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Published on August 7, 2011

Author: SuperFrog4


Welcome to generation four, part seven of the Wrongway Legacy!Last time, we saw Lee spike Hexs morning coffee with elixir, Robin and Austintalked with Hex about Robin not being able to get pregnant. Turns out, Austinmight possibly be the problem...Maddie had her first martial arts grading, whileHex and Lavender tried to work out Lavenders relationship problems with Mark.Unfortunately, it ended with a kiss, which Lee walked in on it. He wasntimpressed. Lavender and Hex agreed not to continue things, but who knows howthat will turn out...Lee, meanwhile, had to calm himself down. Maddies teenagebirthday took place, and Mark wrote and released a song for her. Maddie went toLee and expressed her anger at her father with martial arts. When she left, shewas ready to turn over a new leaf with her father.If it doesnt sound familiar, I recommend taking a look back! :)

Orlando walked into the twins bedroom on the night before theystarted school, planning to wish them goodnight, only to find that bothof them were up and pillow fighting instead of reading in their pyjamaslike they promised.“You two, its getting late. There will be no stories if you dont get readyfor bed soon,” Orlando warned them, with a smile, “now, Im going tosend Maddie up here in five minutes, and if youre not ready, she wonttell you any stories tonight.”

As Orlando left the room, Leda shot Lance a look of panic, “What if hemeans it? What if we dont get a story?”“Then Ill tell one! My stories are amazing!” Lance grinned, “Are yougiving up the pillow war?”“Lance! I want a Maddie story!”

“Okay, okay. Jeez. Calm down,” Lance told her, with a smile, “whyarent my stories good enough for you?”“Yours are all about ghosts,” Leda replied, simply, “I dont like ghoststories.”“Fine. Then Maddie can tell the story tonight, if you want.”“Yay! Thanks Lance!”

Fifteen minutes later, and all three of the Wrongway children were intheir pyjamas, sitting on the wooden floor of the twins room.“Is the candle safe?” Lance asked, watching the flame flicker anddance.“Quit worrying about it, squirt. Ledas not scared of it.” Maddie said,sticking her tongue out at her brother.“Yeah, the flames kind of pretty.” Leda agreed.

Lances gaze didnt leave the flame. He knew fire was a bad thing, butapparently, candles were okay – even if the wax was dripping onto thefloorboards.“Maybe we should tell ghost stories.” He suggested, knowing it woulddistract him from the candle.

“You said no ghost stories,” Leda reminded him, “besides, youll makeTeddy scared.”Both Maddie and Lance watched her for a moment.“What?” She asked, “Teddys easily scared.”

“Thats code for Leda will get scared, isnt it?” Maddie smiled, “itsalright, Leda, its just a story. But seeing as Lance promised no ghosts,I cant tell a ghost story.”“Please, Maddie?” Lance begged.Maddie moved her hair out of her eyes, “How about a scary story?Theyre kind of the same thing, just no ghosts.”Leda looked doubtful as Lance nodded enthusiastically, making thedecision for them both.

“This story is about a bad man, a killer, named Ralph,” Maddie began,“he once murdered our Grandpa, and didnt care at all.”“Wait, Maddie, Grandpa is still alive.” Lance pointed out.“Not important,” Maddie told him, quickly, “the point is, Ralph is themost terrifying man ever. If you ever meet him, your life will never bethe same again.”

“I think Ledas getting scared, maybe we should stop.” Lance said, in asmall voice.“Im fine,” Leda replied, “I wanna know more!”“Yeah,” Lance agreed, weakly, “more.”

“Ralph lived in a dark stone house, with no one for company otherthan his mental witch-wife, Ariel. Apparently, she betrayed all of herfriends just for Ralphs friendship,” Maddie continued, dramatically,“One night soon, Ralph is going to make his return, another attempt atrevenge against our family...and who knows who will be next? Whoknows when hell come smashing through our door...”

“I dont wanna hear any more,” Leda admitted, in a squeaky voice,“Teddy is frightened.”Lance didnt say anything, but he nodded in agreement. Both Lanceand Leda looked at Maddie with worried expressions.

“Guys, its just a story! Nothing to worry about!” Maddie said, boldly,“Right, bedtime. You guys have a big day tomorrow.”Maddie reached forwards and extinguished the candle, casting theroom into darkness. ***

A few hours later, Lavender and Mark were woken up by the sound ofthe twins entering their room.“Mummy, Mummy, we had nightmares!” Leda announced, upset.“About the scary story!” Lance nodded, running in and joining his twin.“Can we sleep in your bed?” Leda asked, “It will make Teddy feelbetter.”Lavender nodded, and the twins clambered onto the bed, hurriedlysettling down.

When the twins had fallen asleep again, Mark chuckled, “Should I takethe couch?”“Why are they so frightened?” Lavender wondered, aloud, beforesmiling at Mark, “Ill take the couch. You stay here with the twins.”“Theres enough room for two on the couch,” Mark replied, casually,“Teddy seems to be taking up all of the room in our bed, afterall.”Lavender smiled, and the couple carefully got up, tiptoeing towardsthe living room. ***

“Are you sure youve got everything?” Forrest asked, again. Ophelianodded, enthusiastically.“I cant wait, Daddy! Its going to be so much fun!”“Try not to get into too much trouble on your first day.” Betria advised.“Yeah,” Forrest agreed, “save your best tricks until later on in theschool year.”Ophelia nodded.

“Ill be good for a day or two, Daddy. Like you told me to.” Opheliapromised, excitedly.Behind them, the bus pulled up, and Ophelia shot one last grin at herparents before turning round and heading towards it.

“Do you think shell be okay?” Betria questioned, once Ophelia wasout of earshot.“Are you kidding? Shes going to be great,” Forrest answered, with aproud smile, “Lance and Leda will be there as well. Cousins sticktogether.”Betria and Forrest both turned their attention to Ophelia getting on thebus, smiling the entire time. ***

Maddie wandered the corridor to the lunch room in a bad mood. Hertemper was about to be pushed again as one of her classmatesgrinned when they saw her.“Is it too late, Madeline, baby, to tell you how much I miss your smile?”He called, an arm around his girlfriend.Maddie knew he meant it to be funny. She knew he wasnt trying to geton her nerves intentionally. But the number of students who thought itwas hilarious to sing her Dads song had seriously taken its toll.The classmate and his girlfriend received a half-hearted smile beforeMaddie disappeared into the lunch room.

“Whoa, Maddie looks seriously annoyed.” Ophelia declared, as shesat with her cousins during their lunch hour.Both Lance and Leda turned round, instantly fascinated.

“Maybe shes annoyed because she got in trouble for telling us thatstory.” Lance suggested, watching his older sister. Leda smiled a little.“Are we going to get in trouble for telling it to our class?”“Nah,” Lance decided, “were too awesome to get into trouble.”Leda laughed, before looking back at Maddie, “I wonder why shes soannoyed.”

I swear, if one more person sings “Madeline” at me down the corridor, Iam going to punch them in the nose, Maddie thought to herself,furiously.Maybe I should go to the extra session at martial arts tonight, Maddiesighed, mentally, work out some of the anger. Or something.Maddie took her seat at the table her friends always claimed, without aword or a smile.

“Hey, Maddie, whereve you been?” Gabriella asked.“My own personal hell,” Maddie muttered, before speaking up, “I gotcaught up in the corridor.”“Are you alright?” Tina questioned, concerned, “You look a little...fedup?”Maddie closed her eyes, “Im tired, thats all.”“Ah, okay,” Gabriella turned her attention back to Tina, “So itsobviously going to be a lot of fun choosing outfits.”

“Are you guys going to the extra class tonight?” Maddie questioned,ignoring Gabriellas mention of clothes – since they had becometeenagers, Gabriella had not stopped talking about clothes, make-upand boys.“Maddie, the partys tonight,” Tina said, raising an eyebrow, “you guysare coming over to choose outfits, like we planned?”In her head, Maddie swore, “Oh yes. How could I forget.”“Chill out, Maddie,” Gabriella replied, nudging Maddie with her elbow,“its going to be fun!” ***

By the time the Fighting Four were back at Tinas house, Maddie waswishing she had gone to the extra class instead. Somehow, she justwasnt in the mood for the night she had planned.“Come on, Maddie! Lighten up! Youre usually way more fun than this!”Gabriella cried, smoothing down her skirt, “I like this skirt...its unique.”Maddie raised her eyebrows, but pushed herself off the bed, anddecided to join in.

“Okay, who thought it would be a good idea to dress up as bohemiansor island folk?” Maddie asked, calmly. Sharla began to dance in anattempt to imitate the island folk.“Dont you want to dress to match?” Tina asked, grinning.“I think we look great!” Gabriella decided, “but maybe we shouldntmatch our outfits...”“You think?” Maddie murmured, as her friends started pulling out moreclothes.

The afternoon became a ritual of trying on clothes and passing a fewcomments. To Maddies surprise, the entire thing started to be fun.“I like the style...but Im not sure about the cut.”“I hate the colour. Hate it, hate it, hate it.”“Its not very me, is it?”“Guys, do I rock this look or what?”

“Im not sure about this eyeliner.”“What about these sleeves? Too last season?”“So much clashing!”“Too boring, seriously!”

“I like the length...but the pattern?”“I look HOT!”“Dont you think this is too fancy?”“I cant believe you made me try this on.”

“This is so much better.” Maddie commented, grinning at herself.Sharla smoothed back her hair.“I couldnt agree more,” she replied, “I get to wear trousers this way.”Tina grinned at her reflection in the mirror on her cupboard door, whileGabriella struck a pose.“Girls,” Gabriella said, grinning, “We look awesome.” ***

Night fell and the teenagers were already in the party spirit. Most ofthem were dancing carelessly in the living room, catching up in shoutsover the loud music, and disappearing into the kitchen for punch.Everyone there seemed to be having a good time.

Well, almost everyone was having a good time. Maddie had made aneffort at the beginning of the night, but now she was fed up.Maybe it was the fact that Madeline had already been played threetimes. Her Dads song had made it to number one in the city, and thekids at the party kept requesting it.There was only so many times that Maddie could listen to that songwithout screaming.

The only solution was to go out for some air. No one noticed her leavethe living room and wander out.Absolutely everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves as theopening lines of Madeline played from the next room, the song beingplayed for the fourth time.No one else seemed tired of it.

“Im not going back inside.” Maddie told herself, quietly, taking a seaton a bench in Tinas garden as it began to rain.“Hey, need some company?” Someone asked.Maddie looked up.

“No.” Maddie told the boy, firmly. The boy didnt even blink at herreaction, but continued to stand there.“Come on, youre obviously fed up about something,” the guy paused,“Youre Madeline, right?”“Maddie,” she corrected, “Look, you have the bench, Ill findsomewhere else to sit.”“We can share it.” the boy insisted as Maddie got to her feet. Shenarrowed her eyes at him.

Maddie sighed, “Look, Im not interested. Leave me alone, okay?”“Pretty young ladies shouldnt be left alone,” the guy said, “Bad thingshappen.”“I can take care of myself,” Maddie replied, attempting to step aroundhim.“Dont go,” the boy demanded, and he went to place a hand onMaddies hip.


“What the hell is your problem?” The boy demanded, sitting in thedesert dust.“You dont EVER put a hand on someone you dont know, got it?”Maddie answered, furious, “Especially not someone who knows howto deal with people like you.”“Youre crazy!” The boy accused, “I was being nice to you.”

Maddie ignored him, “Dont come near me again, okay? I want nothingto do with you.”With that, Maddie turned on her heel and stalked down the side of thehouse, before leaving the party and charging down the street, herback turned on her friends and their fun. ***

“You never know, Robin, tonight might be the night,” Austin laughed,as he carried Robin to bed.“You can keep hoping,” Robin told him, smiling, “Im not convinced.”“If you dont have hope, you have nothing,” Austin replied.

On the other side of town, another couple were spending timetogether.“So youve probably noticed Ive made more of an effort lately,” Marksaid, “But the thing is, I think Im too late, Lavender. I cause moreproblems than I solve...”“Mark...”“No...Ive decided Im going to go, Lavender. Ill always be your friend,and Ill always be available if the kids need me...but this is goodbye.”

“Youre just giving up?” Lavender asked, “You cant fix things straightaway so you no longer want to know?”“Ive thought about this a lot,” Mark sighed, “Weve got different goals.Im going on tour with the band, and I dont want to leave you waitingon me. I think this is for the best.”Lavender swallowed, “I think it might be for the best, actually. Promiseme well be friends, though.”Mark smiled, “Well always be friends.”


“Im going to miss you,” Mark confessed, “But I feel like Im finallydoing the right thing.”Both of them were crying as they hugged, the decision already made.“It does feel right,” Lavender agreed, as she pulled away, “Good luckwith your band.”“Good luck with your legacy.” Mark smiled, warmly.

“And now we wait, my lady,” Austin grinned, “But trust me, this mightbe it. You never know.”Robin laughed, “Im so glad youre the man for me.” ***

Hex was tired. The piece of paper in front of him had been blank formost of the evening, all of his goals set for the evening ignored.“If I was getting older, would I know it?” he wondered, “can you feelyourself aging, or do you notice it suddenly? Its been so long since Ilast aged...”Something shifted inside of Hex – it was a feeling and a movement hecouldnt describe.

“Somethings changed,” he murmured, waking up a little. Forgetting allof his notes, or the lack of them, Hex rose to his feet, determined tofigure out what was going on.

In the living room, Lee was meeting his twins new boyfriend, GaryFratster.“Its nice to meet you,” Gary shook Lees hand, firmly, “Aphrodites toldme so much about you.”“Really?” Lee looked briefly at his twin, “Well, I dont know anythingabout you.”“Not much to tell,” Gary replied, “I dropped out of college to travel theworld, met your sister, fell in love, and returned home to live with her.”“Well...its certainly...romantic.”

When Gary disappeared to use the bathroom, Aphrodite turned toLee, grinning, “So, what do you think?”“He seems nice,” Lee said, with a hint of a smile, “He certainly knowsa lot about faraway lands.”“Its where I met him,” Aphrodite replied, “I was at Three Lakes for aquick break, and he just wandered into my life. It was meant to be,Lee. Honestly.”“If he knows whats good for him, hell treat you right,” Lee told her,“Come on, Ill make some tea.”

When they were in the kitchen, Hex wandered in, a combination ofworry, nerves and excitement.“Did you feel it?” He asked. When met with blank looks, he elaborated,“The power shift, the change? Something happened concerning thelegacy...”“Thats not necessarily a good thing.” Lee added. His comment wasfollowed by an uneasy silence, which was only broken by the phoneringing, “Ill get that.”

“Maddie? Whats up?”“Im in Sim City and I need a ride home. Mums not answering herphone.”“How did you end up in Sim City? Are you okay?”“Calm down. I just left a party in the suburbs of the City early, and Icant get home. Thats all.”Lee was unconvinced it was that simple, “Ill come and get you. Whereare you?”

When Maddie was done giving descriptions and directions, Lee spokeagain, “Right, stay there, dont talk to strangers, and dont go for awander. Ill be there soon.”“Im not four, Lee.”“See you soon,” Lee said, ignoring her statement. He hung up thephone, “Im never going to have a night off.”Even so, he was smiling as he grabbed his car keys. ***

Lance had overheard his parents talking, and then went and made themistake of telling Leda what he had heard.“Please stop crying,” he whispered, If only Maddie was home...“B-b-but Mum and Dad!” Leda sobbed. Lance was running out ofideas. What do you say to someone who is crying?“How about I go and get Teddy? Would he help?” Lance asked. Ledamanaged a nod, so Lance let his twin go while he went and searchedfor her bear.

Lance sighed when he found Teddy, propped up against a wall downan empty hallway.“I dont know what you do for Leda,” Lance said, “But it better worktonight.”

Outside on the path leading up to the front door, Hex was worrying.“Maybe its too late to be dropping by,” Hex said to himself, “But ifthere has been a change...”With a sigh, Hex rang the doorbell.

Lavender came to the door in tears, and carefully shut it behind her.When she realised it was Hex, her tears fell faster.“Hes gone, Hex,” Lavender said, between sobs, “And this time, hesnot coming back.”

Hex knew what that felt like, and he knew there was no cure. Carefully,he put his arms around Lavender.“I cant make things different,” Hex told her, softly, “All I can do is behere for you.”Lavender continued to cry, though she was grateful for the companyshe had. ***

“You know, your mother would kill you if she knew youd beenwandering round Sim City on your own. At night, too, I might add.”Maddie shrugged, “She didnt pick up the phone, so Im assuming itdoesnt matter.”“Theres been an event of some kind with the family,” Lee explained,“though no one is sure what.”“Yeah, because that makes sense,” Maddie laughed, “Im sure its allfine. No one needs to know I wandered round the city, anyway.”

A brief moment of silence took place, while Maddie looked out herwindow and Lee concentrated on driving.“Hey, whats that?” Maddie asked. Lee slowed the car and looked outof the window.

“Thats an old radio station,” Lee told her, before adding, thoughtfully,“And it looks like it closed down years ago.”Maddie frowned, “I wish it hadnt. Working at a radio station would bepretty cool.”

“We could probably start a radio station,” Lee murmured, looking awayfrom the one outside the window, “But it would be difficult...andexpensive...”“Not if we dont pay.”“Maddie, thats illegal. Youd have a pirate radio station, then.”

“If we dont get caught, well be fine!” Maddie smiled, “Come on, howamazing would it be to have a radio station?”Lee bit his lip, before agreeing, “It would be amazing...Ill consider it.Though I really dont want to get into trouble with the law.”“That, Lee, is all part of the fun.” Maddie decided, as Lee sped up, andthey left the radio station behind. ***

Thats where Ill leave you this time!“Why have the last three chapters been so short?!”Honestly, I have no idea. Though I have a feeling the next fewchapters are going to get longer, because of the plot coming up.Join me and the Wrongways next time for fresh starts, a trip to theWronglands, and more of generation five!Thanks for reading!

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