the table, ready to talk about heirship.“I know what this is about,” she told them, with a grin, “and I dont wantit, so dont bother.”Hex pulled a face, while Lavenders features softened, “Maddie, Imafraid theres no choice.”“What?” Maddie asked, in disbelief, “theres always a choice! Im prettysure if I left town it couldnt be me!”

“Im sure Lee has told you, hasnt he? That because Ralph came backto you, that makes you the heiress.”Maddie stared at her mother for a second, “So I brought him back, bigdeal. I dont get why that means I have to take control of the family.”“Because the power it takes to bring back someone from banishmentcome from heirs and witches...youre not a witch, sweetheart. Youremy heiress.”

“I cant believe that youre making me be the heiress. Im going to beterrible at it,” Maddie said, “Im going to ruin this family, and then whatwill happen?”Lee closed his eyes, “Maddie, youre not going to ruin the family. Theodds are already in your favour. Currently, this is the most successfulline.”“How did you work that one out?”

“Jim was a family sim, and every single one of his descendants has afamily of some sort. Now I consider that to be successful, and Impretty sure thats what he would have wanted for his family.”

“Ralph only wanted glory from his legacy, and has his line achievedthat? No,” Lee smiled, “there are other successes from that line, butthe important thing to remember is the goal of the founders.”“Exactly. This is the successful line because of that,” Hex added.

“How did Fiona manage to become an heiress when shes only atoddler?” Maddie asked.“Her birth acted as some kind of trigger,” Hex explained, “thoughtheres been some problems with Fiona as Ariel cast a spell on her. Ineed to visit them after this.”“Right, so to sum up whats happened here, Im heiress and theresnothing I can do about it?”

“Im sorry it has to be this way, sweetheart,” Lavender said, with a hintof a smile.“Its fine,” Maddie sighed, “Im going to go out for a bit, I want sometime to myself.”“Okay...well. Ill see you at dinner.” Lavender said, as her eldestwalked out, “Lee, will you make sure shes alright for me?”Lee nodded, and got up to follow her. ***

“Shell be alright,” Hex said, smiling, “she just needs some time to takeit all in.”“I know,” Lavender replied, “its not easy.”“Nothing worthwhile ever is. I need to go check in on Robin andAustin.” ***

Hex shortly left and headed over to Austin and Robins, worried aboutwhy they had called him over.“Is everything okay?” He asked, cautiously.“Were fine...but we figured out what Ariel did to Fiona,” Austin replied.“Its not as bad as we thought it would be,” Robin added, optimistically.“What is it?” Hex questioned.

“Shes mute,” Austin explained, and demonstrated by tickling hisdaughter. Fiona looked like she was laughing, but no sound came outof her.“Can you fix it?” Robin asked, biting her lip.“Ill summon the Court, and well start looking for a solution.”“Thank you, Hex,” Robin smiled. ***

By sunset, Maddie had carried three of her bags and herself to thebus stop on the edge of town, and was now patiently waiting for a busto take her away.She thought no one knew she was there.

“Whatever crazy teenage adventure this, I want you to stop it rightnow,” Lee announced, as he joined Maddie at the bus stop.“Hello to you, too,” she smiled.“Im serious. And Im not in the mood to play games. Grab your bags,were going home,” Lee told her. When she made no effort to move,he sat down next to her on the bench.

“You cant leave,” Lee said, in a breaking voice, “you cant leaveheirship behind. Stuff like that has a habit of following you.”“I want an adventure of my own before I takeover a second hand one.”“Maddie, every generation of a legacy is different. You dont have tolive like any of your ancestors, if thats what youre worried about.”“Good, because I dont plan to.”

“You cant leave,” Lee said again, worried. Maddie sighed.“I can, and I will. Just tell the family Ive gone to uni.”“I cant let you wander off into the world on your own.”“Im not taking you with me.”“Maddie. Im begging you. Dont go.”

“Forget trying to make me stay, Lee, its not happening!” Maddieshrugged, “Now, do you have any useful advice for someone leavinghome for the first time?”Lee bit his lip, “I cant believe youre actually going to go through withthis.”“Would you rather I spent my whole life in Mirage?”

“If you want to travel, we can take you to Twikkii Island. Or ThreeLakes. Or Takemizu, whatever takes your fancy!”“Those tourist traps? Please. I want to go to a real place, Lee.Riverblossom, Belladonna, Veronaville! I want to see the real world,not some tourist spot.”“Then well take you there, just...dont walk out. Dont do this to yourfamily.”

“Lee, nothing you can say to me right now is going to change mymind,” Maddie said, firmly.“I know,” Lee agreed, weakly.The bus pulled up, and both Maddie and Lee rose from the bench.

Maddie hugged Lee one last time, “Thank you, Lee. For everything.Youve been like a brother to me.”“Im going to ask you to stay one last time.”“Its not going to work,” Maddie laughed, “Im an adult in a few days,and this is what I want from life.”

“You have my number, if theres any trouble, call me. I dont carewhere you are in the world, I will be there if you need me,”“I have everything I need,” Maddie told him, “Ill see you.” ***



***“Yes! Shes gone! This means I get my own room!”So this is it for the chapter, and the generation! Thats right, from thenext chapter onwards, generation five are officially in charge! Thispleases me, as I have many plans for the generation!Anyway! I hope you enjoyed the chapter!Thanks for reading!

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