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Published on July 21, 2011

Author: SuperFrog4


Welcome to the Wrongway Legacy, generation four, part six!Last time, we saw Lee worry over becoming a guardian, Maddie being nice to Leewhich surprised him, Mark and Lavenders couple problems continued, and he leftfor the city early, while Lavender discovered she was pregnant. Grace andOrlando tried to tell Maddie she wasnt to blame for her father leaving. The familymet Forrests new partner, Betria, who was expecting a child also. Marksbandmate Michelle kicked him into shaping up, Maddie took up a lot of activitiesand made friends with the Fighting Four. Robin and Austin were having difficultiesgetting pregnant, Maddie completely ignored her father when he came home,Lavender gave birth to twins Lance and Leda, while Betria had baby girl Ophelia.Lavender told Mark he had to make more of an effort with his family. Rose marriedSullivan Phelps in a small family affair.If its not familiar, take a look back. As for this chapter, enjoy →

The vial of elixir kept them both young. It was not uncommon to see abottle of it on the counter in the kitchen, ready to be taken alongsidebreakfast, and this morning was no exception.Sure, it didnt have the greatest taste in the world, but it did the job.Lee whistled, merrily, as he poured his cereal, knowing that he hadalready taken his elixir for the day – the vial next to his breakfastbelonged to Hex.

Hex wandered into the kitchen, sleepily, glancing briefly at Lee on hisway to the coffee machine.“Did I raise you to eat like a slob?” Hex asked, in a light-hearted voice,as he held back a yawn.Lee carefully put his bowl back on the table.

“Nope,” Lee replied, with a smile, “but you raised me to enjoy myfood.”On the other side of the room, Hex nodded.“I left some elixir out for you.”

“Im not drinking it anymore,” Hex said, quietly, “I want to be mortalagain...I guess...Im just tired of being the same age. Its been almostfive generations...”Lee was about to reply with a counter argument of some kind, eventhough he had no idea what he could say, when the phone rang.“Damn,” Hex remarked, putting his cup on the counter, near the vial,“Ill get that.”

“he would realise if I poured the vial into his coffee...” Lee mused, ashe put his bowl into the dishwasher, “but he wont notice if I use theelixir from the fridge...”

The bottle from the fridge was only half full when Lee had found it, butit was enough to do the trick. Without hesitation or a second thought,Lee poured what was left into the coffee.Its better if the Wrongways have two guardians anyway, Lee toldhimself, with there being two lines and everything...

When Hex came back into the room, Lee was back in his original seat,noticing Hex looked a lot less cheerful.“Whats up?” Lee asked.“Just got a call from Robin,” Hex replied, “apparently she wants to talkabout this curse thing with me...”“I hope shes okay.”“Shell be fine,” Hex picked up his cup and sipped his coffee,shuddering a little at the bitter taste, “Lavenders coming over, later.”Lee nodded, “Full house, I guess.”

A few hours later, Austin and Robin had arrived at the apartment Hexshared with Lee.“See? Were going to get this sorted,” Austin said, softly, “you will be amother, I promise.”Robin watched Austin for a moment, a slight smile on her face.Eventually she replied, “I love you.”Hex entered the room, and offered the couple a smile.

“This isnt a visit just for fun, is it?” Lee asked, frowning as he took hisseat next to Hex.“Not exactly,” Austin answered, “its about this curse thing. Could it bestopping Robin from getting pregnant?”Hex tried to remain positive, tried to hold his smile in place. If hecouldnt give the couple a real answer, he wanted to give themreassurance.

Hex paused, thoughtfully, to contemplate the problem, allowing anawkward silence to fall over the room.In a calm voice, he said, “It could be two reasons, Robin.”“Which are?” Austin prompted.“I think it could either be Lavenders success – she has three childrennow – or the fact Austin is from the line you cant be near.”

Austins smile dropped, and Robin cast him a nervous glance, bitingher lip. When Austin didnt respond, her grip on his hand tightened.“So I cant give her a baby,” Austin murmured, “but any other guycould.”

Hex frowned a little. Was this job ever going to get any easier?“Its just a theory, Austin,” he pointed out, “I could be completelywrong.”Robin stared at Austin with a pained expression, “Please dont blameyourself. Its not your fault.”“Listen to her,” Hex said, “dont blame yourself.”

“We have a lot of things we can be happy be about,” Robin murmured,her frown easing into a light smile, “we have a beautiful home andamazing friends.”“But its not what you want,” Austin replied, with a sigh, “and I might bethe one standing in the way of you and your duties as heiress.”“Austin. Its just a theory.”

“I now completely understand why you want to give up being aguardian,” Lee said to Hex, quietly, “its a difficult job.”Hex didnt comment on the job, “I think you can handle it.”“How about you deal with Lavender this afternoon,” Lee smiled,“seeing as youre planning to retire soon. That, and I already promisedMaddie I would drive her to martial arts today.” ***

“This is such a proud moment,” Hex said, amused, “it seems like justyesterday you moved all of your family to the desert just becausethere was a park for her.”“I know. From a tiny toddler to a young lady about to take her firstmartial arts grading,” Lavender pretended to be choked up, “its sounreal.”

“Come on!” Maddie protested, “Im not that old!”Both Hex and Lavender laughed, while Maddie smiled, feeling astrange combination of nerves and excitement.“Can we go now?” Maddie asked, “Im going to be late!”

“You are not going to be late.” Lavender replied, cheerfully, whileMaddie started fidgeting.“Yeah, Im driving you,” Lee said, joining the conversation, “and Imnever late.”Maddie looked a little uncertain, glancing at Hex for confirmation. Hexgrinned, “Its true. Trust me,” to Lee he said, “drive safe, wont you?”Lee nodded, “See you in a few hours. Hopefully with a new red belt!”

Lavender hoisted herself up onto the counter as the front doorslammed behind Lee and Maddie, leaving Hex standing opposite her.An uneasy silence followed it, and Lavender pulled a face.“How are things, Lavender?” Hex asked, eventually, “Mark home?”“No. He left this morning for a week,” Lavender replied, miserably,“and things are fine.”

“Lavender,” Hex called, softly, “its me. You dont have to tell me thateverything is fine, because if it was I would be unemployed.”Biting her lip, Lavender responded, “I dont know if things are okay ornot anymore. Im worried about what Mark is up to in the city. Imworried he wont be there for the twins. Im worried that Maddie willnever forgive him...Im just...really worried.”“Really? I would never have known,” Hex smiled a little, “whats thebiggest problem in your eyes at the minute? Lets tackle this one thingat a time.”

“Its all one problem, though, isnt it?” Lavender answered, “Its allMark.”“Very true.”“Im wondering if we were rushed, you know? We had to rush downthe aisle because he was moving away. I was expecting Maddie themorning he left town...”“Alright, lets try something different,” Hex decided, “for the moment,pretend Im Mark.”

“What?!” Lavender demanded, confused. Hex grinned, sheepishly.“Well, obviously youre going to have to talk to him about all of this.This is so you can practise what youre going to say,” Hex explained,“so, Im Mark.”“This is weird.”“But it might work,” Hex said, “just give it a try.”

“Right, uh...Mark...theres been quite a few things bothering me lately,”Lavender paused, as Hex nodded enthusiastically, “and I thought youshould know...”“Uh huh. What kind of problems, sweetheart?”“What? Did you just call me sweetheart?!”“Lavender. Im Mark, remember?”“Oh, right. Um,” Lavender looked nervously at the floor, “well, I toldyou about Maddie.”

“Right,” Hex replied, seriously, “what else is on your mind, darling?”Lavender frowned a little, “Im...when youre away...I dont like it. Youcould be with other women, or finding some excuse never to comeback. To never come home.”“Sweetheart, you know Ill always come home.”“He always promises that,” Lavender whispered, “always.”“Youre doing great, Lavender,” Hex commented, breaking out of hisrole as Mark, “youre saying exactly what you need to.”

“Now you just need to tell these things to the real Mark.”Lavender smiled, “Its so much easier telling you.”“Its because Im not actually Mark.”“Shame.” Lavender replied, without thinking about it first, as she jumpeddown from the counter.“What?” Now it was Hexs turn to be confused.

Hex took a step back, wary, as Lavender reached up and put a handto her chin. In a small voice, she said, “I didnt mean to say that outloud.”“What did you mean, Lavender? Are you actually attracted to me,or...?”“I dont...I dont know,” Lavender admitted, “I dont know anything fordefinite anymore.”

“I was worried I was getting too close,” Hex admitted, “but I thought Iwas being too paranoid.”“Im sorry.”“Its not your fault.”A brief silence fell over them, before Lavender dared to ask, “Whathappens now?”“I dont know,” Hex replied, “I honestly dont know.” ***

An hour and a half later, Lee was driving Maddie back into Mirage,grinning.“You did great! I was so proud of you!” He said, cheerfully.“Really? I was really worried I was going to forget everything!”“Thats normal,” Lee replied, dismissively, “you were excellent!”“Its not a big deal.” Madeline said, blushing.

“It is,” Lee told her, as the houses of Mirage came into view, “I wish Idhad something like that when I was your age. Then again, myupbringing was far from normal.”“What do you mean?” Madeline asked, curious.“Lets just say that I almost gave everything up for a little bit of the pastI never had,” Lee fell into a wistful silence for a moment, whileMadeline stared at him, confused. Lee stopped thinking about it, andsmiled, “but none of that matters, today is your day!”

The car reached Lees apartment building, and up ahead, he sawLavenders car still parked on the kerb. Frowning a little, he looked upat the building.“Ill just nip inside and ask whether Im dropping you off here, or athome,” Lee explained, pulling to a stop, “wait here.”“Alright.” Madeline replied.

Nothing prepared Lee for what was waiting in the apartment. Heentered silently, not bothering to shut the front door, determined not todisturb Hex and Lavender.“Well, look,” Lavender was saying, “why dont we try it? Thats betterthan standing around wondering what we should be doing.”“Lavender...I dont think....” Hex trailed off, his doubt clear.

Lavender kissed him.It was a sweet, light kiss, but did it mean something? Hex couldntdecide. He was thinking too much. That shouldnt be normal whensomeone was kissing you.The couple were interrupted by someone clearing their throat.

Lee folded his arms, “Maddie is still in the car. Did you want me tobring her in, or drop her off at home? Im assuming Im not disturbinganything.”Hex and Lavender fell into an embarrassed silence.

“Ill go get her and drive her home,” Lavender murmured, not lookingat Lee, “and Ill pick up the twins from Forrest on the way.”Lee looked extremely unimpressed. Hex wasnt sure what he couldsay. Lavender took a step towards the door, twisting her wedding ringround and round her finger.

Lee stepped in her way, “No, Ill go pick up the twins and drop Maddieoff. Clearly, you two have a lot to talk about.”“But...” Lavender trailed off, uncertain as to what she could say.“Just remember,” Lee said, coldly, “that you were the one worriedabout what Mark was doing in the city. You didnt want him to have anaffair. That doesnt mean you can have one. You cant have it bothways, Lavender.”

“Youre right,” Lavender said, weakly. She was near tears, but shedidnt want to admit it. Instead, she just repeated herself, “youre right.”

Hex hadnt moved, her was still stood in the kitchen, watching theevents unfold.“Lee,” he said, firmly, “thats enough. We all make mistakes.”

“Youre right, everyone does,” Lee replied, pushing past Lavender andwalking over to Hex, “but dont let a few small mistakes ruin your life.Aphrodite taught me that.”Hex couldnt look Lee in the eye.

“Let me guess, this is the reason youre retiring, right?”“Retiring?” Lavender repeated, quietly.“Yeah. Hex is planning to give up his role of guardian,” Lee explained,“Im thinking you just might be the reason for it.”“Lee that decision was made before...this.” Hex murmured, but Leecontinued to scowl. Turning around on his heel, Lee faced Lavender.

“I know I was horrible to you as a teenager, Lavender. And I know Iblew my chances of ever meaning something to you. But I still see youas my friend, even if I no longer am to you, and Im asking you just totake a step back and take a look at what youre doing.”With that, Lee walked out of the apartment, slamming the door behindhim. In the silence that followed, Lavender could hear Lee stompinghis feet as he went down the stairs.

Once Lee was outside, he leaned on the gate to the apartmentbuilding, breathing deeply.“I need to calm down,” he murmured to himself, “I was too close tobeing Hercules again.”After composing himself, Lee headed back to his car, ready to driveMaddie home. But the events of the day were still firmly on his mind.

Upstairs, Lavender had moved closer to Hex, “Youre retiring?”“Ive stopped drinking elixir. Im not going to live forever. And Lee istaking my place as a guardian.”“What made you decide to do that?”“Take today, for example. Its been an extremely long day. Im justtired, Lavender. I just want a family and not have to worry aboutcurses and Ralph for a change.”

Hex smiled a little at Lavender, “In regards to you and me...I think weshould write that kiss off as a mistake. You know, a one-off, a blip, a badidea...”“Absolutely. I love Mark...I dont know why this happened...”Hex shook his head, “It doesnt matter. Itll be like it never happened,right?”“Right,” Lavender agreed, biting her lip. Was that what she wanted?

“Truth be told, I dont think Im entirely over Kendra. I gave hereverything I could and it still ended horribly.”“Like you said, we both messed up.”Hex nodded, “Im not going to let this ruin our friendship, Lavender.”“Me either. Now I better get home and phone my husband,” Lavendersmiled, weakly, “its time to tell him just how worried I am abouteverything.”“Glad I could help.” Hex said, swapping his frown for a smile. ***

Mark was home earlier than he expected, by about four days. Hissuccess in the city had given him a lot to think about.“And I know youve been waiting to hear me say this,” Mark paused,“Im sorry, and I love you.”

“Mark, I dont think that apology counts if shes asleep.” Lavender said,from the corner of the room. Mark smiled.“Youre right, of course,” Mark looked to Lavender, “why are youalways so right?”“I am not always right.” Lavender replied, firmly. In the days since thatkiss with Hex, not much had changed. Unless you counted Hexkeeping his distance and Lee not speaking to her.“I feel like Ive missed her whole life.” Mark murmured.“You have.”

“I cant believe shell be a teenager tomorrow.” Mark said, pullingLavender close. She smiled a little.“Its hard to believe. Even Im struggling with that idea.”“And then the twins will be children...” Mark sighed, “Ive missed somuch.”“Its okay. We forgive you. Youre here now.” ***

The next day, Madeline stepped up to her cake. She still hadntspoken properly to Mark, but that didnt matter – she wasnt going tolet her father get in the way of her birthday.“I wish for friends and parties and fun.” Madeline whispered to thecandles.

“My baby is all grown up!” Lavender grinned, hugging Madeline as shewandered in after getting changed, “Your birthday present is upstairs,on your desk.”“Thanks, Mum!” Madeline grinned back.“Maddie, my gift will be delivered shortly.” Mark said, smiling.And you bought a separate gift because...? Madeline wondered, butdidnt say anything.

“What did you get for her?” Lavender asked, when Madeline had leftthe room. Mark and Lavender hadnt had a chance to discuss the giftearlier.“Well, my band is releasing our debut song tonight,” Mark explained,“and its called Madeline.”“Youre releasing a song for her birthday? Mark! That is fantastic!”“I just hope she likes mentioned she loved music.”“She will love it.”

Upstairs, Maddie was using her new laptop and a social networkingsite to chat with Tina about the upcoming party, her radio playing allthe while.“That was the Son of the Left with Life Story. Next, we have a debutsong from City Watch. But first, lets just recap the top twenty.”Maddie looked up, frowning, at her radio. City Watch was her Dadsband. She hadnt known they were releasing a song tonight.“This is Madeline, by City Watch.”

“Whats on your mind?Do you ever miss me?Is it too late,Madeline, baby,To tell you how muchI miss your smile?”Maddie signed off the internet, and carefully shut down her computer.Before rising from her seat, leaving the song playing to her emptyroom.

“Im heading out,” Maddie called over her shoulder to her parents.Both of them looked at her, puzzled.“Did you hear it?” Mark asked, nervously.“Hear what?” Maddie questioned, “Can we talk about this later? Ill belate meeting Tina otherwise.”As Maddie left, Mark frowned and looked at Lavender, “I guess shedidnt have her radio on?”Lavender didnt bother pointing out that Maddies radio was always on. ***

Lee Wrongway finished reading the paragraph and laughed, “HowAphrodite reads this romance novels without laughing hysterically, Illnever know.”His peace and quiet was interrupted by a knock at the door. Sighing,Lee carefully marked his place, and rose to his feet.“Coming!”

“Maddie?” Lee asked, surprised when he found her standing outsidehis apartment door.“Hey,” Maddie said, in a quiet voice, “do you mind if come in?”“No, of course not. Did you get a lift here?”“I walked.”“Maddie, its too late at night for you to be out on your own,” Leemoved to let her into the apartment, “even if you do know how toknock someone out using an axe kick.”

Once inside, Lee decided to find out what was going on, “So Maddie,whats up?”“Dads back. And hes sorry, apparently.” Maddie replied, rolling hereyes.“I see. You still dont like him?” Lee chuckled, “That man has no ideahow many problems he causes.”Maddie smiled, weakly, “True. He wrote a song for my birthday, so hesprobably trying to make up for all of the birthdays he missed.”

“Everyone makes mistakes, Maddie,” Lee laughed, “you have no ideahow many I made as a teenager. And when I was at uni.”“Did you abandon your loved ones?” Maddie asked, raising aneyebrow.“I did,” Lee replied, surprising Maddie, “I didnt mean to, but I did. Icant imagine how I must have made them feel.”

“Are you asking me to forgive Dad?” Maddie questioned. Lee shookhis head.“No one can make you forgive him, only you can decide that one,” Leepaused, “I have an idea that will make you feel better. Stand up.”

Moments later, Lee had shared his idea, and Maddie was standing inthe stance she used at martial arts.“Martial arts? Now?” Maddie asked again.“Yes,” Lee answered, “come on, you can channel your rage this way!”

Maddie punched the air in front of her, echoing the way she had beentaught – twisting her leg to push her punch further, breathing properlylike her instructor – everything about the punch seemed flawless.And the best part was, it made Maddie feel much better.

After punching for a few moments, Maddie turned round and huggedLee.“Thanks. Im going to do my best to forgive him.”“That is the smart thing to do,” Lee told her, “come on, Ill drive youhome.” ***

Thats it for this time, but before you go, can anyone explain to me whyMaddies new hairstyle only does this on the main lot, and none of theothers? Its really bugging me because I cant seem to fix it.Anyway! Join me next time for law-breaking, parties, and rescues!Plus kids!Thanks for reading!

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